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This training system is developed by Sean Lowry a medical researcher and also a former scar sufferer. The Scar Solution book is actually an useful treatment available online that guides users on how to get clear skin without scars fast. Sean Lowry put her skills and knowledge as a medical researcher and scientist to good use, and in the process she came up with the scar solutions discussed in her aptly-titled The Scar Solution e-book. Sean Lowry also discusses practical information, including the what, how and why of the exact treatments for all the types of scars. You will have little doubt about whats required and how to start, the step-by step methodology shows you exactly what you are supposed to do, when to do it, and why do it for quick scar removal. The Scar Solution contains only scientifically proven, natural scar treatment methods that are guaranteed to work. Everything is tested and proven to be 100% effective. Not only that, but many people start seeing results within the first 2 weeks. Read more here...

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General adverse effects of prophylactic BCG immunization

BCG immunization is generally well tolerated. Locally a small papule appears which scales and ultimately leaves a scar however, abnormal reactions can occur. The most common adverse local reaction, suppurative lymphadenitis, has been reported in 0.1-10 of immunized children under 2 years of age. Faulty immunization technique is the most frequent cause of severe abnormal BCG primary reactions (35). The most serious generalized complications of BCG immunization involve disseminated infection with the BCG bacillus and BCG osteitis. Allergic reactions are unusual, but severe anaphylactic reactions can occur, especially when the product is used as an immunostimulant.

General Information

In an open study of the use of intralesional cidofovir in treating laryngeal papilloma, 14 adults received monthly injections of cidofovir (maximum dose 37.5 mg per injection in 6 ml of saline mean 22.5 mg) (2). Remission was achieved in all cases with an average of six injections and without additional laryngeal scarring, vocal cord damage, or systemic adverse effects.

Drug Administration Drug formulations

The practical problems associated with Norplant have related to its physical form rather than its pharmacological profile. Practitioners specially trained in the insertion and removal of the device usually handle it without major problems, but without this special instruction it can be difficult to ensure that the rods are properly placed and that they are removed without scarring or other complications. Even given appropriate handling, the rods can cause problems as a result of migration or breakage in situ. If removal is not expertly handled in problematic cases, considerable scarring can result, and some users have proceeded to litigation as a consequence of such complications. Complications in the removal of Norplant capsules have been evaluated in 3416 cases from 11 countries (48). Complications were reported in 4.5 of removals, usually attributable to implants being broken during removal (1.7 ) or being embedded below the subdermal plane (1.2 ). Logistic regression analysis...

Police rights and responsibilities

Level of authority to intrude on the patient's time and life. Cannabis-using patients in Oregon fear, and distrust police. They remember the devastating results of dealing with police, the intimidating knock-and-talks, and the narcotics task-force raids. This psychic scarring is still fresh. The justified fear of police will, hopefully, fade as police interactions with patients are positive and do not harm the patient. Thus, the guiding principle of police contacts with Cannabis-using patients should be as little as possible and as short as possible. Police do have the right to ask questions of patients and conduct interviews and investigations. But that right is limited. They do not have the right to go to a patient's house unannounced and talk the patient into allowing a search. If the patient is not engaging in disqualifying behavior and shows proper documentation, any interview should be short.

Pregnancy Category None

Fected facial cysts that can leave scars. Heart impairment has been discovered among current users. Examination of former users reveals brain damage that may lead to Parkinson's disease. Autopsies find widespread blood vessel damage throughout the body, from skin to vital organs.

Case 10 Drug Crime Can the Government Punish Addiction

The defendant, Larry Robinson, had been convicted under this statute based on testimony that he had needle track marks, discoloration, and scar tissue on his arms, coupled with the defendant's own admission of using narcotics in the past. The Court's opinion began by noting that government clearly had the power to regulate drug traffic within its borders, including imposing criminal sanctions for the manufacture, sale, or possession of drugs. But in this case, California was prosecuting Robinson for the status of narcotic addiction, which it described as an illness or disease. The Supreme Court opined, It is unlikely that any State at this moment would attempt to make it a criminal offense for a person to be mentally ill, or a leper, or to be afflicted with a venereal disease. 31 With addiction thus characterized an illness, the Court struck down the California law as violating the constitutional limits on criminal penalties, famously noting that even one day in prison would be a...

