As an employer

Whatever you do, do not drug test! Respect the privacy of your employees lifestyle, and do it with pride. Some companies that do not drug test post bulletins around the workplace which proudly state the companies privacy policy. Also, be sure to reward yourself by adding your company to The Non-Testers List 2 for free advertizing and positive publicity.

As an employer who has to manage safety critical applications, do not use drug tests to test for impairment. It does not work. This strategy leads to the elimination of drug-free workers (in cases of false positives), and it also fails to catch workers who are impaired (false negatives). False negatives can lead to disasters. Use impairment tests such as that developed by Performance Factors 3. Impairment tests are not intrusive, they are more cost effective and take less time to administer, and they test impairment rather than lifestyle.

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