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Growth hormone human growth hormone hGH somatotropin

Cardiovascular A 7-year-old boy developed cardiomegaly and edema within a month of starting human growth hormone, 0.7 IU kg week when the dose was reduced to 0.35 IU kg week his heart size returned to normal (33a). This is a reminder that growth hormone adverse effects are dose related and that dose escalation should be gradual. Nervous system In a recent review 139 cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease were identified worldwide in people treated with cadaveric human growth hormone before recombinant human growth hormone became available in the mid-1980s (34CR). The prevalence of this fatal neurodegenerative condition in human growth hormone recipients ranges from 0.3 in the USA to 4.4 in France. New cases continue to be reported (35A). An 18-year-old man from Qatar presented with a 3-month history of unsteadiness, dysarthria, and left-sided weakness, followed by visual, hearing, and memory loss, 13 years after human growth hormone therapy. Benign intracranial hypertension (pseudotumor...

Human Growth Hormone

AKA Growth hormone, HGH, Humatrope, somatotrophin (STH). Precautions It should only be taken under the guidance of a physician, as side effects are still not known. Taking HGH when it is not needed may train the pituitary gland to release less and less of it. Some research does not confirm its supposed benefits side effects may include carpal tunnel syndrome, hypertension, and gigantism. The use of synthetic growth hormone has been associated with heart disease and the production of antigrowth hormone antibodies. Human growth hormone may be expensive and difficult to obtain, and synthetic growth hormone has only 10 percent of the effectiveness of the natural form. Most animal growth hormone is virtually ineffective.

Passage of drugs to the unborn and fetal kinetics

Transfer of drugs to the fetus is inevitable. Most drugs have a lower molecular weight than 600-800, and will therefore be able to cross the placenta. The notable exceptions to this rule are the conjugated steroid and peptide hormones such as insulin and growth hormone. However, larger molecules (e.g. vitamin B 2 and immunoglobulins) do cross the placenta via specific receptor-mediated processes. It should be noted that modified immunoglobulins used therapeutically, e.g. abciximab, do not cross the placenta but are metabolized by the placenta because they are only Fab fragments and do not have Fc terminals (see also Chapter 2.12 Miller 2003).

Critical perspectives on antidoping and sport

Seen designer steroids, EPO (erythropoietin, a naturally occurring hormone which can be injected to stimulate red blood cell production and so increase the flow of oxygen to the muscles), and human growth hormone being popularly used. These innovations may well have begun as far back as the 1870s, but by introducing bans and tests on available products, anti-doping created a market for new knowledge and new drugs. The test on amphetamines led to experimentation with steroids. The basic test for steroids developed by Raymond Brooks led to the use of testosterone in the late 1970s. And so in the 1980s Dan Duchaine's (1989) infamous and quite amazing Underground Steroid Users' Handbook was updated regularly with information on new drugs and new ways to beat the tests. Athletes have since revealed the intricacies of this culture of response, diversion, avoidance and innovation (Reiterer 2000).

Solution for Fixing a Calcium Deficiency

Zinc plays a lot of roles in the plants, first off zinc aids in the plants size and maturity as well as production of leaves, stalks, stems and branches. Zinc is an essential component in many enzymes as well as growth hormone auxin. Low auxin levels can be the cause of stunting of the plants leaves and the shoots. Zinc is also important in the formation and activity of chlorophyll. Plants that have a good level of Zinc, can handle long droughts. So that's why Zinc plants an important role how it absorbs moisture.

Pregnancy Category None

Although GHB is commercially manufactured, it is also produced within the bodies of mammals where it may promote hibernation and help the brain to withstand deficient oxygen supply. The substance was once widely available as a nutritional supplement in health food stores. People consumed it in hopes that the product would promote fat reduction and muscle development. Human experiments confirm that the drug can increase the body's levels of human growth hormone while the substance is circulating in the bloodstream, but the studies did not last long enough to show whether this GHB effect built muscles or reduced fat. The hope for muscle development has been tested in experiments with rats and dogs, but without success the drug failed to increase the animals' growth hormone levels.

Structural Features And Activation Of Jaks

IFN, interferon TPO, thrombopoietin G-CSF, granulocyte-colony stimulating factor EPO, erythropoietin GH, growth hormone PRL, prolactin AT, angiotensin SCID, severe combined immunodeficiency. IFN, interferon TPO, thrombopoietin G-CSF, granulocyte-colony stimulating factor EPO, erythropoietin GH, growth hormone PRL, prolactin AT, angiotensin SCID, severe combined immunodeficiency.

And another thing genetically modified everything

Would not consider regulations, because the Acting Director, Lester Crawford, had stated previously that they would regulate all transgenic fish, whether they were meant to be consumed or not. He made the statement in the context of questions on the first transgenic fish meant for human consumption, a line of salmon that expresses growth hormone at higher than normal levels. This allows farmed salmon to grow faster, thus increasing profits and decreasing the market for wild salmon, even though they are widely regarded as tasting better.

