Effects of this drug depend heavily on dosage. In small doses, levothyroxine exhibits anabolic action. In medium doses, it stimulates growth and development of tissue, metabolism of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, increases functional activity of central nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as kidneys and liver. In large doses, it slows the thyrotropic activity of the hypophysis and suppresses thyroid gland production. Levothyroxine is used for hypothyroidism, myxedema, thyrotoxicosis, erythyroid conditions, and cretinism. Synonyms of this drug are eltroxin, levoid, noroxin, syntroid, and others.

Levothyronine: Levothyronine, L-3-[4-(4-hydroxy-3-iodophenoxy)-3,5-diiodophenyl]ala-nine (25.1.11), is synthesized in the exact same manner using one equivalent of iodine during iodination of L-(+)-3,5-diiodothyronine (25.1.9) [5-9].

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