Raphidophora minor Hook f

Physical description It is a climber of the mangrove belt of Malaysia. The stems are green, stoloniferous, somewhat articulate and succulent. Leaves simple, held on a vertical plane above the axis and stipulate. The stipules are caducous with the color and texture of a brown onion skin. The petiole is channeled and 2cm-2.5cm long. The blade is 14.5cm-11.5cm x 2.8cm-2.5cm, pale green, glossy below and shows numerous lateral nerves. The spadix is green and 2 cm x 5 mm. The stigma scars are purplish black (Fig. 388).

Dolichandrone spathacea L f K Schum

Dolichandrone Spathacea

Physical description It is a tree which grows to height of 9 m.The plant grows wild in the riverbanks, swamps, coastal forests and mangroves of the Asia-Pacific and Pacific Islands. The stems are lenticelled and marked with conspicuous ovoid scars left by fallen leaves. Leaves imparipinnate, 20cm-50cm long, spiral and without stipules. The blade consists of 3-4 pairs of folioles attached to 5 mm-1 cm long peti-olules. The folioles are papery, strongly asymmetrical, and show 5-9 pairs of secondary nerves. The flowers are long, tubular and white, arranged in groups of 3-4 on short stout and erect pedicels. The calyx is tubular and more than 5 cm long. The corolla is 15 cm long, cylindrical, funnel-shaped with a 6.3 cm-7.5 cm diameter limb, and rounded lobes with crenate margin. The fruits are hanging dark green to purplish brown, 25cm-50cm long and sickle-shaped dehiscent capsules filled with 1.5 cm flat, rectangular and white seeds overlapping in many rows (Fig. 331).

Intralesional injection

Intralesional triamcinolone acetonide has been used extensively for the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars. Complications are few, usually being local skin color changes, prominent vascular markings, or subcutaneous atrophy. Cushing's syndrome after intralesional administration of triamcinolone acetate has been described in two adults and two children (aged 10 years and 21 months) after treatment of hypertrophic burn scars with intralesional triamcinolone acetonide (SEDA-21, 419) (350). These two children may have had a form of hypersensitivity to triamcinolone acetonide, as Cushing's syndrome was not the result of overdosage.

The great white hope Colloquial term for

The one Colloquial term for hashish oil. The people Colloquial term for drug dealers who imports high potency heroin and adulterate it and sell it to street level drug dealers. The scar Colloquial term for a LSD-dealer. The sickness Colloquial term for withdrawal symptoms.

The Long Term Health Effects of Methamphetamine

Health Effects Methamphetamine

The temporary physical and psychological effects from meth can turn into long-term, permanent effects that last a lifetime. For instance, meth dramatically affects a person's decision-making abilities. The temporary effect of increased libido leads meth users to engage in risky, unprotected sex. A recent study of 19,000 men in Los Angles showed that new HIV infections were three times higher among methamphetamine users than among nonusers.28 Also, HIV and other infectious diseases like hepatitis B and C are spread among injection drug users mainly by sharing syringes and needles. Multiple injections also scar the skin and the veins. Because of the eventual reversal of meth's effects, long-term meth-amphetamine use is associated with decreased sexual functioning and libido, at least in men.9, 11

Calia Erythrosperma Synonym for

Call for Ralph Colloquial term for vomiting after too rapid ingestion of alcohol. Calling card Colloquial term for scars along veins after many injections (proof to other drug misusers to be an addict and not an undercover agent). Calmacard Phenobarbital. Calmadin Meprobamate. Calmamid Hydrocodone. Calman Phenobarbital. Calmantes Colloquial term for sedatives, tranquilizers.

Chiropsalmus Quadrigatus

The Fire Medusa is a smaller relative of the Box Jellyfish. This jellyfish is the size of a large apple, and the number of tentacles on each of the four bundles seldom exceeds nine. The tentacles are also shorter and finer than those of the Box Jellyfish. Its venom is similar to Box Jelly venom, but the quantity of venom is much lower and the scarring is minimal.

