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Yoga Burn is a directive program meant to enlighten you very specific Yoga poses which can upsurge cell metabolism to oxidize fat and tone your body. It is a product of Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified and reputable instructor. You will learn how to effectively burn fat and increase metabolism to help adjust your body to change in whichever way that you want. It offers a 3-dimensional workout series which are all designed to make your body to adjust and adapt by consistently boosting the challenge of all the movements you will learn in the course of the program. Realistically, Yoga can perfectly work for everyone. It has a lot of positive reviews from users in different parts of the world. Even if you are busy, you can still benefit from the program since it only requires a few minutes daily. The instructions are simple and can be understood by everyone. Try it out and be sure to benefit significantly. Read more here...

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Contents: Video Course
Creator: Zoe Bray-Cotton
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Shapeshifter Yoga

The yoga fitness flow program shows you how you can burn HUGE amounts of fat right off your body in less than one hour per WEEK! This program is designed for people who have tried every dieting program, every exercise video and personal trainers of every type, yet still can't shed the weight that they want to. Why would you worry about that when you could learn how to shed the pounds like no one's business? This program from Yoga Fitness Flow shows you how to shed the pounds by doing yoga; this program makes yoga and losing weight into an easy program and something that is FUN to do! Losing weight does not have to be a dry and boring process Yoga Fitness Flow teaches you how to lose weight and actually FEEL the change in your body! Why go with a lesser program when you have everything that you need here? Read more here...

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Contents: Online Program
Creator: Kris Fondran
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Yoga Booty Challenge

Yoga Booty Challenge is a downloadable online product authored by Zoe-Bray-Cotton. It includes many steps of workouts that are destined to awake, strengthen and at the same time help you regain the right booty shape. I believe that this product is worth a try and hence you should try it no matter your occupation. It is readily available after purchase and the Instructor will always be active to guide and offer counselling. The program was created specifically for women who should like to work their booty muscles and shape their 'behind''. It is for all women regardless of the age, race, religion or size. It was as well created by Zoe to be suitable for women of all fitness levels. It can fit the beginners, intermediate and experts. The key factor here is to go at your own pace and the results will be appealing. It includes three phases, the prime phase, the active phase and the pump phase. The first phase is to awake and activate the glut muscles, the second one for creating a routine that will specifically work all the three glut muscles. The fourth phase is for tightening the butt muscles. The effects from the three phases can last up to 48 hours. It works on the bases of 'afterburner effect''. This final phase consists of precise movements which helps the body to burn fat quickly after you are done with the drill. Read more here...

Yoga Booty Challenge Summary

Contents: Video Course
Author: Zoe Bray-Cotton
Official Website:
Price: $29.00

Ancient School of Yoga

Ancient School of Yoga, is an Online workshop where the instructor Bira, brought together seventeen years of his personal practice and spent two years perfecting and teaching in more than ten countries. The course is designed to bring complex philosophical concepts to a very personal level, in a way that is easy to understand, and you will never forget. What you are going to learn, will make you finish your practice feeling young, connected, confident, strong, positive, and ready for more. The course is delivered in four video-classes of three sessions each, plus the eBooks and Audiobooks for each session. By the time the workshop is finished, you will have a much deeper understanding of the Science of Yoga, which goes way beyond the physical postures. You will understand the entire field of work of your practice, which involves all areas of your life, and everything you do with awareness. Read more here...

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Contents: Online Course
Author: Bira
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Price: $79.00

Who Or What Killed Einstein

Historically speaking, altered forms of perception in which an overall view of reality is immediately discerned and felt in a kind of joyous flash of insight, are the sole domain of the religious mystic, those persons who claim, rather controversially and often with alarming vigour, to have directly experienced 'ultimate truths' about reality. Since most mystics and religious visionaries have employed various techniques with which to foster their insights like fasting, yoga, meditation, perceptual isolation etc, than this again testifies to the fact that the normal human brain is somehow constrained in its mindful activity and that the chemical system which does the constraining can be overcome or be bypassed by engaging in various so-called spiritual disciplines. For most of us, such esoteric endeavours, regardless of whether or not they do actually yield valid knowledge, are perhaps a little beyond our normal way of life, and we might therefore wish to stick with less suspect...

