Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. Continue reading...

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Mushroom of the Underworld

Actually, Thompson was only partly right when he said that the Spaniards were silent on the matter of hallucinogens among the Maya, for several of the early dictionaries compiled by Spanish priests in the Guatemalan highlands demonstrate considerable Indian knowledge of the intoxicating effects of a number of mushroom species.* One of the oldest of the Colonial word lists, the Vico dictionary, which was apparently compiled well before the 1550's, explicitly mentions a mushroom called xibalbaj okox (xibalba underworld, or hell, realm of the dead okox mushroom), with the implication that this species is hallucinogenic. In fact, in this context xibalbaj refers not just to the Maya underworld, with its nine lords and nine levels, but also to having visions thereof, so that the name can be understood to mean mushroom which gives one visions of hell or of the world of the dead. The same intoxicating mushroom is also mentioned in a later word list, Fray Tomas Coto's Vocabulario de la lengua...

Visit To Hell

Jenny was just 19 when she tried peyote while traveling in Europe with some of her college friends. They bought a bag of peyote buttons from someone on the street and decided to take the drug in the safety of their hotel room. The three of them dimmed the lights and sat in a circle on the floor. Two of Jenny's friends, Kelly and Amanda, got very sick and vomited after eating just two buttons, and decided not to continue. Jenny did not get so sick and within a few hours of eating eight peyote buttons, she started to experience some very bizarre visions and hallucinations. The floor of the hotel room turned to lava, and she began to feel hot and as if she was going to get burned, so she leaped up onto the bed. When she glanced out the hotel window, the lights coming in from outside appeared to turn red, and then it looked as if blood was splattered all over the window. Jenny then felt as if the bed mattress had disappeared from underneath her and that she was falling into a deep black...

Diagnoses in Psychiatric Disorders

In the last twenty years it has been demonstrated that PD is more frequent in people who have had stressful experiences. For example, people who have been the victims of sexual abuse have a higher rate of PD, as well as other forms of anxiety and depression. People who undergo life-threatening experiences as adults, such as extreme weather events, disasters, or combat in war also experience a higher rate of PD. Children whose parents die, divorce, or abuse alcohol have a higher rate of PD and anxiety as adults. Psychiatrists and therapists who focus on stressful life experiences often recommend psychotherapy in which the person tries to acknowledge and put into perspective the anxiety and other feelings that arise from these experiences. Different forms of psychotherapy have been helpful to many people with PD, although some people continue to suffer debilitating symptoms. In an effort to find more effective treatments, some psychiatrists focused on biological investigations. These...

Psychological psychiatric

Anticholinergic drugs can cause vivid and sometimes exotic hallucinations and this has led to their misuse. Plants containing atropine and related substances were used in witches' brews in the Middle Ages to conjure up the devil, but even synthetic tertiary amines given in eye-drops and depot plasters containing atropine (SEDA-13, 114) have caused hallucinations. Postoperative confusion in elderly patients has been clearly correlated with drugs that have anticholinergic properties (SEDA-13, 114), and the use of anticholiner-gic drugs for the treatment of Parkinson's disease has long been associated with neuropsychiatric adverse effects. Cyclopentolate is a short-acting cycloplegic with a rapid onset (and considerable intensity) of action, which particularly in children has been reported to cause hallucinations and psychotic episodes (2). It has been suggested that a partial structural affinity of the side-chain to some hallucinogens aggravates the problems associated with...

Withdrawing from the Drug War battle field

By endless repetition of the dangers of illegal drugs and the demonic nature of dealers, policy makers have argued themselves into a corner where a fundamental rethink on drug policy seems impossible. A climate of fear has been created amongst the public and politicians alike, within which rational exploration of policy alternatives is itself perceived as dangerous.

The Building Blocks

It is important to remember that while we understand a great deal about the pharmacology of psychedelics, we know nearly nothing about how changes in brain chemistry directly relate to subjective, or inner, experience. This is as true for psychedelics as it is for Prozac. That is, we are far from comprehending how activating particular serotonin receptors translates into a new thought or emotion. We don't feel a serotonin receptor blockade rather, we feel ecstasy. We don't see frontal lobe activation instead, we observe angels or demons.

Leary Begins To Spread The Good News

I would surmise that this fear was the same fear that led the Spanish friars to denounce the Aztec's mushroom use as devil-worship and that lead to the witch burning by the medieval Inquisitors. Once a person has a rigidly established mental model of reality then any tearing asunder of that model, any kind of incompatible data that threaten its existence, will produce a negative and often violent reaction to the perceived threat. An open-minded approach to psilocybin is therefore essential if it is to have a beneficial effect. One must tread slowly and carefully and familiarise oneself with the new territory since pitfalls lie in wait of the unwary and hasty explorer. The experience must then be somehow integrated into life in a way which minimises social disharmony.

Cards Portray Postterrestial Realities

Temperance an enormous winged angel solar explosions in background Devil a mythical winged creature As we shall suggest, the Tarot array can serve as a formula which precisely spells out eight periods and 24 stages of human evolution earthly and interstellar. At this point we have simply demonstrated the division between the mundane cards (0 to 11) and post-Earth ling cards (12 to 21).