Hypothalamic releasing hormones

Growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) Somatostatir Jibits the release of both growth hormone and TSH. In this respect, it is unique among the hypothalamic hormones. Therapeutically, it is used for carcinoids and to lower the growth hormone concentration in acromegaly_A synthetic

Promoting an Optimal Response to Therapy

Growth hormone is given either IM or subcutaneously (SC). The vial is not shaken but swirled to mix. The solution is clear, and the nurse should not give it if it is cloudy. These drugs are administered IM or SC. The weekly dosage is divided and given in three to seven doses throughout the week. The drug may (if possible) be given at bedtime to most closely adhere to the body's natural release of the hormone. Periodic testing of growth hormone levels, glucose tolerance, and thyroid functioning may be done at intervals during treatment.

Neuroendocrine Tumors Somatostatin Analogs

Somatostatin (also known as somatotropin release-inhibiting factor SRIF or SRIF-14 , growth hormone-release inhibiting factor, or hypothalamic release-inhibiting hormone) is a widely occurring cyclic tetradecapeptide with a molecular weight of 1637.91 kDa (Structure 6.24). Together with other peptides (e.g., somatoliberin), it mediates the neuroregulation of somatotropin secretion. In particular, it inhibits release of growth hormone, insulin, and the glucagons, and is also a potent inhibitor of a number of systems including central and peripheral neural, GI, and vascular smooth muscle. It was first isolated from ovine hypothalamic extracts and then structurally elucidated and synthesized in the early 1970s. It should be noted that growth hormone-secreting pituitary tumors can expand during treatment with somatostatin analogs, leading to serious complications therefore, patients should be carefully monitored for tumor expansion. The gallbladder can also be affected, and the duration...

Further Examples of Privileged Structural Motifs

The biphenyltetrazole moiety is an example of a privileged structure which is found in angiotensin I antagonists such as Losartan (4) 50 and Valsartan (5) 51 and in growth hormone (GH) secretagogue agonist MK-0751 (6) 52 (Fig. 25.6). As shown in Fig. 25.8, arylspiropiperidines also display a broad range of activities. Examples include the chemotaxin C5a receptor agonist 10 54 , the oxytocin antagonist 11 55 , and the growth hormone secretagogue 12 52 (Fig. 25.8).

Pregnancy Category X

Methyltestosterone is a synthetic drug manufactured from testosterone. Methyltestosterone's medical uses include supplementation of testosterone in males with low levels of that hormone and treatment of female breast cancer. Scientists report unsatisfactory results from a test of whether the compound might work as a male contraceptive and mixed results when the substance was used to treat male impotence. Impotence improvement was better when methyltestosterone was taken in combination with a yohimbe preparation. Methyltestosterone has provided pain relief and occasionally fertility enhancement to women suffering from a reproductive disorder called endo-metriosis externa. Therapeutic regimens to build up bone strength in older women may include methyltestosterone, as may therapies designed to compensate for hormonal changes caused by menopause. In research projects height increase occurred when the drug was administered to boys of short stature. Experimenters describe the drug as...

Medications that affect lactation

Medications with an antidopamine effect, such as phenothiazine, haloperidol, and other neuroleptics, such as sulpiride and risperidone, as well as the antihypertensive a-methyldopa, and medications used to stimulate intestinal peristalsis, domperidone and metoclopramide, can, as a result of increasing the secretion of prolactin, stimulate milk production. The sympatholytic action of reserpine can have the same effect. Growth hormone and thyrotrophin-releasing hormone can also enhance milk production. Domperidone and metoclopramide are occasionally used for this purpose - for example. 10 mg metoclopramid three times a day (for a maximum of 7-10 days) and then tapering off the dosage for 2-5 days is sometimes recommended. Domperidone (not available in the USA) is less capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, and therefore the risk of extrapyramidal symptoms is remote. Due to a molecular mass of 426, protein binding 90 , and poor oral bioavailability, the relative dose for a fully...

Physiological Changes After The Ingestion Of Hoasca

Neuroendocrine responses all increased well over basal levels for each volunteer, with maximum concentrations for Cortisol, growth hormone, and prolactin being achieved by 60, 90, and 120 minutes respectively. All of these measures were back down to baseline by 360 minutes. Such a sharp response is not unusual for other serotonergic drugs (e.g., MAO inhibitors).

Other rigidbody docking approaches

The DOCK algorithm, developed by Kuntz and his group, is widely used in the community for the docking of low molecular weight ligands to protein receptor. It can however also be applied to protein-protein docking 42 . The DOCK approach fills the binding site of one protein (the receptor) with a cluster of overlapping spheres. Then the algorithm matches the sphere centres of this cluster with similar clusters from the ligand protein. Predicted complexes are then ranked in terms of a score for residue-residue contact. In the early study on docking starting with unbound complexes 42 , individual atoms from the molecules had to be manually truncated to obtain good predictions. Although there were suggestions of which atoms may be mobile from the crystallographic thermal parameters present in the coordinate file, in other simulations one would not know in advance which atoms need to be truncated. Recently, the approach has been developed further for macromolecular docking 43 . The approach...