Vitamin K antagonists

CNS abnormalities are thought to result from intracerebral hemorrhages and subsequent scarring, and arc associated with exposure at any time during pregnancy - mostly the second trimester. The sequelae of intracerebral bleeding appear to be more debilitating than those of the coumarin embryopathy intracranial bleeding during delivery is especially to be feared.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Renal hypertension is the most frequently encountered type of secondary hypertension. It is believed to be related to the action of the proteolytic enzyme renin,2 which is elaborated by the renal cortex following some damage to the kidney (e.g., scarring or renal artery occlusion). Once in the blood renin acts on a specific substrate angiotensinogen (a globulin). Cleavage results in a decapeptide, angiotensin I. This substance has no pressor activity. A converting enzyme splits off two C-terminal amino acids to yield the octapeptide angiotensin II, which is a potent pressor agent (40 times more active than epinephrine). It increases the force of the heartbeat and constricts arterioles. The enzyme angiotensinase normally inactivates angiotensin. These concepts are summarized in Figure 10-1. Rheumatic heart disease, which is relatively rare in Western countries today, is characterized by damaged (scarred and deformed) heart valves. It is always a result of rheumatic fever, which is an...

Antiestrogens antiandrogens and danazol

Cyproterone acetate is the antiandrogen most commonly used during the reproductive years. It is available in combination with ethinylestradiol. This preparation is frequently prescribed as the pill , especially when acne is also present. The German Institute for Drugs and Medical Products restricted the therapeutic usage of this preparation because it was suspected of causing liver tumors. It may only be prescribed for symptoms of androgenization and acne with scarring.

Attempts To Dam The Flow Of Psilocybin

This is the classic philosophical objection laid against the potential transcendental effects of substances like psilocybin. It is too easy. Where is the relentless sweat and toil Where are the physical scars of the tortuous journey that preceded the mystical illumination How can one possibly have access to realms of the spirit without undergoing years of suffering Are we to admit that any Tom, Dick, or Leary can achieve transcendence without experiencing untold pain, misery and self-mortification

PDGF and Fibrotic Disease

Recently, previous studies with PDGF aptamers and PDGF antibodies in models of glomerulonephritis have been consolidated. Glivec treatment of Thy-1.1 glomerulonephritis led to significant reduction in mesangial cell proliferation and collagen deposition (79). Also, short-term treatment with PDGF aptamers prevented chronic effects of renal scarring (80).

Herpes Simplex Virus Infections

The infection may be superficial involving only the outer layers of corneal epithelium which usually do not scar the cornea and can be treated with topical antivirals. Following the primary infection, the virus initially replicates in the corneal epithelium and then eventually enters the axonal ganglia and then translocates to trigeminal ganglia where the virus remain dormant in a latent state. Latency provides a viral reservoir that allows for spontaneous and recurrent reactivation of the disease (10). Various factors including sunlight, trauma, emotional stress, menstruation, and other infections may play a role in reactivation of the virus in the trigeminal nerve. Following the initial episode of HSV keratitis, there is approximately a 50 chance of recurrence within 2 years (12). This reactivation leads to secondary infection that can cause dendritic keratitis which is the most common cause of corneal opacity in developed countries (13). Eventually it also may...

Leucopogon Malayanus Jack

Physical description It is a shrub which grows to a height of 4 m in the mountains of Southeast Asia at 30004000 feet altitude. The stem bark is greyish, ashy, fairly hairy at the apex, deeply fissured and with numerous leaves-scars. Leaves simple, spiral, sessile and without stipules. The blade is 2.5cm-3.3cm x 4mm-5mm, velvety below, elliptic-lanceolate, thick, acuminate at the apex and without nerves. The inflorescences are very small hairy spikes. The flowers comprise 5 mm-1 mm long sepals. The 5 petals of the corolla are 2 mm x 1 mm. The stigma is hairy at the base and 2 glossy berries (Fig. 129).

Cardiac dysrhythmias

In patients with ischemic heart disease adenosine can prolong the QTc interval and can increase the frequency of ventricular extra beats when there is myocardial scarring. It also causes increased release of catecholamines, and this may be the mechanism whereby it causes dysrhythmias in susceptible patients. If a dysrhythmia occurs, theophylline or one of its derivatives may be beneficial (20).

Ulcer Disease

These complications, however, may remain undetected because of the reduction in pain produced by the inhibition of endogenous prostaglandins. Inhibition of prostaglandin-derived gastropro-tective properties such as gastric blood flow and mucus production increases the exposure of the mucosa to toxic agents. In an attempt to restore the gastro-protective properties of the prostaglandins, the synthetic prostaglandin analog misoprostol may be coadministered. However, therapies targeted solely at the suppression of acid have been shown to be better tolerated (15). Two isoforms of COX have been identified COX-1, a constitutively expressed enzyme is found in many tissues, whereas COX-2, an inducible enzyme, is predominantly expressed at sites of inflammation. Selective COX-2 inhibitors would therefore be anticipated to reduce prostaglandin-depen-dent inflammation, while leaving protective gastric mucosal prostaglandin synthesis intact. Ulcer healing...