Support For The Mushroom Grows

Graves was, it transpires, understandably apprehensive about his first brush with psilocybin, especially worried that he might perceive 'demons' behind his closed eyes. Being the author of the acclaimed The White Goddess, a book about an historical cult of goddess worship, was no guarantee that Gaia's mushroom would shower him with grace (Gaia was originally the name of the Greek Earth Goddess).

Pharmacological Properties

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects have been revealed in several pharmacological studies of extracts of Hp and of compounds isolated from Hp 1, 14 . These studies were carried out over the years using in vivo and in vitro models for antiinflammatory or analgesic drug screening. More recently, studies of Hp extracts and constituent compounds have been performed with the aim of establishing the molecular targets within the network of cytokines, intracellular signal pathways and effector molecules that promote or mediate inflammation. The various pharmacological investigations of Hp are reviewed here. They generally support the notion that Hp extracts exert anti-inflammatory effects and provide some plausible insight into the possible mode of action of Devil's Claw as an anti-inflammatory drug. test extract or harpagoside is generally applied before induction of the inflammatory challenge, which is a standard pharmacological paradigm. But this does not reflect the therapeutic...

Possible Mode of Action of Hp

Also relevant in this regard is the inhibitory effects of Hp on the NFkB pathway and the possible anti-oxidant effects of Hp extracts, for which there is some evidence. Antioxidants are potential inhibitors of NFkB, which is activated by reactive oxygen species generated during inflammation, and are recognised as key promoters of inflammation and inducers of pro-inflammatory genes. In vitro assessment of a water extract of Devil's Claw showed moderate antioxidant capacity (Trolox assay), which was not due to the content of iridoids, which exert minimal antioxidant activity 40 . However, the constituent acteoside has antioxidant properties, as has been shown in a number of studies. Acteoside is rarely discussed with regard to the pharmacology of Hp. It is present in Hp extracts in amounts similar to that of harpagoside 10 , which is the more characteristic and most often discussed constituent of Hp. Acteoside and acety-lated derivatives are present in many plants and have been...

Toxicological Considerations

No systematic toxicological testing of Hp has been reported. However, it is to be expected that some preparation-specific toxicological data, such as genotoxicity and potential for drug-drug interaction data, have been submitted to the authorities by manufacturers. Unger and Frank 63 reported significant inhibition by Hp of the liver drug metabolising cytochrome P450 (CYP) isoenzymes 2C9,2D6 and 3A4 and measured IC50 values, respectively, of 121, 1044 and 335 g ml. The implication of these data is that the tested Hp extract may exert clinically important interactions with co-medications. There are a number of shortcomings in the report from Unger and Frank 63 . They aimed to validate a novel high-throughput procedure, and the drug interaction potential of the Devil's Claw extract was not the primary aim. The study contains no details of the nature of the Devil's Claw extract. The assays were not performed under GLP conditions and employed commercial preparations of the CYP isoenzymes....

Use of Plants in Southern African Traditional Medicine

Globally, natural products and their derivatives represent about 50 of all drugs in clinical use, and higher plants contribute 25 to this figure 7-8 . It is well-known that plants were originally a source of medicines, and there is currently a strong interest in natural medicines as a source of new remedies and bioactive compounds. This phenomenon is reflected in South Africa, which has a long history of medicinal plant use. South Africa has contributed to worldwide medicines with natural teas and remedies such as Cape aloes (Aloe ferox), rooibos (Aspalathus linearis), buchu (Agathosma betulina), honeybush (Cyclopia intermedia), and devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens).

War on Youth War on Future

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas was never a book. It was and is one man's attempt to come to terms with the loneliness of pure perception, unutterable fatigue with, and flight from, America's dysfunctional over-indulgence. The fright of confronting America's sickness inside his own skin drove the poor bastard on a trip to his own destruction, bringing him face to face with a mirror image of himself. In his heroic attempt to escape the dark morass of America's screaming lifestyle he sold his soul to the devil for one moment of happiness. Like Faust he lives in mortal torment, but unlike Faust he quite enjoys it but the sonofabitch would, wouldn't he 26 The original front covers of the article reflect two common conceptions of that era. The first features an outlaw image of a biker, reminiscent of the hero from Easy Rider or a Hells Angels member, riding triumphantly over the blank, zombie-like 'suits' underneath. The second depicts a stereotypical caricature of a junkie, his plight...

Attitude Zodiac I Roman Greek 1 Hebrew

Let Tarot Card 4, The High (Sly) Priestess represent the receptive exploratory phase of the Second Circuit, emotional passivity, the selection of a terrestrial survival style-evasion, stealth, camouflage, secrecy, shifting flexibility, yielding. The underworld. Self-definition as a mobile, musculotonic, agile mammal.

Living on Borrowed Time

I'm 47 and I have terminal cancer. I had a buddy that did two tours in 'Nam and was a POW for 4 years. He always said to me, Any day you wake up, the rest is cheesecake. Chris, I'll always miss your advice. As I clear the various Oxycodone or Oxycontin webs from my head with some coffee, I hope you have some as well. I'm going to tell you four years of Hell the life of a cancer patient. This all started out for me in the early summer of 2005. I found a small lump just under my jawline, on the left side. I didn't think anything of it, so I called my general practitioner and showed her the bump. She wasn't too sure what to make of it, so I went on antibiotics and the thing went away, only to come back a year later on the right side of my neck. So off I go to see a Dermatologist. She suspects something isn't right, and gets me set up for a Soft Needle Biopsy. Folks, let me stop here and tell you one thing THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SOFT NEEDLE. Believe me I've had...

