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Quick Grow Systems — Flower and Herb Dryer is a necessity for patients growing personal medication. Proper drying is as critical to the health and potency of medicine as is every other step in the cultivation process. This model of the Flower and Herb dryer was developed by QuickGrow Systems especially for California patients.

Simply plug this dryer into any wall outlet, it uses less than 1amp. of power and creates the perfect environment for drying medicine and maintaining potency and flavor. It has an effective odor killing Coco-Carbon filter so there are no tell-tail wafting scents of drying your medicine. It cuts drying time down to just a few days. The dryer's durable plastic container comes with an easy on-off lid for quick cleaning and storage. The unit has quiet 3" ball-baring fan with a safety metal finger guard with 3 levels of drying, two large removable mesh shelves will hold an ample amount flowers and herbs. There is also a thick removable pre-filter which is easy to clean. This great unit IS the answer for this season.

The Flower and Herb Dryer, will simplify and improve your entire drying process.

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