Noradrenergic Adrenergic Challenges

Clonidine normally stimulates the hypothalamic release of growth hormone through a2-agonism. The growth hormone release in panic patients, however, was found to be diminished, which could reflect downregulation of postsy-naptic a2-receptors in response to chronic noradrenergic discharge (e.g., Nutt et al. 1992). In addition, several studies indicated that the degree of blood pressure decrease, cortisol secretion, and noradrenergic turnover, as measured by plasma 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol (MHPG) concentrations, regularly induced by clonidine administration, was exaggerated in panic disorder (e.g., Charney et al. 1992 Uhde et al. 1986 Coplan et al. 1997a,b). Altered a2-adrenoceptor sensitivity is also evidenced by findings that yohimbine produces exaggerated cardiovascular responses, enhanced plasma MHPG, and cortisol increases in panic disorder patients relative to control subjects (Cameron et al. 2000 Yeragani et al. 1992). Taken together, panic patients consistently display...

General adverse effects

Prostaglandin E series Increased hormone secretion Growth hormone, corticotropin, thyrotropin, luteinizing hormone, thyroid hormone, insulin, glucocorticoids, progesterone, erythropoietin, renin Increased body temperature Sensitization of pain-mediating nerve fibers Increased force of myocardial contraction Increased blood flow in gastric mucosa, liver, kidney, and placenta Increased renal secretion of sodium, potassium, and water Antagonistic action against antidiuretic hormone Increased intraocular pressure Increased permeability of blood capillaries Increased gastrointestinal motility Reduced gastrointestinal secretions Reduced blood pressure Bronchodilatation Inhibition of bronchial secretions Sedation

Quantitative Description of Peptide and Protein Degradation

Chemical degradation of peptide and protein pharmaceuticals can also be analyzed kinetically in the same manner as for small-molecule drugs. Specifically, chemical degradation of small peptides in aqueous solutions generally conforms to simple first-order kinetics. For example, first-order kinetics have been reported for the hydrolysis in aqueous solution of secretin, which has 27 amino acid residues (Fig. 205).795 Deamidation, hydrolysis, and epimerization of an LH-RH antagonist having 10 amino acid residues (Fig. 206),802 deamidation of calcitonin, having 32 amino acid residues (Fig. 207),876 and degradation of gonadorelin877 and growth hormone-releasing hexapeptide878 also follow first-order kinetics.

General Information

Somatostatin was first isolated from the hypothalamus, and was shown to inhibit growth hormone release. It has since been found in neuroendocrine tissues throughout the body. It has multiple effects, via five distinct receptors, and acts as a neurotransmitter, in the regulation of growth hormone and thyrotropin release, as a regulator of gastrointestinal and pancreatic function, and as an immune modulator. Synthetic analogues are selective for receptor subtypes 2 and 5, and have different clinical and adverse effects profiles to the native hormone, as well as having longer half-lives. Analogues of somatosta-tin include depreotide, edotreotide, ilatreotide, lanreo-tide, octreotide, pasireotide, pentetreotide, and vapreotide (all rINNs).

Drug Administration Drug dosage regimens

One recommended regimen is to start somatropin in a dosage of 0.15 mg day and titrate upward (SEDA-14, 1521). Very high dosages (0.1-0.2 mg kg day, 10-20 times higher than replacement dosages given to adults with growth hormone deficiency) were given to 532 critically ill patients in intensive care units in two placebo-controlled trials (84). Mortality was significantly higher in the treated group than in the placebo group (42 versus 18 ). Morbidity was also increased in somatropin recipients, who needed longer ventilator times. Early studies using doses of somatropin that have been derived from pediatric experience had a high rate of adverse effects, and doses have been progressively reduced. In a 6-month, multicenter, randomized study, 302 adults were given somatropin 3 micrograms kg day, increasing to 6 micrograms kg day after 3 months, and 293 were given 6 micrograms kg day, increasing to 12micrograms kg day (85). The lower dose was associated with significantly fewer adverse...

Drug Drug Interactions Ciclosporin

Growth hormone increases the activity and regulates the gene expression of hepatic CYP3A4 (86). Mean blood concentrations of ciclosporin were lower during somatro-pin therapy in an open study in 16 prepubertal kidney transplant recipients, despite stable weight-related doses, suggesting that the metabolism of ciclosporin was increased by somatropin. Two patients had acute episodes of rejection during somatropin therapy one of these may have been related to the fall in ciclosporin concentration (87).