Hempseed Humanitys Best Single Food Source

Isn't it strange - doesn't it make you mad as hell - that the number-one food of all time for most birds, fish, horses, humans, and life in general, is illegal to have naturally and healthfully in the United States of America, as ordered by the Nazi Gestapo-like Amerikan Drug Enforcement Administration and, through them, the USDA

Trip Postponed Until August Letter Follows

Both Sid and I are extremely grateful to you for your confidence on our LSD work as demonstrated by the extension of the grant. As the main (or should I say sole ) beneficiary of it, I want to thank you especially. And I guess Sid wrote you that he put through a rise in rate and a change from 16 to 20 hours. I leave all that up to him because I love the work so much and find it so fascinating.all the ideas appearing on schizophrenia, hypnosis, the mystic experience, and all the rest. I think we have a pretty good idea now of how to make it work for almost everyone (psychotics excepted) and the point now is to demonstrate on a number of patients. Which I hope to continue to do. In the fall we plan to limit ourselves almost exclusively to hospital patients for several reasons not the least of which is that they are easier to discuss when trying to communicate what we have learned. My memories today of the session are vivid but limited. First I was in 'hell' and in pain for what seemed...

Pregnancy Category None

For most of the twentieth century drug addiction and heroin were synonymous in the United States all substance abuse was assumed to lead to heroin. Only in the 1980s did heroin become displaced as the devil drug, supplanted in public fear and disapproval by cocaine. Being a Schedule I substance, heroin has no officially approved medical use in the United States. Although heroin is traditionally considered the final step in illicit drug use, with previous substances leading from one to another until the climax of heroin is reached, scientific research does not support that scenario. Experienced drug users have typically used assorted substances over the years, but the gateway hypothesis in which one substance leads to another has been refuted time and again. Nor is heroin necessarily the final stopping place for addicts. For example, research demonstrates that some heroin users move on to amphetamines as their main drug.

LSD Experience of a Painter

Therefore I traveled with Eva to a solitary mountain valley. Up there in nature, I thought it would be particularly beautiful with Eva. Eva was young and attractive. Twenty years older than she, I was already in the middle of life. Despite the sorrowful consequences that I had experienced previously, as a result of erotic escapades, despite the pain and the disappointments that I inflicted on those who loved me and had believed in me, I was drawn again with irresistible power to this adventure, to Eva, to her youth. I was under the spell of this girl. Our affair indeed was only beginning, but I felt this seductive power more strongly than ever before. I knew that I could no longer resist. For the second time in my life I was again ready to desert my family, to give up my position, to break all bridges. I wanted to hurl myself uninhibitedly into this lustful inebriation with Eva. She was life, youth. Over again it cried out in me, again and again to drain the cup of lust and life...

Joyous Song of Being

I felt myself dissolving into the terrifying apparition, my body melting in waves into the core of blackness, my mind stripped of ego and life and, yes even death. In one great crystal instant I realized that I was immortal. I asked the question Am I dead But the question had no meaning. Meaning was meaningless. Suddenly there was white light and the shimmering beauty of unity. There was light everywhere, white light with a clarity beyond description. I was dead and I was born and the exultation was pure and holy. My lungs were bursting with the joyful song of being. There was unity and life and the exquisite love that filled my being was unbounded. My awareness was acute and complete. I saw God and the devil and all the saints and I knew the truth. I felt myself flowing into the cosmos, levitated beyond all restraint, liberated to swim in the blissful radiance of the heavenly visions. Reports about the modification of sexual experience under the influence of LSD are also...

Church Sanctioned Legal Medicines

Alcohol was legal for a variety of problems. In 1484, Pope Innocent VIII singled out cannabis healers and other herbalists, proclaiming hemp an unholy sacrament of the second and third types of satanic mass. This persecution lasted for more than 150 years. Satanic knowledge and masses, according to the Medieval Church, came in three types To Summon or Worship Satan To Have Witch's Knowledge (e.g., herbalists of chemists) of making, using, or giving others any unguent or preparation including cannabis as medicine or as a spiritual sacrament Because medieval priest bureaucrats thought they were sometimes laughed at, ridiculed, and scorned by those under its influence often by the most learned monks, clerics, and leading citizens ingesting cannabis was proclaimed heretical and Satanic.

America Death To Israel Allah Is Great

Since the initial anthrax attacks in 2001 there have been hundreds of fake anthrax letters mailed in attempts to scare the hell out of people. These letters have been filled with white powders ranging from powdered sugar to rat poison, but we have had no news on the suspect or suspects who killed five people, disrupted the lives of thousands and attacked the United States Congress.

Economics The Very Model of a Modern Inquisition

For cannabis-related knowledge, or hundreds of other sins Owning a devil's tool (dinner fork), reading a sorcerer's book or speaking in tongues (foreign language), having a different faith, having a witch's habit (taking a bath or falling into a river), etc.From 10 to as many as 50 of the people in Western Europe were tortured or put to death without trial during the medieval Roman Catholic Church's 500-year Inquisition (12th to 17th Centuries).

