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Other methods of synthesizing estrone have been suggested using other available func-tionalized derivatives of steroids isolated from natural sources as starting material, which are then modified [3-22].

As was already noted, estrone is a follicular hormone necessary for the development of the female body from the time of pubescence to menopause. It is used for insufficient ovary function, for postmenopausal or postcastration disorders, infertility, postmature pregnancies, weak uterine contractions, and after gynecological operations. Synonyms of this drug are foliculin, detoxyestrin, telestrin, bestrone, and many others.

Estradiol: Estradiol, estra-1,3,5(10)-trien-3,17/i-diol (28.1.17), is most easily made by reducing the keto-group of estrone by various reducing agents, in particular potassium borohydride [23,24].

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