In terms of antipsychotic activity, thioridazine is inferior to aminazine. It is most effective in mental and emotional disorders accompanied by fear, stress, and excitement. It is prescribed for various forms of schizophrenia, psychosis, and neurosis. The most common synonyms are conapax and mellaril.

Mesoridazine: Mesoridazine, 10-[2-(1-methyl-2-piperidyl)ethyl]-2-(methylsufinyl)phe-nothiazine (6.1.13), is synthesized by an analogous scheme, however, it is also synthesized by alkylating the acidic form of 2-methylthiphenothiazine—methylsulfonylphenothiazine — using 2-(2-chlorethyl)-1-methylpiperidine.

In order to do this, 2-methylthiophenothiazine is initially acylated at the nitrogen atom using acetic anhydride, giving 10-acetyl-2-methylthiophenothiazine (6.1.10). The resulting acetyl derivative is further oxidized by hydrogen peroxide into 10-acetyl-2-methylsul-fonylpenothiazine (6.1.11). Deacylation of this product in potassium carbonate methanol solution gives 2-methylsulfonylphenothiazine (6.1.12), which is alkylated by 2-(2-chlor-ethyl)-1-methylpiperidine in the presence of sodium amide, affording the desired mesoridazine (6.1.13) [31].

Mesoridazine acts analogous to other phenothiazine neuroleptics and is used for schizophrenia, behavioral problems, psychoneurotic displays, and in severe and chronic alcoholism. Synonyms of this drug are lidanil, serentil, and others.

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