Ketamine Ketalar Ketaject SuperK

The fact that ketamine remained an uncontrolled substance while PCP came to be seen as the chief devil drug of the 1980s is a good illustration of how images of drugs are shaped by their users. ust as marijuana has never shaken off its association with deviants, minorities, and rebels, so PCP is now linked with an angry, violent, young segment of the population that is prone to commit crimes. PCP does not cause crime, violence, or insanity any more than marijuana causes revolutions. The pharmacology of ketamine is practically the same as that of PCP, yet ketamine users (usually successful professionals) lie peacefully in dissociative states, causing no one any harm, and raising few alarms in society.

General Information

Harpagophytum procumbens (devil's claw, grapple plant, wood spider) contains the iridoids harpagoside and pro-cumbide. It is used to treat pain in the joints and lower back, although the quality of trials demonstrating efficacy is poor and there is variability from formulation to formulation (1). Ceratotheca (ceratotheca) Craniolaria (craniolaria) Harpagophytum (devil's claw) Ibicella (yellow unicorn plant) Martynia (martynia) Proboscidea (unicorn plant) Sesamum (sesame)

Including The Postage

Given the very fictional quality of existence as it is, I feel not too unperturbed in outlining the possible nature of the intelligent Other in more detail. In the last analysis, it is no less crazy than to elaborate upon the null hypothesis which asserts that all this 'astonishingness' is without reason. Indeed, it is arguably nuts to suggest that all and everything exists for no rhyme or reason. One even suspects that such a mindless interpretation of life and consciousness stems from an ego-obsessed psyche hell bent on describing itself, and solely itself, in terms of high intelligence.

Killer Narc Eludes

Suspect Dirk Dickensen ran like hell, when a copterful of narcs landed on the front lawn of his remote northern California home. During the charge, one of the feds tripped and fell. Clifton, assuming his partner had been shot, gunned down the fleeing Dickensen. The judge decided it was not necessary that Clifton's shot be justifiable, as long as he thought it was at the time.

If You Fail

Failing the drug test has been known to make a quiet person go ballistic. You will be interviewed by a medical review official (MRO), who would try to find out why you tested positive. MRO's are NOT impartial. An MRO is an employee of the lab, and is there for quality control. They are also there to protect the lab by coercing the court into thinking that the person who failed is a drug abuser. Anything you say to an MRO can and will be used against you (RDW). If you fight it, your lawyer can subpoena the proficiency testing records of the laboratory for review Anonl . These questions should be asked about the lab you are challenging

Formal Names Phencyclidine

Informal Names Ace, Ad, Alien Sex Fiend (with heroin), Amoeba, Angel, Angel Dust, Angel Hair, Angel Mist, Angel Poke, Animal Trank, Animal Tranq, Animal Tranquilizer, Aurora Borealis, Belladonna, Black Dust, Black Whack, Blotter Acid, Blue Madman, Boat, Bohd, Bush, Busy Bee, Butt Naked, Cadillac, Can-nabinol, Cigarrode Cristal, CJ, Clicker, Clickum, Cliffhanger, Columbo, Cozmo's, Crazy Coke, Crazy Eddie, Crystal, Crystal Joint, Crystal T, Cycline, Cyclone, D, Detroit Pink, Devil's Dust, Dipper, DMT, DOA, Do It Jack, Domex, Drink, Dummy Dust, Dust, Dusted Parsley, Elephant, Elephant Trank, Elephant Tranquilizer, Elysion, Embalming Fluid, Energizer, Erth, Fake STP, Flake, Flying Saucer, Fresh, Fuel, Good, Goon, Goon Dust, Gorilla Biscuit, Gorilla Tab, Green, Green Leaves, Green Tea, Happy Sticks, HCP, Heaven & Hell, He-Man, Herms, Hinkley, Hog, Hog Dust, Horse Tracks, Horse Tranquilizer, Ice, Ill, Illy Momo, Jet Fuel, Juice, K, Kap, Kay Jay, K-Blast, Killer, KJ, Kool, Koolly High,...

The Erythrocyte Membrane

There is evidence that, in addition to the NPP, there is a number of other parasite-induced transport pathways present in the parasitized erythrocyte membrane. Staines et al. have reported the activation in ATP-depleted parasitized erythrocytes of a novel Ca2+ transport pathway 102 , and the fluorescent dye, lucifer yellow, is taken up into infected cells more rapidly than into uninfected cells, again via a pathway distinct from the NPP 61 . The increasing number of reports of parasitized erythrocytes taking up macro-molecules, including proteins 33 , points to the operation of additional uptake mechanisms operating at the erythrocyte surface, but these are yet to be characterized.

The Tra Veling False Identity Method

(c) never give the law reason to pull you over. This means to have your trailer licensed and inspected before you build the laboratory into it. Make sure your brake lights, tail lights, and turn signals all function properly at all times. Do not go over the speed limit or commit any other traffic violations. Always drive defensively. If a drunk runs into your mobile lab, I believe you are in for one hell of a fire or explosion, and when the law investigates, they will probably find enough evidence to bust you.

