Use in noninfective conditions

Levamisole has immunostimulatory activity by modulating the cell-mediated immune response and restoring T cell functions. It has therefore been used extensively and for extended periods of time in various rheumatic and other chronic diseases, in aphthous ulceration, nephrotic syndrome, warts, and malignancies, such as cancers of the head and neck and, in combination with 5-fluorouracil, colorectal cancer (SEDA-20, 348). Under these conditions, its adverse effects are more frequent and rather different because of the differing dosage scheme and presumably also the greater sensitivity of the individual, quite apart from the fact that it is often used in combination, for example with 5-fluorouracil; some 5% of patients fail to complete the course of treatment because of adverse effects. Most of the material in this record is necessarily derived from experience with long-term treatment; where possible a distinction will be drawn between adverse effects occurring under these conditions and those experienced during the acute treatment of tropical disorders.

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