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Chris Willitts, creator of V3 has been in the bodybuilding and vegetarian for over 20 years and 10 years respectively. He was inspired to launch his vegetarian bodybuilding platform having seeing the need the vegetarianism is an effective tool to be applied in the bodybuilding industry. He majored in flexibility, strength, and mind-body interrelation. Having switched to the plant-based diet he included meditation. V3 Vegetarian Bodybuilding System is a combination of Chris advice and science on how to eat in line with one's fitness goals, infusing the whole program with mind-body awareness. The system is designed not only for vegetarians, but semi-vegetarians, part-time vegetarians, vegans, or undecided. The V3 Bodybuilding system is a self-guided system the does not include one-on-one coaching. The V3 has been deliberated upon by top plant-based fitness experts in the industry before coming up with something that has an assurance of getting positive results to the general populace. The V3 Bodybuilding System is not an eBook. It is actually a membership-based online resource (which some parts of the worksheet are available for download as PDFs). This product is easy to understand and it is newbie friendly that do not require any level of technical skills. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

This book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Arctostaphylos uvaursi

Its reputed antibacterial activity is ascribed to the urinary metabolite hydroquinone, which is excreted in the form of inactive conjugates and needs an alkaline urine to be liberated. As the urine of people who consume a Western non-vegetarian diet is usually acidic, it is sometimes suggested that one should alkalinize the urine of bearberry users with sodium bicarbonate. However, as the dosage recommended for this purpose is usually high, this carries well-known risks such as a high sodium load and interference with the renal clearance of certain other drugs.

How to Increase Creatinine Levels

Eating foods rich in protein like red meat will slightly increase creatinine levels. There is no significant variation between vegatarians and armavors, so the effect protein has is little. Sexual activity also raises creatinine levels. I doubt sexual activity influences creatinine level with much significance. However, a vegetarian that does not have much sex should be concerned.

Vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin

Because vitamin B,2 deficiency is not caused by pregnancy, supplementation with vitamin B12 is not routinely necessary. At most it might be indicated with an unbalanced vegetarian or vegan diet. Anemia in the pregnancy caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency should, of course, be treated.

Breastfeeding despite environmental contaminants

Persistent organochlorinc compounds are stored in the fatty tissue for life, and are only mobilized by losing weight and breastfeeding. For this reason, a low-calorie diet should be avoided while breastfeeding. Apart from a marked intake of animal fat and contaminated seafood (especially shellfish), the current dietary habits of the mother have little influence on the contamination levels in the milk. However, a primarily vegetarian diet of products having low pesticide residues does lead to a lower level of contaminants in the mother's milk.

Goz kapagi cikarilari Turkish colloquial

Colloquial term for completely stop using drugs. 2. Colloquial term for progress to stronger drugs. Gradumet Pentobarbital. Gradusedine Pentobarbital. Grageas Walderr Phenobarbital. Graham, Sylvester (1794-1851), US clergyman whose advocacy of a health regimen emphasizing temperance and vegetarianism found lasting expression in the graham cracker, a household commodity in which lay the origin of the modern breakfast-cereal industry. After working at a variety of odd jobs, Graham became a Presbyterian minister in 1826 but preached little. He is best known for his advocacy of unsifted, coarsely ground wheat (graham) flour and his invention of the graham cracker (1829). At the height of his popularity, Graham lectured widely. He recommended a complete health regimen, including hard mattresses, cold showers, and a diet consisting of homemade bread (he was attacked once by a mob of bakers and butchers), rough cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Temperance (Graham) boardinghouses...

Vitamin Uptake and Metabolism

Rickets in infants and children and osteomalacia, and possibly osteoporosis, in adults is caused by a deficiency of D vitamins. Today most deficiencies are caused by a lack of sunlight or restricted diet. The lack of sunlight may be caused by living in northern latitudes. The latter also can be affected by the amount of skin pigmentation (21 -23). A strict vegetarian diet lacking cholecalciferol-fortified dairy products or fatty fish, particularly in children, may also result in rachitic lesions in the bone (24,251.Mechanistically,rickets and osteomalacia are similar and are characterized by bone softening. Normal bone growth and maintenance require that the osteoblast cells lay calcium hydroxyapatite onto a cartilage matrix. A deficiency of D vitamins results in a lack of mixed calcium salt available to the osteoblast cells. In infants and children, the cartilage continues to grow. Cartilage, being soft, cannot support the child's weight, leading to the typical bowlegs seen in a...

Cannabis Cooking Brandy

The following recipes contain no meat, fowl or fish. This is because of a personal prejudice of the author who feels that the slaughter of animals for food is unnecessary, uneconomical and unhealthy. He docs not wish to encourage the carnivorous act by giving recipes which contain meat. But neither does he wish to proselytize his readers with his private opinions. Therefore, to the meat eaters who use this book he will state only that any animal fat such as lard will serve the same function as vegetable oil, butter or ghee. To those who are even more strict in their vegetarian practices than himself and refrain from dairy products, he suggests that Crisco or any vegetable oil can be used in place of butter fats.