Arundo bambusifolia Synonym for

And Stoicism adopted the practice of mastering desire and passion. Asceticism is practiced to some extent by the adherents of every religion. It often requires abstinence from food, drink, or sexual activity, as in fasting or celibacy. It may also require physical pain or discomfort, such as endurance of extreme heat or cold or self-punishment (flagellants) sufism. It may require withdrawal from the material world to a life of meditation, as in the practice of Yoga. Asche German colloquial term for money obtained from drug deals. Aschenbornia heteropoda Brunfelisa. Aschenbrandt, Theodor German military physician and a pioneer of using central stimulants in the military medicine. In an 1883 military manoeuvre he secretly put cocaine in the soldiers water and wine rations and treated injured soldiers with cocaine. In Allg. Milit r Zeitung he enthusiastically reported the military benefits of cocaine. Aschenbrandt had an influence on Sigmund Freuds experiments with cocaine. Ascomp...

Problems In The Evaluation Of Clinical Results

Evaluation of the therapeutic results of psychedelic therapy is further complicated by the fact that the clinical improvement is frequently associated with profound changes in life strategy, philosophical and scientific world-view, and the basic hierarchy of values. Alleviation of severe psychopathological symptoms can be accompanied by a distinct loss of interest in the pursuit of power, status, and position. An orientation toward competition and achievement can be replaced by one toward maximum well-being at minimum expenditure of energy and effort. Previously pragmatic and materialistic individuals can develop deep interest in and genuine appreciation of the spiritual aspect of existence. A tendency to control and dominate other people and nature might be replaced by synergistic and ecological concerns. A psychiatrist who sees the present Occidental value system, based on ambition and competition, as natural, healthy, and ultimately mandatory, may consider the above changes in a...

Nonmedical Use of LSD

He informed the Look reporter that he had sought inner peace his whole life long, but yoga, hypnosis, and mysticism had not helped him. Only the treatment with LSD had made a new, self-strengthened man out of him, so that after three frustrating marriages he now believed himself really able to love and make a woman happy.

Hybrid Shamanic Psychotherapeutic Rituals

Most of the participants in circles of this kind that I witnessed were experienced in one or more psychospiritual practices, including shamanic drum journeying, Buddhist vipassana meditation, tantric yoga, holotropic breathwork, and most have experienced and or practiced various forms of psychotherapy and body-oriented therapy. The insights and learnings from these practices are woven by the participants into their work with the entheogenic medicines. Participants tend to confirm that the entheogenic plant medicines combined with meditative or therapeutic insight processes amplify awareness and sensitize perception, particularly somatic, emotional, instinctual, and spiritual awareness, as well as often a sense of the interconnections between these levels of consciousness.

The Psychedelic Manual

Zen and Buddhist stock rose sharply while Yoga, Brahmanist and Vedantist issues plummeted In London, Blake enjoyed a mild rise, Hume skyrocketed, Aldous Huxley weakened, then held, and penny-a-share issues such as Aleister Crowley and Yeats disappeared entirely from view. In Paris, former glamour stocks like Sartre and Camus began to look a little green around the gills such superficially disparate stocks as Thoreau, Nabokov, Borges, and Norman 0. Brown were driven to undreamed of levels All the Zen masters spiralled into the blue Freud and Jung went through wild gyrations resembling an aerial dogfight, before both sank gradually to earth the I Ching went through the roof. The Gita crashed Shakespeare, unlike almost every other stock being traded, remained absolutely stable.