Transcending Ordinary Reality

An extensive discussion of what has survived of the multiple meanings and uses of Datura among the modern Cahuilla, whose language belongs to the Shoshonean branch of Uto-Aztecan and who are historically related not only to their Shoshonean-speaking neighbors but also to the Hopi of Arizona, and, more distantly, to the Huichols, the Cora, and other speakers of Uto-Aztecan tongues in Mesoamerica, can be found in a recent work on Cahuilla ethno-botany by anthropologist Lowell J. Bean and Mrs. Katherine Siva Saubel, a member of the tribal council of Los Coyote Cahuilla Reservation and herself a noted authority on the traditions and culture of her people (Bean and Saubel, 1972). Apart from its crucial role in boys' initiation rites, which resemble those of the Luiseno, Gabrieleno and other desert and coastal tribes of southern California, the authors note (pp. 61-62) that Datura afforded the puul (shaman) a means of transcending ordinary reality and coming into contact with specific...

Source herb and seeds of Lobelia inflata Indian tobacco

Atropine and scopolamine are alkaloids produced by members of the plant family Solanaceae which includes belladonna (Atropa belladonna -source of atropine), henbane (Hyoscyamius niger- the source of scopolamine), tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers, eggplant, and members of the Datura subfamily or genus, thornapple, Jimson or Jamestown weed, angel's trumpet, stinkweed, mandrake, and devil's apple. In the eatable plants it is the green portions which are poisonous vines, leaves, and sprouts.

Drugs and Covert Intelligence Networks

At least two factors seem to have fostered the CIA's close, even collusive relationship with so many international traffickers. One of the Agency's responsibilities is to keep tabs on underworld networks whose financial resources, expertise in secret operations and access to corruptible government officials make them a significant political force. As one leading State Department official noted in 1985, drug profits can buy an election, finance a supply of arms for insurgency and, in sum, Consider one such informal network of CIA assets and drug-related operatives associated with the late Florida attorney Paul Helliwell. As head of oSS wartime intelligence in China, he dealt with the notorious Chinese secret police chief and narcotics smuggler Tai Li. Helliwell reportedly also made a regular practice of buying information from tribesmen in the China-Burma-India theater with five-pound bars of opium. Returning to civilian life in Florida, he continued to work for the CIA. In 1951 he...

And another thing national science day

Hell, what is there to lose In the past three years, Congress has introduced resolutions designating many days, including National Marina Day, National Day of the American Cowboy, National Tartan Day, National Airborne Day, National Child Care Worthy Wage Day, National Asbestos Awareness Day, National Kindergarten Recognition Day, National Dyspraxia Awareness Day, National Hunger Awareness Day, National Time Out Day, National 'It's Academic' Television Quiz Show Day, National Good Neighbor Day, National Native American

The Dogbane botanical family Apocynaceae

Genera devil's-pepper (Rauvolfia L.), periwinkle (Catharanthus G. Don), milkwood (Tabernaemontana L.), strophanthus (Strophanthus DC.), voacanga (Voacanga U.) and alstonia (Alstonia R. Br.). The species belonging to these genera contain L-tryptophan-derived alkaloids (Figure 8). Indian snake-root (Rauvolfia serpentina) (Figure 9) contains reserpine and rescinnamine, the quinine tree (Rauwolfia capra) yields quinine, and iboga milkwood (Tabernaemontana iboga) produces iboganine. Deserpine has been isolated from the roots of Rauwolfia canescens60. This alkaloid differs from reserpine only by absence of a metoxy group but shows an interesting profile of biological activity. It has been employed in clinical practice for the treatment of hypertension and Figure 9. The devil's-pepper genus contains L-tryptophan-derived alkaloids. Rauwolfia serpentina appears on flowers (Photo T. Aniszewski). Figure 9. The devil's-pepper genus contains L-tryptophan-derived alkaloids. Rauwolfia serpentina...

Problem drinking See Drinking problem Problem drugrelated See Drugrelated problem

In general, Prohibition was enforced wherever the population was sympathetic to it. In the large cities, where sentiment was strongly opposed to Prohibition, enforcement was much weaker than in rural areas and small towns. Increased price of liquor and beer, however, meant that the working classes probably bore the restrictions of urban Prohibition to a far greater degree than the middle-class or upper class segments of the population. Prohibition brought into being a new kind of criminal - the bootlegger. The career of Al Capone was a dramatic instance of the development of bootlegging on a large scale. His annual earnings were estimated at 60,000,000. The rise of the bootlegging gangs led to a succession of gang wars and murders. A notorious incident was the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago in 1929, when the Capone gang shot to death seven members of the rival Bugs Moran gang. Historians of the underworld, however, suggest that by the late 1920s bootlegging was on the verge...

Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number 8007930 Formal Names Atropa belladonna

Informal Names Black Cherry, Deadly Nightshade, Death's Herb, Devil's Cherries, Devil's Herb, Divale, Dwale, Dwayberry, Great Morel, Love Apple, Murderer's Berry, Naughty Man's Cherries, Poison Black Cherry, Sleeping Nightshade, Sorcerers Berries, Sorcerer's Cherry, Witch's Berry Type Hallucinogen. See page 25 Federal Schedule Listing Unlisted as natural product

Mushroom Stones and the Cult of Sacred Mushrooms

Mention in several of the early sources on Guatemalan Maya languages of a mushroom specifically named for the underworld i.e. the realm of the dead is especially interesting in light of the discovery of a ceremonial cache of nine beautifully sculptured miniature mushroom stones and nine miniature metates (grinding stones), dating back some 2,200 years, in a richly furnished tomb at Kaminaljuyu, a late Preclassic and Early Classic archaeological site near Guatemala City. The coincidence of the number of mushroom effigy sculptures interred with a Maya dignitary and the number of rulers of the traditional Maya underworld immediately impressed archaeologist Stephan de Borhegyi (1961), who proposed that the mushroom idols were almost certainly connected with the Nine Lords of Xibalba, as described in the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Quiche-Maya.