The Neurobiology Of Depression

(4) Changes in neuroendocrine responses to challenges with drugs that target specific monoamine receptors (e.g. the a2-adrenoceptor agonist, clonidine, stimulates growth hormone secretion while -adrenoceptor activation stimulates melatonin secretion from the pineal gland).

Long Term Effects Drug abuse

Partial empty sella syndrome (pituitary atrophy) has been described in an elite body builder who had abused various hormones, including testosterone, growth hormone, and triiodothyronine 25 micrograms qds for many years (35). He presented with infertility, and investigations showed suppression of serum TSH, a raised serum T3, and a partially empty pituitary sella.

Methods For Enhancing Nasal Absorption Absorption Enhancers

Phospholipids investigated as absorption promoters include phosphatidylcholines such as lysophosphatidlycholine and didecanoyl-L-phosphati-dylcholine (49). Lysophosphatidylcholine has been shown to have a significant enhancing effect on nasal absorption of a model drug in rats at 0.5 (57), and in combination with degradable starch microspheres resulted in an increase in absorption of human growth hormone in sheep (58).

Cumulative index of special reviews Annuals 1625

Grapefruit juice, drug interactions 23.519 Growth hormone adults, 16.501 insulin resistance, 24.504 malignancy, 23.468 resistance, and growth hormone, 24. 504 synthetic analogs, 24. 489 Isoniazid, prophylactic, toxicity, 24. 352 insulin resistance, growth hormone, 24.504 insulin resistance, HIV-protease inhibitors, 22.317 Metabolism beta-carotene, 25.454 carotenoids, 25.454 fertility drugs, 24.474 growth hormone, 23.468 omeprazole, 16.423 proton pump inhibitors, 23.383 PUVA, malignant melanoma, 22.166 sex hormones, 22.465 vitamin K, 23.424 Use in pregnancy

Medical And Behavioral Toxicity Overview

Alcoholic liver disease may also produce femi-nization in men, as a result of impaired metabolism (breakdown) of female sex hormones such as estrogen. Signs of such feminization in men include gynecomastia (enlarged breasts) and female fat distribution. In women who drink alcohol excessively, there is a high prevalence of gynecologic disorders (missed periods and problems in functioning of ovaries) and a possibly earlier onset of menopause than in nondrinkers. In women alcohol is metabolized at different rates according to the particular phase of the menstrual cycle. Other hormonal effects have been described in association with acute alcohol ingestion, including the impaired release of growth hormone and increased release of prolactin, a hormone involved in milk production. Thyroid function, which controls the body's rate of metabolism, can be indirectly affected as a result of alcoholic liver disease. This effect occurs from impaired conversion of T4 (a form of thyroid hormone) to...

Hypothalamus and Neuroendocrine Effects

THC influences many other hypothalamic controlled neuroendocrine responses. Through decreased norepinephrine release, CBj stimulation results in decreased gona-dotropin-releasing hormone and suppression of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone release by the pituitary as a result (56). There are also reports of decreased growth hormone release and decreased prolactin release (57), probably resulting from decreased dopamine release and effects on other anterior pituitary hormones under hypothalamic control.

Folate antagonistic antimetabolites

In children with characteristic malformations (skull ossification defects, facial dysmorphism, CNS anomalies with lower intelligence, and defects of the extremities) and intrauterine growth restriction, the latter seems to persist during postnatal development, resulting in short stature. During subsequent development, both normal intellectual development and mental retardation were observed. took phenprocoumon and other drugs weighed 1600 g at birth and was growth restricted, had an inguinal hernia, and was highly irritable for 14 days.

Possible mechanisms for effects on brain morphology

The data we present show group differences related to age of first use of marijuana. Early users were defined as those who started before the age of 17. The effects manifest themselves in 3-dimensions. (1) Both males and females who are early users have reduced cortical gray matter (as a percentage of whole brain volume) when compared to those who started use later. Differences are greater over the frontal cortex (2) The CBF in males who are early users is significantly higher compared to other males, and is not different from females (3) There are differences in body size with early users (particularly males) being smaller (height and weight). All of these differences were significantly related to use of marijuana during early adolescence, a time when there are substantial changes in body growth, sexual maturation and brain development (as discussed below). It is generally agreed that adolescence is a time of significant increase in the release of gonadal and pituitary hormones. One...

Serotonin and Schizophrenia

Sion leads to an increase in body temperature, anxiety, and release of growth hormone, Cortisol, ACTH, and prolactin (Murphy et al. 1986, 1991). In a 1991 Yale study of unmedicated schizophrenics, mCPP caused a larger anxiety response in patients than in controls (Krystal et al. 1991). Furthermore, it was shown to exacerbate psychotic symptoms in the patient group (Krystal et al. 1991). Iqbal and associates (1991) corroborated the finding of psychotogenesis in schizophrenic patients exposed to an mCPP challenge (0.25 mg kg taken by mouth PO ). Kahn (1992), however, measured an improvement in symptoms (by the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale) of those schizophrenics undergoing an mCPP challenge (0.35 mg kg PO).

