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American Civil Liberties Union ACLU is a freedom network with information and legal resources to fight prohibition and protect the Constitution. (212) 944-9800 http://www.aclu.org

Anonymous Remailers To learn about the security of the different types of anonymous remailers, read my technical paper at http://www.csun.edu/ hbcsc09 For non-technical information, read Andre Bacard's Anonymous Re-mailer FAQ at http://www.well.com/user/abacard/remail.html

Austin Nutritional Research Provides information about vitamins, herbs, and nutrients. http://www.realtime.net/anr

Byrd Labs Laboratories founded by Jeff Nightbyrd. Byrd labs has run more than 2,000 tests on urine and additives. They sell UrineAid, powdered urine, and Conquering the Urine Tests pamphlet. Byrd Products, 1390 North McDowel suite G#337, Petaluma, CA. (800) 333-2152

CAPP Hi tech workers rights organization. (512) 448-4804

Carson, Ed Book: Just Say No to Drug Tests: How to Beat the Whiz Quiz. ISBN 0-87364-624-X

Digit Press (GA) Info Line: (404) 924-1393

Drug Testing Hotline in California (900) 844-test

Drug Watch This page represents the position of drug testing advocates. It may provide you with some good entertainment :) http://www.drugwatch.org

Fully Informed Jury Association For free Jury Power Information Kit, call (800) TEL-JURY. FIJA national snail-mail: PO Box 59, Helmville, MT 59843. (406) 793-5550. Mr. Peyman (FIJA affiliate) (714) 8382896. http://intele.net/~harald/f ija/fija_us.htm

Hoffman, Abbie Book: Steal This Urine Test. ISBN 1568492928

Hyperreal Drug Testing Archives Links and articles related to drug testing. http://hyperreal.com/drugs/politics/drug.testing

J&J Enterprizes (aka Freedom Wholesalers). Distributes The Stuff and Naturally Klean Herbal Tea. Direct questions to (800) 883-3869. FAX orders to (303) 765-5732. Snail-Mail: PO Box 102311, Denver, CO 80250. http://www.imall.com/stores/stuff

Just-Say-No-To-Piss-Tests Project This is a list of drug testing policies of many companies (last updated in 1994). gopher://gopher.well.sf.ca.us:70/00/Politi<

Klear (800) 661-1357

Legal Action Center (212) 243-1313

Martha Butterfield-Jay Foundation (Oklahoma NORML) MBJF sent me free literature, and a brochure on of their products. If you call, a machine will answer. Calls will be returned collect. PO Box 57214, Oklahoma City, OK 73157. (405) 521-URIN.

National Lawyers Guild (212) 614-6464

Non-Testers List The Hemperor maintains a searchable database that lists employers who do not drug test in one table, and a list of Orwellian employers who do drug test in another table. http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6443/n-

NORML NORML operates a Drug Testing & Information Hotline. I don't recommend this hotline. People have called this line needing important drug testing information in a hurry, only to get a recording. For the price, I would expect a live person. The charge is $2.95 per minute. 900/97-NORML. 1636 'R' St. N.W., 3rd Floor, Washington D.C. 20009

NORML Legal Referral (202) 483-5500

Party Hut Enterprises Distributor of Carbo Clean, Whizzies, and Klear. If you would like to have more information about this product or a catalog of the 100's of other products that they carry just e-mail Charles Alvis [email protected] or [email protected].

Performance Factors Makes video impairment test. 1746 Cole Blvd., Suite 265, Golden, CO 80401. (303) 271-0505 (415) 769-8300

PGP Pretty Good Privacy is the most widely accepted encryption software around. It offers military grade encryption. Download it from http://www.pgpi.com

PharmChem Laborities Inc. Boycott PharmChem for supplying the sweat patch. Jay Whitney or David Asheim can be reached at (415) 328-6200

Sampson Health Products E-mail: [email protected]. Snail mail: 901 Rhode Rd., Kyle, Texas 78640. (512) 376-2537 anytime to speak to an operator, leave message, or automated fax.

Testing Expert Witness Legal information. (615) 579-5425.

Zydot Unlimited, Inc. (800) 725-2481.

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