The Blast furnace of Disillusion

If you take a high dose of tryptamines you see certain things. I am a believer that you are not a blank slate when you're born. You're a long complicated product of genetic engineering by the Goddess, under all sorts of selection criteria. And there's a hell of a lot of hardware and wetware, so that DMT's not going to change everybody, or everybody positively. That has to do with how you're wired up, and how you're raised. Now, my experiences have been extremely positive, but several of my closest friends are dead as a result of psychedelic drugs. If you're not up to handling heavy equipment, DMT is a very dangerous, very powerful hallucinogen. It's extremely strong.

The Cinderella Science

There was no one explanation for psychology's postwar emergence as a serious discipline. Part of it was just the normal drift of science, the accumulation of theory and experiment, the attraction of capable minds to a new endeavor. But part of it was also the way war and revolution had shattered the serene rationalities of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The fact that a hundred thousand men had died quibbling over a few yards of mud one day in 1916 had gone a long way toward popularizing the theory that our mental equilibrium was constantly being tested by what the ancients would have called inner demons, but which this new science was calling the unconscious. Keep this last quality in mind, for its workings are intrinsic to our tale. And don't be fooled by the use of romances and fantasies into believing that the mythopoetic unconscious is some kind of fairytale land. Henri Ellenberger, whose History of the Unconscious is probably the best text available on these matters, speaks of...

May the Best Meme

The gun used to be the great equalizer, explains Jack Nachbar, professor of popular culture at Bowling Green University, in reference to camcorders. ou can say this is like the new six gun, in a way. It can really empower ordinary people. 6 Police departments now bring their own video cameras to demonstrations by groups like DIVA (Damned Interfering Video Activists) in order to make a recording of their own side of the story. The new war - like Batman's media battle against the Joker - is fought not with conventional weapons but with images in the datasphere. The ultimate weapon in Cyberia is not the sword or even the pen but the media virus. But it's hard to get people to drop acid. Getting them to put a set of goggles on their eyes is a whole lot easier and can even be even be justified medically. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the flashing lights and sounds produced by brain machines can relax people, invigorate them, and even relieve them from substance abuse, clinical...

Cactus Of The Four Winds

Cacti and as it is very strong, after they drink it they remain without judgment and deprived of their senses, a.io they see visions that the devil represents to them As with Peyote in Mexico, the loman Church fought against the S n Pedro cactus This is the plant with which the devil deceived the Indians m their paganism, using it for their lies and superstitions . . . those who drink lose consciousness and remain as if dead and it has even been seen that some have died because of the great frigidity to the bram Transported by the -ink, the Indians dreamed a thousand absurdities and believed them as if they were true Dur iig the ritual, participants are set free from matter and engage in flight through cosmic regions. It was probably shamans who used the San Pedro cactus that a Spanish officer in Cuzco, Peru, described in the sixteenth century Among the Indians, there was another class of wizards, permitted by the Incas to a certain degree, who are like sorcerers. They take the form...

Karpura rasa Cannabis

Kawa-Kawa Piper methysticum. Kawa-kawa Kava. Kawapfeffer Piper methysticum. Kaway si isim Artemisia mexicana. Kawinchu Argemone mexicana. K'awn-k'odl Sophora secundiflora. Kawumm Colloquial term for glass pipe used for smoking hashish. Kaya Colloquial term for marijuana. Kaytrate A Amobarbital. KB Colloquial term for marijuana. KBP O Opium, Medical. Kecubong Brugmansia arborea. Kee Colloquial term for 1 kilogram of drugs, usually for subsequent male after cutting . Keef 1. Colloquial term for hashish. 2. Colloquial term for marijuana. Keeley's cure Colloquial term for intravenous injection of gold on the assumption that an allergy exists to alcohol - the concept of an allergy to alcohol, and this treatment have generally been abandoned. Keep Drugs Clean Purported underworld group of cooks whose mission is to produce safe drugs with few impurities. Keep it green 12 Step program term meaning keep your program fresh and continue to work actively and grow.

Amsinckia Intermedia Common Names Fiddleneck Fireweed

Atropa Mandragora Common Names Alraun, Brain Thief, Gallows, Herb of Circe, Ladykins, Mandrake, Racoon Berry, Satan's Apple, Wild Lemon Poison Atropine Dosage .5 2oz(56G) Root According to the old Anglo-Saxon herbal guides, Mandrake is endowed with power against demonic possession. In the 'Herbarium of Apuleius' there is a Mandrake prescription 'For witlessness, that is devil sickness or demoniacal possession, take from the body of this said wort mandrake by the weight of three pennies, administer to drink in warm water as he may find most convenient -soon he will be healed.'

