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Second Generation Effects Fertility

Cyclophosphamide, or testicular and cranial irradiation, in the treatment of childhood malignancies can lead to small testicular size and decreased sperm production in adulthood (58). Of 17 adult male survivors of childhood sarcomas treated before puberty with high-dose cyclopho-sphamide, only two had normal sperm counts, 10 had azoospermia, and five had oligospermia (34). The two patients with normal sperm counts had taken the lowest doses of cyclophosphamide. Of 23 men treated with either cyclophosphamide or non-alkylating agent combinations, there was a dose-related disturbance of gonadotrophin secretion in the cyclophosphamide group (60). The chances of maintaining normal gonadal function after combined treatment of Hodgkin's disease are significantly greater among girls than boys at 9-year follow-up (61). Pre- and post-pubescent boys were affected by six cycles of MOPP, whether or not pelvic radiation was administered on the other hand, in girls similarly treated, ovarian...

Medical And Behavioral Toxicity Overview

Cortisol is a hormone (chemical messenger) responsible for multiple effects on the body, including changes in the immune response, glucose regulation, fat breakdown, blood pressure, and mood. Alcohol-induced cortisol excess can mimic Cushing's disease (a condition associated with excess cortisol production, often caused by a tumor on the adrenals) and is known as pseudo-Cushing's disease. Alcohol affects the hypothalamus (an area of the brain), where it modifies chemical-releasing factors, which in turn control release of hormones from the pituitary (a gland in the brain linked to the hypothalamus by a special blood supply), which in turn affect endocrine organs throughout the body. Acutely, alcohol also inhibits the release of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) from the posterior pituitary, which results in increased urine production. The best documented chronic endocrine effect of alcohol is male hypogonadism, a condition resulting from low sex-hormone function. Signs of the condition are...

Possible mechanisms for effects on brain morphology

On serum testosterone levels, and it has been shown to reduce testicular weight (Wenger et al., 1992). Smoking marijuana has been shown to significantly reduce luteinizing hormone (LH) in human males (Cone et al, 1986) and females (Men-delson et al., 1986) by as much as 30 . In males LH stimulates the interstitial endocrinocytes in the testes for production and secretion of testosterone. It has been shown that THC can reduce the pubertal body weight growth in male rats (Gupta and Elbracht, 1983), and can delay sexual maturation in rats (Field and Tyrey, 1990). It should be noted that other drugs may have effects on hormones and may alter development (Ward, 1992).

Im Built Like a Bean Pole

Not long after we began training, one of my lifting buddies showed up with a pill that he says will help us get bigger and stronger faster. The pill is a steroid, and he told us it is harmless and said if we really want to get really big we can stack steroids. I wasn't totally sure about this, so I went to talk with Coach Smith. She told me that stacking is when two or more anabolic steroids are taken together. people who stack mix oral and injection steroids and sometimes add drugs like stimulants or painkillers. She said the idea behind stacking is an unproven belief that the different drugs interact to produce a greater effect on muscle size. She also said we needed to be careful because steroid use had some really nasty side effects. It can cause acne, reduce a guy's sperm count, shrink the testicles, lead to impotence, result in difficulty or pain in urinating, baldness, and even irreversible breast enlargement. She said that the long-term effects can include cancer and possibly...

Makin babies

The government established the Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction which put out a draft report on some phthlates and their risk to human reproduction. It found a range of concerns over their effect on human reproduction, but did not recommend that they be removed from items like food packaging, even though they had concerns that they could damage sperm producing cells in the testicles and result in low sperm count and damaged sperm in humans. How is it that more Americans are not deeply concerned about demasculinizing birth defects in their male children and premature sexual development in girls Part of the problem is that there are not that many people studying the effects of environmental chemicals on gene expression and health in animal models. The truth is, nothing really happens on these issues when you have a government that will bend over backwards to protect the interests of industry over the health of the citizenry. The trends are alarming and certainly...

Anabolic Steroids

Virilization in the woman is the most common reaction associated with anabolic steroids, especially when higher doses are used. Acne occurs frequently in all age groups and both sexes. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fluid and electrolyte imbalances (the same as for the androgens, discussed previously), testicular atrophy,


You torture people to get nationally important information from them. The only people you torture are bad people, set on destroying your way of life. Now, imagine that the person with electrodes on their testicles was your father, and imagine the girl being half drowned while gasping for air was your daughter. Someone you love is being subjected to unbearable mental or physical pain, what


Other unwanted effects have included nausea, vomiting, chills, acne, and painful testicles. Case reports have noted severe changes in several persons' ability to handle blood sugar levels. Another case report noted mental confusion that developed in a patient receiving oxymetholone and that continued for weeks after the therapy stopped.

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