Author Biographical Sketch Ed Coet is a retired US Army officer, a professional educator, and a widely published freelance writer and poet. Ed has had numerous articles published on a variety of topics. Ed's short stories, David's Angel, Big Bertha, and Simon and Papa John were published in the popular ezine Bewildering Stories. They also appear in the Author's Den along with several of Ed's other articles and poems. Ed Coet's poems have been published in or accepted for publication in Purple Dream Ezine, Solder Works magazine, Children, Churches & Daddies Magazine, Scars publication, Steller Showcase Journal, Both Sides Now Journal, Because We Write Magazine, Cynic Magazine, Fullosia Press, Author's Den Ezine, and Muscadine Lines, A Southern Journal.

Carica papaya L

Physical description It is a small fruit tree native to Central America. The bole is soft-wooded, marked with conspicuous leaf-scars and laticif-erous. Leaves 30cm-60cm, glabrous, palmati-fid and palmatinerved. The petiole is about 30 cm long, fleshy and thin. The flowers are light yellow, slightly fragrant, and generally dioecious. The male flowers are arranged in long dropping panicles. The female flowers are arranged in short clusters. In the female flowers, the ovary is single-locular and the stigma is sessile, 5-lobed and lacerated. The fruits are succulent, indehiscent, single-celled, ovoid to oblong, greenish-yellow, smooth and 15 cm x 30 cm berries. The flesh is red, juicy and palatable. The seeds are numerous and black, and taste like capper (Figs. 109 & 110).

Skin Diseases

Curcumin has been shown to be effective against various skin conditions 67 , including skin carcinogenesis, psoriasis 68 , scleroderma 69 , and dermatitis. Numerous reports suggest that curcumin accelerates wound healing. Sidhu et al. examined the wound-healing capacity of curcumin in rats and guinea pigs 70 . Punch wounds closed faster in curcumin-treated animals than in untreated animals. Biopsies of the wounds showed re-epithelialization of the epidermis and increased migration of various cells, including myofibroblasts, fibroblasts, and macrophages, in the wound beds of curcumin-treated wounds. Curcumin-treated animals showed extensive neovascularization in multiple areas within the dermis and greater collagen deposition in the wounds. Curcumin seemed to have potent effects in inhibiting proliferation and contraction of excessive scar-derived fibroblasts 71 .


Administration of the progestins by any route may result in many adverse reactions, although the incidence and intensity of these reactions varies. Progestin administration may result in breakthrough bleeding, spotting, change in the menstrual flow, amenorrhea, breast tenderness, edema, weight increase or decrease, acne, chloasma or melasma, and mental depression. In addition to the adverse reactions seen with progestins, the use of a levonorgestrel implant system may result in bruising after insertion, scar tissue formation at the site of insertion, and hyperpigmentation at the implant site. The use of medroxyprogesterone acetate contraceptive injection may result in the same adverse reactions as those associated with administration of any progestin.

Spinal Problems

Two patients have continued with nabilone. One has both lumbar arachnoiditis and sympathetically mediated pain in her limbs (complex regional pain syndrome). For her, nabilone has acted as an adjuvant to her other analgesics, relieving pain and misery and improving sleep. However, it is dysphoria that prohibits the use of nabilone when she wants to drive. The second patient has scarring of her S1 nerve root, established at 2 operations. She gets pain in the S1 dermatome and has been unable to control it adequately with opioids and a variety of other agents. Nabilone produces a substantial reduction in her pain and improvement in her sleep. Two patients found nabilone completely ineffective to manage the pain. Both of them had had multiple spinal operations and suffered both mechanical spinal pain and neurogenic pain from nerve scarring.


Thrips are really tiny, but can be seen by the naked eye. Some may have wings and some may not. Thrips reproduce rapidly, especially in tight places. That is what makes them hard to get rid of when using pesticides. The suck the sap right out of your plant with there piercing mouths, which makes the leaves look like they turned white. You can tell when you have thrips by taking a look at your leaves, the leaves will look as if there chlorophyll have been ripped right off the plant. Plants that are damaged can't be healed thus making it harder for the plant to absorb light. So if left untreated the thrips will kill the plants. Damage also can be seen by the greenish black specks of there poop they leave on leaves. Also the plants will show silver patches from scar tissue. Depending on the severity at first, thrip damage might look like spider mite damage until it increases in damage and then thrips case is for sure when you see the greenness replace with big parts of white.