JtiiQh AfhlentieR m Mmmvm

Promptly at eleven by Thru well's wsisi watch, a rented automobile, very vast with its one passenger lost in Ilie wide back seat, drove slowly past and stopped a few rods ahead. Thrnwell. presented me to a little man of about fifty with sharp features over which a yellow skin lay in innumerable wrinkles. One would have said he had just issued from the hands of the laundress, so spotless he was from sun helmet to gaiters. He reached me a claw-like hand, with a smije that added additional creases to the waxy folds about his mouili. I had a boat leaving for Aden within two days. Thrnwell was to leave within twenty-four hours for Kashmir to purchase the drug. Ashby, too, was eager to return to Cairo, but he felt that it was imprudent to travel 011 the same boat as I. He would wait over for the next one. Besides he had a little affair to finisli up in Bombay-for in addition lo his connection with the hashish syndicate, lie attended lo matters of publicity 011 the side-and he was making...

Cytotoxic anthracydine antibiotics

A case report (Nakajima 2004) showed again that cytotoxic therapy (doxorubicin and ifosfamide) during the second third trimester may lead to healthy but growth-restricted children. This applies also to a study of 57 pregnant breast cancer patients who were treated with FAC (5-fIuorouracil, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide) (Hahn 2006). However, doxorubicin is known to have cardiotoxic side effects there are three case reports of young pregnant women who had received doxorubicin treatment in their childhood or youth and, although their cardiac function appeared normal prior to pregnancy, they were decompensating at the end of pregnancy (Pan 2002). Five ease reports describe combination therapy with idarubicin after the first trimester (Claahsen 1998, Reynoso 1994). In the first case, fetal death occurred after the beginning of the therapy, whereas the second report describes birth of a growth-restricted but otherwise healthy baby. The third child was born in week 28 and suffered from...

Physical Degradation

Cross-linkages via disulfide bond formation cause aggregation of peptides and proteins, as described in Section Hydrophobic bond formation, on the other hand, causes aggregation without covalent changes. Freeze-dried human growth hormone exhibited noncovalent aggregation in addition to chemical degradation via methionine oxidation and deamidation of asparagine residues.825 Noncovalent aggregation was also observed with P-galactosidase in aqueous solution, although freeze-dried P-galactosidase, having limited moisture, exhibited aggregation via disulfide bond formation. Size-exclusion chromato-grams indicated that the aggregates formed in solution were dissociated by guanidine hydrochloride, a hydrophobic-bond-breaking reagent (Fig. 201).811

Lebanese Red and Blonde

Lebanese is another Sativa Indica cross of short stature and density. A bit shorter and bushier than the Moroccan, it had a dark reddish hue. The legendary Red Lebanese hash holds its own place. Red Leb had the distinct pine juniper flavor and aroma, with a tangy spice leather to the exhaled smoke. It was sharp on the sinuses and nasal passages.

Gewurzkalmus Calamus GF 21 Alphaprodine

Seizures can occur following abuse of GHB and, when combined with methamphetamine, there appears to be an increased risk of seizure. Combining use with other drugs such as alcohol can result in nausea and difficulty breathing. GHB may also produce withdrawal effects, including insomnia, anxiety, tremors, and sweating. Because of concern about Ro-hypnol, GHB, and other similarly abused sedative-hypnotics, the United States Congress passed the Drug-Induced Rape Prevention and Punishment Act of 1996 in October 1996. This legislation increased Federal penalties for use of any controlled substance to aid in sexual assault. GHB can be produced in clear liquid, white powder, tablet, and capsule forms, and it is often used in combination with alcohol. GHB has been increasingly involved in poisonings, overdoses, date rapes, and fatalities. The drug is used predominantly by adolescents and young adults, often when they attend nightclubs and raves. GHB is often manufactured in homes with recipes...


Effects particularly harmful to young persons whose bodies are still developing. Attainment of adult height can be thwarted, and sexual organs can be damaged. Rising concern about injury to younger athletes caused the strict regulations of scheduling to be applied to these drugs, although other types of control (requiring prescriptions and suppressing nonmedical sales) had long been in place.

The Modern Plant

Marijuana varieties are often categorized as either sativa or indica. Indica plants tend to grow compact with heavy dense buds, relatively short stature and a minimum of wide branching. Sativas used to be gangly, with smaller buds. Now they have been bred to grow smaller with heavier yields. When marijuana plants are forced early the new sativas and indica plants gain 25-100 percent height. However the older sativa varieties, even when forced at a short height may continue to grow into a large size plant. This makes them unacceptable for growing in short height gardens.

The Plant

Marijuana varieties are often categorized as either sativa or indica. Indica plants tend to grow compact with heavy dense buds, relatively short stature and a minimum of wide branching. Sativas used to be gangly, with smaller buds. Now they have been bred to grow smaller with heavier yields. When marijuana plants are forced early the new sativas and indica plants gain 25100 percent height. However the older sativa varieties, even when forced at a short height may continue to grow into a large size plant. This makes them unacceptable for growing in short height gardens.


