Grenco Science G Pen Connect vaporizer

If you have got a dab rig, then with that you generally need a torch as well. But there are times where you can see that many people don’t want to go for the use of the torch. If that is the case for you all, then Grenco Science has got a perfect device to check out The name of that device is called the G Pen Connect vaporizer. The name shows that the device is connected with the rig in which you can find the nail. After that, you can put the dab inside of the GPen Connect and in place, you can go for it instead of the nail. 

When you get the G Connect vaporizer, it’s noticeable that it comes with various accessories. These accessories are said to be mandatory, and without it will not work properly. The essential accessories are mentioned here. 

  1. Device itself
  2. Micro USB charger
  3. Battery 
  4. Male Glass adapter of 14 mm
  5. Hard case pouch with zipper

As you are considering buying the G Pen Connect, one thing that most people tend to look at is the design of the device. The unit comes to you with an outstanding look with a sturdy body design and material. The material used in the body is of metal and is thin and cylindrical. 

When you connect the battery with the G-Pen Connect, you can see the battery gets too connected to the body magnetically. The ceramic bowl of the device has got magnetic properties and is convenient to use. 

If you take a look at the power button, then you can see that it is placed in such a manner that it may not impress you at first. But when you use it for a time, you can see that it proves to be right for you all and is quite adequate. As it is big enough, so it helps to use the G Pen Connect effortlessly when it is attached to the rig. You can see that this makes it perfect to use and is also very safe for the user too. 

When you apply heat to the Connect, it gets the heat just like the torch and is quite similar. The best thing about it is the body remains cold even if it is heated to full capacity. So, you can touch and can hold the body if you want to in the middle of the heating process. 

Among all the things, it’s essential that a good quality of vapor comes out at the end. To make the flavor best and good, you can see that G Pen Connect utilizes a ceramic bowl. The reason for it is that all the extracted vapors tend to see that the neutral material help in keeping the flavor pure.

Not only that, you can get excellent vapor by controlling the temperature through the different options available. The parameters are green, blue, and red so that you can get the other type of flavor and density as per your need. The green setting gives 3.6V, the Blue setting gives out 3.1V, and Red settings go for the 4.1V.  

If you want a big cloud with intense vapor, then you need to use green or red settings while for getting the best flavor of vapor, you can go for the blue settings. So, if you want to customize the vapor density to your liking, then this device could be perfect for you. The tool can help with making things suitable and improving the overall experience of vaping.  

The next best thing that you will get when you use the G Pen Connect is its battery capacity. The Connect comes with an 850 mAh battery capacity, and it is rechargeable too. But the time duration of the battery drops when you use the higher voltage settings and need to use the manual heating also. If you want to recharge the battery, then it may take nearly one or two hours to do so.

Whenever you go for these kinds of E-nail dabbing devices, you always worry about the cleaning and maintenance involved with them. But in this case, it is very easy to clean the ceramic bowl which makes it quite convenient. You can go for the isopropyl alcohol-soaked cotton and clean the bowl with it. Even if you get some residue inside it, you can go for the burn-off process so that the residue can be burned off easily. With all these things, you can expect the residue be cleaned in a great manner.

You can easily get the G Pen Connect from an online store such as and the price of it also pretty reasonable too. If you are interested in going for an E-rig vape, then G-pen Connect vaporizer is one of the best options to consider.  

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