The Nectar Of Delight

Hemp Seed Scanning Electron Microscopy

Tradition in India maintains that the gods sent man the Hemp plant so that he might attain delight and courage, and have heightened sexual desires. When nectar or Amrita dropped down from heaven, Cannabis sprouted from it. Another story tells how, when the gods, helped by demons, churned the milk ocean to obtain Amiita, one of the resulting nectars was Cannabis. It was consecrated to Shiva and was Indra's favorite drink. After the churning of the ocean, demons attempted to gain control of Amrita, but the gods were able to prevent this seizure, giving Cannabis the name Vijaya ( victory ) to commemorate their success. Ever since, this plant of the gods has been held in India to bestow supernatural powers on its users Inscriptions from the Chou dynasty in China, dated 700-500 b.c., have a negative connotation that accompanies the ancient character for Cannabis, Ma, implying its stupefying properties. Since this idea obviously predated writing, the Pen Tsao Ching, written in a. d. 100 but...

Biospasm Phenobarbital sodium Bioaler Phenobarbital Bioavailability

Bipinal sodium Secobarbital sodium. Bir Colloquial term for beer. Bird 1. Colloquial term for prisoner. 2. Film released in 1988. Director Clint Eastwood. Forest Whitaker stars as the brilliant jazz saxophonist Charlie Bird Parker in this elegiac biopic. Director Clint Eastwood pays full homage to Parker's musical genius, but also devotes ample time to the musician's twin demons-drugs and alcohol-which accelerated his death at the age of 34. In his struggles to gain widespread acceptance for his music, Bird is forever stymied by his own self-destructiveness, and forever bailed out by the love of his life, Chan Richardson Parker (Diane Venora). The film bemoans the demise of

Datura And Brugmansia

Datura Candida, Datura ceratocaula (tornaloco), Datura discolor, Datura dolicho-carpa, Datura fastuosa, Datura ferox, Datura inoxia (Datura meteloides, dekuba, toloache, toloatzin, wichri, wysocean), Datura metel (dhatura, dutra), Datura sanguinea, Datura stramonium (devil's apple, devil's trumpet, devil's weed, James Town Weed, jimson weed, loco weed, qui-qui-sa-waal, stinkweed, thorn apple, white man's plant, yerba del diablo), Datura suaveolens, Datura versicolor, Datura volcanicola, Datura wrightii, jouzmathel, man-t'o-lo, tolouaxihuitl.

Small Perlite Shroomariums by Bacchus

This is the procedure I follow for the rice-cake method of propagating psychedelic mushrooms. I use this method for a number of reasons. One is that my first ever batch consisted of 6 jars of manure medium and 6 of the brown rice medium, I found the rice cakes produced more 'shrooms, and for a longer period of time than did the manure-filled jars. Rice has obvious advantages in that it's easy to obtain--no trekking thru a pasture looking for fresh cow-shit Also, the manure stinks like hell when cooked in the pressure cooker Perhaps the biggest advantage to the rice cake method is that when the rice cake no longer produces crops of 'shrooms (about 2mos.), you can actually CONSUME THE RICE CAKE ITSELF Given, of course, that you detect no contaminants on the rice cake (molds or bacteria). When mushroom growth stops, the rice cake can provide a trip for 2-4 people. See the end

Starving Hysterical Naked

Besides drugs, our two heroes found books at Burroughs's apartment that were not included in the standard college curricula. They pored over Kafka, Cocteau's Opium, Celine, Rimbaud, and Spengler's Decline of the West, with its appealing argument that the spiritual crisis of the West would be terminal. They met marginal characters like Herbert Huncke, a junky acquaintance of Burroughs who was justifiably famous as the man who had helped pioneer sex researcher Alfred Kinsey investigate the sexual habits of New York's criminal underworld. And they started psychoanalysis. Several times a week they lay on Burroughs's couch and told him about their dreams and fantasies. On the Road was a tone poem to Cassady (who was christened Dean Moriarity to Jack's Sal Paradise) and the electrifying effect his personality had had on Kerouac and Ginsberg. I shambled after as I've been doing all my life, Jack wrote in the opening paragraphs, shambling after anyone who was mad to live, mad to talk, mad to...

Roter aufgerichteter Lwe Colloquial

Rugby balls Term for 40 mg. brown-colored testosterone undecanoate. Ruhexatal Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control Phenobarbital. Ruler Colloquial term for a judge. Rum 1. An alcoholic liquor distilled from fermented molasses or sugar cane. rums originated in the West Indies and are first mentioned in records from Barbados in about 1650. They were called kill-devil or rumbullion and by 1667 were simply called rum. Rum figured in the slave trade of the American colonies slaves were brought from Africa and traded to the West Indies for molasses the molasses was made into rum in New England and the rum was then traded to Africa for more slaves. British sailors received regular rations of rum from the 18th century until 1970. Rum, the major liquor distilled during the early history of the United States, was sometimes mixed with molasses and called blackstrap or mixed with cider to produce a beverage called stonewall. Most rums are made from...

Twisting Leaves Using Triple F Hydrotops

There are a lot of varieties of cannabis on the market. To date I have succeeded in raising from beginning to end some Skywalker and White Russian. Unfortunately, I started out growing from seed, and that held me back in my progress. It took a few months before I had enough clones to start growing seriously. The Skywalker is a very congenial, mellow smoke the White Russian by contrast looks a hell of a lot better and is also a bit stronger in its effects. I will not be growing the Skywalker again, I reckon. In any case not for the time being. In the meantime I have had the good fortune of meeting a good friend on the 'overgrow' web site. He was so kind as to load me up with various clones of top varieties. Some of the varieties I'm busy with now include White Russian, White Widow, Jack Herrer, Jamaican Pearl, Armageddon, Critical Mass, Skunk 1, Durgamata and Blueberry. Variety is the spice of life, isn't it These varieties will soon all be grown up and ready for testing.

