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I have come to the conclusion that elected politicians in North America are not listening to their voters or the courts! Because if they did, marijuana would be legalized and regulated just like alcohol. I believe that the residents of Canada as well as the United States of America could benefit greatly from the tax revenue generated from the sale of marijuana providing that the additional revenue gets put towards health care and education. Now let's take a look at those of us who have a permit to grow and use marijuana as our medicine here in Canada. We have to continue to get our permit renewed yearly even though there is NO CURE for our ailments; we are going to be sick till we die. Why can't Health Canada show some compassion to the sick? Now Health Canada is again stating that they are going to phase out grow permits. How can they do this when licensed growers have spent thousands of dollars not only purchasing the necessary equipment but also the thousands spent on renovations in order to grow their medicine indoors? Why would they want to continue to waste tax payer's hard earned money on a FAILED program. Yes I said FAILED; reason being is that very few of us licensed patients purchase our medicine from Health Canada due to the lack of quality and choice. I know that I personally can't afford to purchase my medical marijuana from Health Canada so those on a fixed income who barely get enough to pay the rent have no way in hell a way to pay. Health Canada cuts off any delinquent patient and sends a collection agency after them to pay their bill. Why In the hell do patients have to pay for their medical marijuana in the first place considering us tax payers already paid for that so called medicine to be grown? Now for those in the United States of America the Federal Government isn't recognizing what the voters want in at least 12 States. Voters went to the polls and voted to LEGALIZE medical marijuana yet the Federal Government still refuses to recognize what the voters want. The United State Government needs to be overhauled as does their courts as the courts in the US are puppets to the politicians that gave them their cushy jobs. The difference between the US and Canadian court system is that the courts here in Canada don't have to listen to the politicians. It's the courts that have made the difference here in Canada so much so that we have a FEDERAL Medical Marijuana program even if the program has failed the med patient miserably. If I was one of the elected politicians in North America I would be very afraid of losing my ELECTED status as I am sure that once the voting public realizes that they were just given a bunch of BULL SHIT promises there will be a NEW elected leader. Forget about voting for the Conservatives, Republicans, Liberals, Democrats, NDP as they have time and time again shown their TRUE colours. Go out and vote for Libertarians and Green Party's and maybe just maybe we can have elected politicians in place that will LISTEN to the voters. It's time to stop putting people in jail for using a plant that has NEVER in the history of mankind killed anyone nor has anyone died as a result of an overdose. WAKE UP PEOPLE the time is now the elections are just around the corner let's make a difference.

Take care and Peace Marco Renda

Federal Exemptee Publisher and editor In clhlef

—-^Thc alternative medldne tournai

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What are the best and Worst cooking oils for you? p.73

Here, There and Everywhere p.75


Interview with Henk Van Dalen, founder of Dutch Passion Grow

THC farmers

Shantibaba's Bag of Dreams, "Outdoor growing"


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The Toronto Home & Garden Show p.154

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Marco's European Adventure p. 164

Pass That Pipe p. 166

Smoke reports p. 111


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