Oral glucocorticoids inhibit growth by blunting pulsatile growth hormone secretion, by decreasing insulin-like growth factor-1 activity, and by directly inhibiting collagen synthesis (104). Although inhalation reduces systemic exposure, concerns have been raised regarding the potential effects on growth and final height in children, especially when inhaled glucocorticoids are used for long periods. However, results from trials in asthmatic children can be flawed by confounding variables. Severe asthma can itself have a negative effect on growth and adversely affect adult height, as with any chronic disease. Even in well-controlled asthma, children typically show retardation in pubertal growth spurt and attain normal adult height later. As growth in children is non-linear over time, trials over short periods are likely to capture short-term effects of inhaled glucocorticoids rather than the long-term outcome. Furthermore, the growth-retarding effect of inhaled glucocorticoids is more...


Effects The body converts it to spermine, found in semen, blood tissue, and brain cells. It is said to help fight cancer by boosting the immune system (more specifically, by stimulating the production of T-cells), protect the liver by detoxifying harmful substances, and increase the sperm count in men. Reduced levels have been found in people with senility and memory loss. Though it does seem to have a stimulating effect on human growth hormone when taken along with lysine, and thus may be of some benefit to bodybuilders, it apparently does not reduce fat to any significant extent.

Phobic Disorders

Few studies have examined noradrenergic function in patients with phobic disorders. In patients with specific phobias, increases in subjective anxiety and increased heart rate, blood pressure, plasma NE, and epinephrine have been associated with exposure to the phobic stimulus (Nesse et al. 1985). This finding may be of interest from the standpoint of the model of conditioned fear, reviewed above, in which a potentiated release of NE occurs in response to a re-exposure to the original stressful stimulus. Patients with social phobia have been found to have greater increases in plasma NE in comparison to healthy controls and patients with panic disorder (Stein et al. 1992). In contrast to panic disorder patients, the density of lymphocyte a-adrenoceptors is normal in social phobic patients (Stein et al. 1993). The growth hormone response to intravenous clonidine (a marker of central a2-receptor function) is blunted in social phobia patients (Tancer et al. 1990).


For people who are supposed to be engaged in real life decisions, they seem very removed from it all. They parade around, making powerful speeches, and introducing bills on behalf of their constituents. One day they fight for the little man's working rights, the next they sign a bill allowing companies to fire their employees more easily, because the sponsor of that bill has agreed to support their bill on the environment Do you see Politics is no more than a delicate dance where you get what you want by giving up something else, and agreeing with one man to undermine another etc. there is no end goal.

Under the Influence

DMT also stimulated sharp spikes in the release of vasopressin, prolactin, growth hormone, and corticotropin. The last is a hormone responsible for stimulating the adrenal glands, which then release Cortisol, a powerful, all-purpose stress steroid similar to cortisone. The elevations of these hormones may have exerted some psychological effects I'll discuss this in chapter 21.

Sell sell sell

There has been a gradual decline in the number of drugs in clinical trials and seeking FDA approval over the last decade. Analysts are attributing this to two problems corporate mergers in drug companies that are more and more focused on making billion dollar a year drugs, and the natural shift to protein-based drugs and drugs that are based on specific information about genetic factors associated with disease. All of this activity is directly related to the use of recombinant DNA techniques that were first developed in the 1970s and the explosion of molecular information about disease. So the shift has resulted in a natural slowing of the pipeline as drug companies learn how best to utilize the information available. This is a significant advance over the massive screening that characterized much of the previous drug isolation process. One of the best examples is insulin and human growth hormone, which used to be isolated from animals. Now these two proteins can be made in cells,...


Nausea and diarrhea are among the less serious reports of unwanted effects. The substance can masculinize female users and interfere with menstrual periods. In immature rats oxandrolone has drastically interfered with the male reproductive system, a finding that may be relevant to young athletes using the compound without medical supervision. In humans the substance can promote prostate disease and should be avoided by men with breast cancer and generally by anyone with kidney disease (although doctors sometimes give oxandrolone to dialysis patients). The drug has been used to treat hepatitis in alcoholics despite its ability to interfere with bile flow and to cause jaundice or liver malfunction. Fluid retention can occur and be a serious problem for heart patients. Other unwanted effects may include overall higher cholesterol levels (accompanied by reduction of the HDL good cholesterol ), although unlike some other drugs of this type, oxandrolone has been seen to reduce...