Integration Of The Drug Experiences

Complete itself, the sitters should do intense activating work with the client, following the principles outlined earlier for the reentry period. An interesting alternative to the approach that encourages exteriorization and abreaction is the use of prolonged hyperventilation. This technique, based on the Indian science of breath, pranayama, was recently rediscovered by Leonard Orr (72) and adopted in his rebirthing programs. Intense breathing, continued for a period of about thirty to forty-five minutes, tends to collect the tensions in the body into a stereotyped pattern of armoring and eventually release tlieni. This is associated with activation of important material from various levels of the unconscious. The muscular tensions concentrate in the arms and legs (the so-called carpopedal spasms of medical terminology)-1 and in several circular constrictions of the head and body corresponding to the levels of the different chakras in the Indian system of Kundalini yoga. In this...

Meeting with Aldous Huxley

These two books contained fundamental observations on the essence of visionary experience and about the significance of this manner of comprehending the world-in cultural history, in the creation of myths, in the origin of religions, and in the creative process out of which works of art arise. Huxley saw the value of hallucinogenic drugs in that they give people who lack the gift of spontaneous visionary perception belonging to mystics, saints, and great artists, the potential to experience this extraordinary state of consciousness, and thereby to attain insight into the spiritual world of these great creators. Hallucinogens could lead to a deepened understanding of religious and mystical content, and to a new and fresh experience of the great works of art. For Huxley these drugs were keys capable of opening new doors of perception chemical keys, in addition to other proven but laborious door openers to the visionary world like meditation, isolation, and fasting, or like certain yoga...

Do Psychedelic Shamans Dream Of Valis

Since his death it has been speculated that P.K.Dick suffered from what is known as temporal lobe epilepsy - a brain disorder that can lead to hallucinatory experience - and that this explains his mystical encounters. However, leaving aside the contentiousness of this claim, it does not deal with the burning issue of immediate mystical experience. To label an experience in order to explain it away is to avoid the very real nature of the mystical experience however it should arise. In fact, as Huxley noted in Doors, we should not be surprised if there was always unusual neuronal activity concurrent with a mystical experience, for, as we have seen, modified neuronal firing patterns are related to expanded forms of consciousness. Altered forms of awareness demand altered brain processes, and such a change in brain state can be achieved in many different ways whether through psilocybin mushrooms, endogenous DMT, yoga, meditation, fasting, or spontaneous epileptic disturbances. Mystical...

The Free Fall And Its Relation To The High Feeling

If one eavesdrops around a Drop Zone, he would almost get the impression that there is some sort of mystical-religious cult being practiced. Exclamations concerning the inability to describe the experience in words are commonplace, and to be compared only with conversations during and after psychedelic sessions. Psychedelic methods for expanding consciousness have included sensory deprivation, yoga exercises, disciplined meditation, psychodrama, Gurdjieff techniques of self-awareness, and more recently certain drugs, including LSD, DMT, Mescaline, Psilocybin, and Marihuana. These drugs have opened up psychedelic art techniques of direct (nonsymbolic) energy stimulation. At least one artist I know is now investigating the possibilities of expanding his consciousness through the Free Fall and is communicating his experiences in his paintings. I feel it only fair to point out that in some cases the Free Fall, unlike the Psychedelic drugs mentioned above, does call to mind similarities...

R Gordon Wasson And The Identification Of The Divine Soma

was the focal point of Vedic religion. Indeed, if one accepts the point of view that the whole of Indie mystic practice from the Upanisads through the more mechanical methods of yoga is merely an attempt to replace the vision granted by the Soma plant, then the nature of that vision and of that plant-underlies the whole of Indian religion, and everything of a mystical nature within that religion is pertinent to the identity of the plant, (quoted in Wasson, 1968 95)

Seeing is Beholding

Schoenfeld, who once served as Tim Learv's family physician and now shares his expertise with cyberians as co-host of the DRUGS conference on the WELL, explains, that quality - that nonjudgmental quality could be carried over without the effects of the drug. After all, one hopes to learn something from a drug experience that he can use afterward. (All this interest in meditation and yoga, all these various disciplines, it all began with people taking these drugs and wanting to recreate these states without drugs.) So, to the extent that they can, that is a useful quality. And this nonjudgmental quality is something I think that can be carried over from a drug experience.