Digestion Of Cannabis

Note there is a rumor that vegetarians do not get as stoned on grass as meat eaters. This notion is not absolutely without foundation it is merely a distortion of the truth. It has been noted several times in scientific literature dating back at least to the early nineteenth century that while carnivorous animals (fish, dogs, swine, vultures, crows, etc.) invariably and speedily exhibit the intoxicating influence of marijuana, the graminivorous ones (vegetarian grazers), such as the horse deer, monkey, goat, sheep and cow, experience but trivial effects from any dose administered. Human beings are capable of adapting to either vegetarian or carnivorous diets. The personal eating habits of an individual, no matter how long-standing, have no influence whatsoever upon his ability to enjoy the pleasures of cannabis.

The Evolution of a Cyborg

But as I sit at Pico Paco Tacos with GGFFI members Ghost, a slightly scary-looking big white guy in black guy's rapper clothes, and Brian, a toonish, long-haired Iro-Celtic keyboardist, I learn that implicit in their sampling techniques are some strong points of view about our society. Brian (the Celt) takes a break from his veggie burrito to explain

Vitamins minerals and trace elements

A balanced nutritious diet should normally provide a good supply of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements unless the mother has a malabsorption syndrome or other nutritional deficiency. There are circumstances that require some attention, however. Mothers who wish to diet need to consume at least 1500 kilocalories per day. Vegetarians may have marginal intakes of the B vitamins, which are found in higher amounts in animal proteins. Strict vegans or macrobiotic vegetarians who exclude milk, eggs, and dairy products are at significant risk of being deficient in B vitamins, especially B 2. There are cases reported in the literature of megaloblastic anemia in breastfed infants whose mothers are vegans, due to B,2 deficiency. Vegetarians are also at risk for inadequate mineral intake, especially iron and zinc (O'Connor 1994, Higginbottom 1978).


My girlfriend had been a vegetarian for ten years when I met her, and I was a confirmed meat eater. I didn't know any different, and I kept eating meat for nearly a year after I met her. She never tried to convert me and in fact, when I told her about stopping eating meat, she said Oh no, you're not becoming a vegetarian are you I then tried to convince people it was wrong - that Man shouldn't eat meat, and I got angry about the whole thing every time friends who weren't vegetarian came round. After a while, I think they stopped looking forward to coming round for dinner The more I looked around me, the more insight I got into the nature of the world, and how they were connected. Always in a flash. Never thought about, mulled over, or explained.


The vegetarian cold blooded killer One day we may all be vegetarians, and no one will have to put up with the gory sight of a predator tearing apart its prey instead it will be the carrots being brutally torn from the soil using machines As a recent (seven years) vegetarian, I have often heard people using the argument You say you don't eat meat, but how do you know that the vegetables aren't suffering, hmm, what about that, vegetarian When I chose not to eat meat, I, like most people who have become vegetarian, was probably thinking about large animals, or at least animals, birds and fish I used to eat like beef from cows, chicken, haddock, pork from pigs, etc. I wasn't really considering the entire population of tiny animals, insects or microbes. I guess that by eating non-organic carrots I am a vegetarian cold-blooded killer because they spray the carrots (and all veg) with pesticides (a chemical used to kill pests). Oh, and don't forget herbicides (a chemical agent that destroys...

Blue Velvet

Light cycle is one of the key considerations for those wishing to breed truly fine quality cannabis indoors under lights. The 18 6 veggie and 12 12 bud cycles are perhaps the main influence towards the indica dominant strains and generic blandness of the indoor commercial product. A true equatorial sativa will require closer to a 13 11 vegetative and a long (four to six month) 11 13 flower cycle. Different variations may be tried, such as 15 9 veggie and 10 14 flowering cycle. Be prepared for much fine tuning.


Tell me if you have ever heard the term worldism I know I haven't. It's not an ism we have in our language, like atheism, vegetarianism, fascism or racism. The definition of an ism is denotes a state or condition, belief or principle, so tell me, is the world in which we live not worthy of an ism If the definition of an ism is something we believe in, then it may become clearer why there is no such word as

Almost Lost lack

The guests for this dinner were Jack The Emperor of Hemp and his lovely wife Jeannie Herer, the queen of the world as I know it, the itty bitty pretty one, Linda and myself. Craig filmed the whole thing for Hempin' Ain't Easy. We started with what I believed to be the most decadent items of the night, infused organic strawberries rolled in seva, they were delicious and very powerful. They were served with a veggie tray and a cannabis infused ranch dip. After some idle chit chat and much laughter we sit down for dinner. We were served a wonderful cannabis infused organic salad with a cannabis infused organic ranch dressing and organic sourdough dinner rolls. We then moved on to our main course which was awesome. Cannabis infused chicken, potatoes, and asparagus, all cooked to perfection. As none of us drink, we washed it down with a variety of juices, waters, and my soda. Steve and Dr. Diane joined us for dinner


Instead of grey walls to hurt prisoners and remind them of what they have done, we need soft colours and gentle curves, not harshness and austerity. Think I'm mad yet The place must be calming and the doors should close softly, not the violent sounds of metal against metal. The food should be vegetarian, to remove the violence of the death of the animal. Instead of prison warders, I see monks Not preaching religious texts, but as teachers teachers of meditation, one of the best ways to calm the violent mind.