Similarly, intrauterine exposure to amphetamine and methamphetamine is associated with low birth weight, premature delivery, increased maternal abruption, congenital brain hemorrhage and infarction. Moreover, the infants exposed to methamphetamine and or cocaine show disorder in sleep patterns, tremors, poor feeding, hyperactive reflexes, abnormal cry and state of disorganization. In addition to an increased risk of prematurity and being small for gestational age, withdrawal symptoms are often seen in neonates exposed to opiates. In these babies, the symptoms include irritability, hypertonia, wakefulness, jitteriness, diarrhea, increased hiccups, yawning and sneezing, and excessive sucking and seizures. Withdrawal symptoms are also seen in infants exposed to cocaine and amphetamines (92).

Gamma Hydroxybutyrate

GHB is a simple four-carbon molecule with a hydroxyl group on one end and a carboxylic acid group on the other end of the carbon chain. Before its use in DFSA, body builders who believed that it caused an increased release of human growth hormone abused GHB. Dieters have also abused it as an L-tryptophan replacement (4). However, it is the central nervous system (CNS) effects of the drug that are utilized in DFSA. This CNS depression leads to reduced inhibitions, euphoria and sedation with possible loss of consciousness (5). In March 2000, GHB was reclassified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance. However, there are several legally available substances that are readily converted to GHB in the body following oral administration. These substances include 1,4-butanediol and gamma-butyrolactone (GBL).


In eight postmenopausal growth hormone-deficient women randomized to estradiol, either orally 2 mg day or transdermally 100 micrograms day, together with incremental doses of somatropin in an 8-week, crossover study, oral but not transdermal estrogen reduced IGF-1 concentrations, protein synthesis, and postprandial lipid oxidation rates (88). This confirms the results of a previous report (89). The mechanism is not known, but high portal estrogen concentrations after oral estrogen administration probably alter hepatic growth hormone metabolism.

The New Colonialism

Chemical companies who want to sell chemicals, for example, thrive on weak crops and cattle they hope to create a chemically dependent agriculture. Thus, the first application of gene-splicing technology will be bovine growth hormone, Carlsson says. Not that we need more milk in this country we have a surplus But the growth hormone will increase a cow's output of milk. Farmer Jones will need to keep up with Farmer Smith, so he, too, will buy the hormone. Unfortunately, the hormone also weakens the cows' knees, which requires that the farmers purchase more antibiotics as well as other drugs, bringing more dollars to the chemical companies. Another example It is to the chemical company's advantage


In 1999 the IOC conceded some ground and accepted that anti-doping needed an autonomous controlling authority, and so the World Anti-Doping Agency was established. Prince Alexandre de Merode and the Medical Commission he chaired had led the fight against doping for 32 years. The arguments for WADA were convincing the problem had grown so much that sports authorities that had other responsibilities could not police drug use on an international scale. By 2006, WADA had developed a full remit of scientific and educational projects with priority areas including the development of a test for human growth hormone. But a certain pessimism dominates the doping debate as anti-doping enthusiasts cannot see how the threat of genetic manipulation can be stopped.

Cannabis Sativa

Considered a monotypic genus for many years. Many botanists, Richard Schultes among them, now recognize three species. Of these, C. ruderalis is limited to Central Asia. C. indica is distinguished from C. sativa by its short stature (under four feet), dense branching, and marbled seed coats. But whether they are distinct species or varieties of one species is of only marginal interest to a plant doctor of our lineage. Our interest is in the plant s resident entity and its psychology.

Hueipatl Kieli

Human Power Colloquial term for her-oin.(logo of body builder). Human growth hormone HGH is taken by some body builders and athletes in an attempt to produce additional growth in size and stature - HGH may produce acromegaly including enlarged joints, protruding forehead and eyebrows, and body abnormalities. Humatrope Growth hormon somatropine. Humble Colloquial term for marijuana. Humble weed Colloquial term for marijuana.

Glucose metabolism

All glucocorticoids increase gluconeogenesis. The turnover of glucose is increased, more being metabolized to fat, and blood glucose concentration is increased by 10-20 . Glucose tolerance and sensitivity to insulin are reduced, but provided pancreatic islet function is normal, carbohydrate metabolism will not be noticeably altered. So-called steroid diabetes,'' a benign diabetes without a tendency to ketosis, but with a low sensitivity to insulin and a low renal threshold to glucose, only develops in one-fifth of patients treated with high glucocorticoid dosages. Even in patients with diabetes, ketosis is not to be expected, since glucocorticoids have antiketotic activity, presumably through suppression of growth hormone secretion.


Mazindol increases pulse rate, may cause hallucinations, and disrupts sleep. In one study users complained of headache, skin rash, dry mouth, perspiration, tremor in heart and other muscles, nausea, and difficult urination and bowel movements. Users also report being wired, edgy, and dizzy. In human males mazindol can make the testes painful, interfere with erection and ejaculation, and cause urine retention. The latter effect has been exploited to treat incontinence. Mazindol may interfere with production of human growth hormone, a consideration when juveniles take the drug. When tested as a treatment for schizophrenia the drug at best had no effect and even worsened some symptoms. A medical journal article published in 2000 linked mazindol to pulmonary hypertension, the first time such an association was reported. Earlier reports noted development of heart disorder after taking mazindol in combination with fenfluramine or dexfenfluramine, but such affliction has been...

