Long Term Effects Drug abuse

Three opiate-dependent individuals abused intravenous naltrexone, believing it to be diamorphine, and developed acute opiate withdrawal symptoms; they were managed with a combined regimen of diazepam, prochlorperazine, and hyoscine (20,21).

Drug Administration Drug administration route

Six cases of complications loosely related to the use of naltrexone pellet implantation during the highly controversial rapid and ultra-rapid opioid detoxification procedures have been reported (22). These included pulmonary edema, prolonged opioid withdrawal states, drug toxicity, withdrawal from cross-dependence to alcohol and benzo-diazepines, aspiration pneumonia, and death. The risk of these controversial procedures and of naltrexone in this novel delivery system are high; a robust scientifically validated program of research is needed to justify such treatment packages.

Defeat Drugs and Live Free

Defeat Drugs and Live Free

Being addicted to drugs is a complicated matter condition that's been specified as a disorder that evidences in the obsessional thinking about and utilization of drugs. It's a matter that might continue to get worse and become disastrous and deadly if left untreated.

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