If you are anything like me, once you open your mind, and starting asking difficult questions, you will find you can't stop. I question everything Not out loud all the time of course, otherwise I would drive everybody mad but it is driving me mad, asking difficult questions to which there seem to be no answers. Such as, why am I bothering to ask all these difficult questions when no one else seems to care What is the point of trying to help the world when everyone else seems quite happy and don't want to be helped Why am I a vegetarian, when all I get is rude comments and people telling me the same thing over and over Man is a meat eater, he has always been a meat eater, and always will be a meat eater. Why am I putting myself through this, when I could have such a simple life I ask myself what it would take to make me go back to my old life my comfortable flat, my nice four wheel drive jeep, my girlfriends with nice make-up and jewellery, my well paid exciting job, my evenings out at...

Ed Rosenthal

Hidden behind a lush wall of veggie matter, surrounded by redwoods and palm trees (only in California), and nestled back from the road a short distance, lies a beautiful two-storey Victorian-style home. It used to be Ed's family residence, but as they got older Ed and his charming wife, Jane, moved down the road. Ed now uses it for his office and workplace. With its magnificent views overlooking the Bay area and warm, homey feel one can see why Ed's completely relaxed when he greets us. We chat for a while and get a tour of the wonderful old house.

N The Universe

Jonathon had learned about the Secoya when he was a kid growing up in Quito, where his mother ran a vegetarian restaurant. He found a postcard of a Secoya at a bookstore. I saw this totally rad-looking Indian wearing this yellow crown, with flowers around his arm, strings of beads, and I thought, Wow, I would love to meet that guy, he recalls. Years later, he heard a story about a Secoya who got lost in the forest one night and slept at the top of a tree During the night, an evil spirit started to cut the tree down. The Secoya started to sing. He sang to the flowers that blossomed on the tree. The flowers turned into heavenly beings that stopped the evil spirit from hurting him.

Other Mechanisms

The recent studies on the antimicrobial activities of plant extracts encourage us to take into account new therapy schemes including phytotherapy as an alternative. Plant-based diets with intake and consumption of natural substances may have an important role in the control of resistance gene dissemination by the inhibition of conjugal R-plasmid transfer. Papaya seed macerate and EGCg have been studied as inhibitors of conjugative R-plasmid transfer in enteric bacteria 183, 184 . Papaya caused a reduction of R-plasmid transfer by conjugation from Salmonella typhimu-rium to Escherichia coli, both in vitro and in vivo 183 . The inhibition rates of conjugative transfer of R-plasmid between E. coli C600 and E coli K+12 RC85 with EGCg were 42-67 at 50-200 pg mL-1 and up to 99 at 800 pg mL-1 184 .


I am currently writing this book on a small island in scotland. The whole island is a retreat and environmental preservation area, and I am volunteering as a chef. We have an organic vegetable garden, but still have to buy in dry goods from the mainland as well as the majority of our vegetables. As a vegetarian I told people I cared about the planet as a whole, whether that be humans, plants, animals, fish, insects, or trees, but it was really only intellectually. I couldn't really ever say that I could feel a physical connection between myself and the earth. Until recently.


Blood pressure is determined by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The chances of being hypertensive are greater within a family with a history of hypertension. The most constant environmental influence on hypertension is obesity. The mechanisms by which obesity appears to cause high blood pressure are not fully understood. However, it is not certain whether it is due to the high intake of nutrients although blood pressure is generally found to be lower in vegetarians. A decrease in the daily intake of salt may also reduce high blood pressure, but there is still much conjecture on this subject. Other factors such as alcohol consumption or stress also increase blood pressure.

Vitamin B12

Dilantin can deplete the body's stores of B-12, and an underactive thyroid gland can interfere with the absorption of this vitamin. It can also be destroyed or have absorption interfered with by acids and alkalies, alcohol, anticonvulsants, chloramphenicol, cholestyramine, cimetidine, coffee, colchicine, estrogen, famotidine, laxatives, neomycin, nizatidine, oral contraceptives, potassium (extended-release forms), ranitidine, sleeping pills, stomach medications (such as Prevacid, Prilosec, Pepcid, Tagamet, and Zantac), sunlight, tobacco, vitamin C (if taken within two hours of each other), and water. As it is only found in meat and dairy products, strict vegetarians may not get enough, though lack of deficiency in nonmeat eaters leads some to speculate that some vegetables may contain bacteria that produce B-12. The vitamin needs to be taken with calcium to be properly absorbed and utilized by the body.

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