Endocrine Effects

Marijuana use affects endocrine and reproductive functions as well, inhibits the secretion of gonadotropins from the pituitary gland, and may act directly on the ovary or testis. Although the effects are subtle, it is important to determine the true incidence of hypothalamic dysfunction, metabolic abnormalities, and mechanism of action of marijuana from well-designed studies (35). Cannabinoids affect multiple reproductive functions, from hormone secretion to birth of offspring (36). Schuel and colleagues reported that endocannabinoid anandamide signaling regulates sperm functions required for fertilization in the human reproductive tract and that abuse of marijuana could affect these processes (36). Chronic administration of high doses of THC lowers testosterone secretions impairs semen production, motility, and viability and disrupts the ovulatory cycle in animals (37). Furthermore, according to Harclerode (38), THC lowers testosterone levels by lowering luteinizing hormone and...

Other Hormones

Less is known regarding cannabinoid effects on other hormonal systems. Several hormones involved either directly or indirectly in the regulation of metabolism, i.e., growth hormone (GH), thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), and insulin, are affected as a result of cannabinoid exposure. The secretion of GH by the anterior pituitary gland is regulated by two hormones from the hypothalamus, GH-releasing hormone (GHRH), which stimulates GH secretion, and somatostatin, which inhibits the release of GH. Systemic or intracerebroventricular administration of cannabinoid decreases plasma GH levels in experimental animals (Dalterio et al., 1981 Rettori et al., 1988 Mart n-Calder n et al., 1998). The THC-induced decrease in GH levels may be preceded by a transient but significant increase in GH release (Rettori et al., 1988). In vitro studies have demonstrated that THC causes significant stimulation of somatostatin release from hypothalamic fragments (Rettori et al., 1988) suggesting that...

Growth in children

The possibility that inhaled glucocorticoids may impair growth in children is of concern, but difficult to assess, as severe chronic asthma can impair growth. If not adequately controlled, asthma modifies the prepubertal growth spurt, the pubertal growth spurt, and the catchup phase, which allows the child to attain adult height. There is a wide range of individual responses and some children have adverse effects with relatively small doses of glucocorticoids. It is still not clear whether this is a transient phenomenon, causing a slowing of growth and maturational delay with no adverse effect on adult height, or whether growth can be permanently impaired. Ideally studies should establish the effect of asthma treatments on final adult height (compared with predicted values for sex and parental height). Such studies pose considerable logistic problems. For this reason most studies have measured growth over shorter time spans. Outcome measures have been expressed as the height velocity...

Grafting and Cloning

A clone is all the descendants derived asexually (vegetatively) from a single plant. Since no sexual processes are involved, all members of a clone are genetically identical (except for somatic mutations). The most common way of making a clone is by rooting cuttings. Marijuana can be cloned by cutting off a lateral branch of a plant one to two month's old and immersing it in water or wet sand until rooting occurs. The plant growth hormone, indoleacetic acid (Rootone), can be used to stimulate rooting. The cutting is then put in soil and grown as usual. Lateral branching is encouraged by cutting off the growing tip

Light Bending

Remember how we spoke about Indica plants being small and Sativa plants being tall. Well if you learn to prune your plant right you can generate small bushy Sativa plants that grow in tiny spaces. Without pruning the Sativa plant it will probably stretch to five feet and more.

Naturally gay

If and when someone comes to grips with the fact that they want to physically switch genders, they have a tremendous uphill battle. It is not just the stigma of being labeled a 'freak', but it involves tough decisions about their future health. For both men and women who are seeking gender reassignment, it involves taking massive doses of estrogen or testosterone and growth hormone. Women who start the therapy to become men experience widening of the jaw, male pattern baldness and hair growth on the body. But with hormone treatment comes serious risk of cardiovascular disease and perhaps some types of cancer. The jaw-dropping moment when it comes to discussing gender reassignment is usually when one broaches the topic of radical genital surgery. For both male and female surgeries the reconstruction is radical and can lead to long-term complications. So, there is a simple question that is left dangling To what extent is gender misassignment biological

Opioid Analgesics

Receptors that cause reactions in the organism that are analogous to the reactions upon introduction of morphine (suppression of respiration, myosis, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, euphoria) have been named f -receptors. Receptors that cause effects analogous to those caused by ketazocine (analgesia, sedative effects, myosis) have been named K-recep-tors. Analgesic receptors that also cause psychotomimetic reactions (hallucination dyspho-ria, stimulation of respiratory and cardiovascular system, mydriasis) are characteristic of those included in the class of the agonist-antagonists of the type of N-allylnormethazocine named a-receptors. Receptors that react to the action of enkephalins and that cause analgesia and release of growth hormone have been named S-receptors.

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