Trompillo Virola

TB has existed since at least 2000 BC, as shown by tubercles found in mummified bodies. References to TB can be found in the writings of ancient Babylonia, Egypt, and China. The term tuberculosis was first used in 1839, and it is derived from the Latin word tubercula, meaning small lump, referring to the small scars seen in tissues of infected individuals. TB reappeared in Europe and the United States in epidemic form in the 19th century. In 1882 Robert Koch, a German country doctor, discovered the bacteria that caused TB. Using simple but precise observations and experiments, Koch demonstrated the presence of the bacteria and how it was transmitted. Turkey trots Colloquial term for needle marks and scars from injections. Turkish Colloquial term for opium. Turkish-French Connection Colloquial term for Turkish-French smuggling organsia-tion on the classical drug trade from Turkey to Marseille, France.

Nagenwurz Calamus

Napsaigesic Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control Dextropropoxyphene napsylate. Nar-Anon Family Groups A companion, but separate, program to Narcotics Anonymous. It is for family members of those with drug problems. They learn to view addiction as a disease, reduce family tension, and encourage the drug user to seek help. Narbenstrasse German colloquial term for scars over veins as the result of frequent injections.

Chironex Fleckeri

Shorter and finer than those of the Box tained in special cells called sting-Jellyfish. Its venom is the same as Box Jelly mg Cnidocytes. When not being used, venom, but the quantity of venom is much a ematocyst is coiled up like a spring lower and the scarring is minimal.

Metfoer Plants

Nitrozyme Kelp

Cleanly slices the clone from the mother plant without crushing the stem. Also used to scar the tip of the clone's stem in order to promote faster root growth. Used to make additional cuts to the clone stem after removing it from the mother. Also helps when gently scarring the cutting's stem. As you work through your mother plants to find the ones most suitable for cloning, begin to label them as you go. Whether you use A-B-C, 1-23, or a system of your choosing, just remember to label the mothers now and label your clones as you take them. You may also want to add the date and any other special techniques (rooting hormones, top bottom cutting, scarring no scarring, etc.) you used when taking the cutting. The purpose of scraping the bottom of the cutting is to scarify the stem so that there is more area in which the cutting can have the opportunity to grow roots and therefore hopefully increase your rooting success rate. Make sure to use a sharp razor blade and a flat surface to...

Poison Ukonine

The leaves of the Maclura are simple, alternate, deciduous and oval. They have a long pointed apex and exude the toxic milky sap when cut. It branches are gray, grow in a zigzag, armed with spines, and with raised leaf scars and sunken buds. The distinctive bark is orange-brown and ridged, matching it's flowers in color. The fruit is a large ball of puffy seeds that resemble broccoli or

Skunk X

Critcal Brown Weed

They will still reach the desired height. This often occurs when the grower has allowed the plants to keep growing in height a little too long, which makes a drastic pruning a necessity. Alas for the plant, in reality this trimming back of its height by a half meter now represents a severe wound, one which it will find difficult to heal. Excessive sap loss and a subsequent greater chance of mould infection in this critical, constantly moist spot (the wound) is the end result. So be sensible, and make sure that you only have to remove only the very topmost section of the main shoot. In doing so, the plant has sufficient resources with which to heal the wound and they will begin to produce scar tissue, which will keep sap loss to a minimum.

Galanthus Nivalis

A Ginkgo tree can reach about 100' tall. Some trees are very wide spreading, others are narrow. Young trees have a central trunk, pyramidal in shape, with regular, lateral, ascending, asymmetrical branching and open growth. Older trees have an oval to upright spreading growth and sometimes irregular branching and tremendous sized limbs and trunk. When about 100 years old its canopy begins to widen. The male tree usually has a slim column form and is slightly longer, the female tree has a wider crown and a more spread out form. The Ginkgo has long and short branches growing at nearly right angles. A short branch may become a long branch and the tip of a long branch may change into a short branch. That's why older trees may have a more irregular form. The buds are mounded with distinct form and leaf scars. The leaves grow alternate on the long branches during spring. On the ends of short, lateral shoots they grow very slowly in clusters and produce a long shoot with scattered leaves...

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

Acne is a name that is famous in its own right, but for all of the wrong reasons. Most teenagers know, and dread, the very word, as it so prevalently wrecks havoc on their faces throughout their adolescent years.

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