Conclusions And Recommendations

Based on the collective experience in evaluating signal transduction inhibitors in animal models of cancer, the following can be recommended:

1. Choose the right model, one where the tumor not only expresses the target of interest, but whose growth has been demonstrated to depend on it. Subcutaneous xenografts may be needed for initial screening, but consider orthotopic models for compound profiling.

2. Perform thorough PK/PD analyses with an optimally formulated compound. Based upon this information, plan administration regimens that will provide appropriate exposure of the compound to the tumor during efficacy studies.

3. Wherever possible, incorporate biomarker and initial tolerability studies as part of the efficacy studies.

4. Fully incorporate in vivo testing in the drug discovery program with planning discussions initiated at project onset. Follow compounds being clinically tested and use clinical data to improve model and thereby increase predictive character.

5. Be fully aware of the advantages and limitations of the chosen model, and ask only appropriate questions.

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