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In a number of attempts to fix the deficit of dopamine in Parkinsonism, the introduction of a direct precursor of dopamine—levodopa—into the patient is considered a very logical therapy since levodopa diffuses across the blood-brain barrier, where it turns into dopamine and normalizes the level of dopamine. In this manner, levodopa stops or slows the development of Parkinsonism. Levodopa belongs to a group of the most effective drugs for treating the type of Parkinsonism not caused by medicinal agents. Unfortunately, it posesses a number of undesirable side effects. The most common synonyms are 1-dopa, madopar, dopar, sinemet, larodopa, and others.

Amantadine: Amantadine, 1-adamantanamine (10.1.12), is synthesized from adaman-tane. It is directly brominated to 1-bromadamantane (10.1.10), which in Ritter reaction conditions when heated with a mixture of acetonitrile and concentrated sulfuric acid transforms into 1-acetylaminoadamantane (10.1.11). Hydrolysis of this product using alkali leads to the formation of amantadine (10.1.12) [16,17].

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