Shivalila Tantra

Tantric yoga is the science of energy. It defines polarized structures of energy their creation, evolution, and destruction in mind, body, and environment. This yoga reveals the dynamics of energy polarization from conception, to life in the womb, through the developmental period of childhood. Tantric thought reveals ways of dissolving these polarized structures when they become rigid. Rigid patterns are evidenced by individual and social suffering and dis-eases. Tantric yoga is associated with sexuality. The Shivalila transmission ot tantra asserts that (1) the sexual cycle begins with sexual intercourse and ends wfieri an Infant is weaned and (2) that the experience of sexual intercourse by an adult is a recapitulation of the nursing experience of the infant. The inherent, DNA-programmed purpose of this cycle is to focus on the minds of the participants on a here-now dimension of sensual awareness. This focus on the sensual acts as a catalyst for electro-magnetic, physiological...


Kundalini yoga operates by activating each chakra in turn, from the bottom up. Activation is accomplished by steady concentration* on the chakra until its alleged energy is experienced and new perceptions appear. Many claim that if the musical notes are struck on an instrument before and repeatedly during such meditation-activation, the effect emerges faster. Medical and physiological science has not found any physical basis for these alleged chakras because these events are neurological not anatomical. Kundalini yoga does produce effects that are measureable on an electroencephalogram. The yogi is obviously doing something real to hir nervous system while concentrating on these imaginary chakras. Since we propose that there are eight potential circuits in the human nervous system, it is possible that kundalini yoga is a primitive system for reception, integration, transmission, programming, re-programming and meta-programming on these circuits. 'Steady concentration In this sense is...

Psychosis or Gnosis

* In the mid-1940s Lord Buckley founded a mescaline club called The Church of the Living Swing. A practitioner of yoga who often appeared in public wearing a tuxedo with tennis sneakers, a big white moustache, and a safari hat, Buckley rented a yacht and threw mescaline parties in the San Francisco Bay with live jazz by Ben Webster and Johnny Puleo and the Harmonicats.


So, no, I am not going to give you any tips on stress reduction, you can pay your therapist for that, or go to a yoga class or take tai-chi Stress reduction is not about learning yogic breathing or doing meditation, although it may give you a break from competition. Stress reduction is not about re-aligning your city self with your natural self by going on retreats, although they may help temporarily.

Prisoner Of LSD

After a few months Leary was transferred to a minimum security prison in San Luis Obispo. He passed the time writing, doing yoga, working out in the yard, and generally keeping a low profile while his lawyers prepared to appeal his case before the Supreme Court. On one occasion Leary tried to prevent an altercation between a guard and an inmate for this he was chastised in his cell by an SDS militant who claimed that confrontations between the people and the pigs were inevitable and that by stopping them Leary was only delaying the revolution. The High Priest (who stayed high thanks to a stash of LSD smuggled into prison) contended that a revolution in consciousness had already occurred. He was disturbed that acidheads were now using violent tactics which were light-years removed from the accelerating and rapidly evolving realities of our space and time.


Every morning, and every evening, we would go to the meditation hall, someone would light the candles and the buddhists would do their prostrations (abject submission the emotional equivalent of prostrating your body) in front of an image of the buddha. We would take our places solemnly on our meditation cushions in either a lotus position (legs crossed used in yoga) or some other position, and someone would chime the bell to signal the beginning of formal meditation. Unfortunately, I cannot help you to become better at doing this by offering you special techniques, for there are none. No yoga positions will help you commune with the universe better It is funny we think we are being more in touch with the universe by sitting in a special position. Don't get me wrong, yoga and formal meditation are all better than sitting in a pub drinking and fighting or causing trouble for your family and everyone else.

Kykeon Fermentation

Nowhere in the Vedas is soma actually identified. The original soma grew only in the mountains and was lost as the Aryans plunged deeper into India. Substitutes were sought, and yoga, perhaps known eaulier, was accepted into format religion in an attempt to recapture through meditation the glorious visions once induced by soma. The plant

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