Rohr aus Syrien Arundo donax

Rollers Colloquial term for police patrol cars. Rolling Colloquial term for ecstasy. Rolling Stones English rock music group that rose to prominence in the mid-1960s and continues to exert great influence. Members have included singer Mick Jagger (b.1943) guitarists Brian Jones (1944-69), Keith Richards (b. 1943), and Ron Wood (b. 1941) bassist Bill Wyman (b. 1941), who left the band in 1993 and drummer Charlie Watts (b.1941). The group's songs, written mostly by Jagger and Richards, include Satisfaction, Sympathy for the Devil, and Paint It Black. Many of their songs have many references to drugs as in Sister Morphine and Mother's little helper. Rolling buzz Colloquial term for the initial high feeling after an injection. Rolling machine Colloquial term for a gadget for rolling joints of marijuana. Rolling papers Colloquial term for cigarette paper for tobacco or joints of marijuana. Rolling up Colloquial term for rolling a joint of marijuana.

The Researchers Get Together International Conferences

Ocean, and Venus in the sweep of the heavens. These 'places', if one may so define them, seem to be perceived by patients as though existing in space -- and in relatively similar positions. This is, paradoxically, despite the fact that when any moment is felt totally under any of these drugs the experience appears to transcend time and space. We have, for the sake of communication, and with temerity and perhaps some levity, assigned names to some of the most frequently-appearing places Cosmic Rejection or Limbo Chaos the Black or Schizophrenic Belt the Desert the Ice Country. In addition to these are the two which have occupied man's attention since the birth of self-consciousness Heaven and Hell. The only phenomenon which occurred often that I didn't mention because I didn't dare past lives. Not only we, but everyone else with whom I communicated were getting so much data on what appeared to be past lives. But that is an entirely different story, and one which belongs, primarily, to...

Reflections Two Years Later

The next thing I remember is being given an initiation, a death rite passage. Sekhmet, it seemed to me, had a place of authority in the realm of death, an honored place in the underworld. I began to sense that she was present at the moment of death. And I knew that I was about to die. I checked in with my inner knowing to see if this was going to be ritualistic or actual death, and I was given the green light to give in to the experience. During the course of my research over the next few days, I was to discover that Sekhmet was one of the most ancient of deities, known as Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time and also as One Who Was Before the Gods Were. Although having a ferocious wrathful aspect, she was also a renowned healer because of her knowledge of magic and sorcery and is said to have introduced the art of medicine to Egypt. Many Egyptians felt that they were created by Sekhmet and Horus, and that Sekhmet was their protectress and spokeswoman in the underworld. Rameses...

Borderline Psychotic States And Endogenous Psychoses

Archetypal demonic entities envisioned during transpersonal sessions. Above. A stylized dragon of cosmic proportions representing the principle of metaphysical evil. Right. An image of a winged demonic creature that screens the source of divine light and prevents the subject from reaching and uniting with it. On the basis of previous experiences with other patients, I continued with regular weekly administrations of LSD despite her persisting psychotic symptoms. These sessions consisted almost entirely of negative experiences of a transpersonal nature. There was an important emphasis on reliving unpleasant intrauterine memories, which she related to the emo-Jional stresses and illnesses of her mother during pregnancy, various embryonal crises, and the mechanical discomfort of being twins in a uterus. She also had some negative karmic sequences and archety pal experiences of a demonic nature.

Transpersonal Experiences

In a large group of transpersonal experiences, the extension of consciousness seems to go beyond the phenomenal world and the time-space continuum as we perceive it in our everyday life. Quite common examples are the experiences of an encounter with spirits of deceased human beings or supra-human spiritual entities. LSD subjects also report numerous visions of archetypal forms, individual deities and demons, and complex mythological sequences. An intuitive understanding of universal symbols, or the arousal of the Kundalini and activation of various chakras are additional examples of this category. In the extreme form the individual consciousness seems to encompass the totality of existence and identify with the Universal Mind. The ultimate of all experiences appears to be the Stipracosmic and Metacosmic Void, the mysterious primordial emptiness and nothingness that is conscious of itself and contains all existence in a germinal form.

Deatf and Rebirtl in Santo Daime

Santo Daime

When the fire reached my throat, I became aware of restraining cords pulling from the back of my neck. I focused my attention on the cords and followed them to their source. I saw a man looking at me with a very mean expression on his face. It was a very intense and frightening moment, because I realized I was looking the enemy right in the face. His features changed to those of other men, consecutively. Some of them I recognized as brothers, uncles, cousins, grandfathers, ex-lovers, and my own father. I had very intense and painful talks and experiences with each one of them, and all of them ended with the faces falling off like masks to reveal the face of the Devil. In those moments, I felt the presence of God and heard him say This is all illusion The fire, by now in my head, was opening channels inside my brain. The heat became more and more intense as I saw myself being carried away by a group of people to another planet and put on an altar to be sacrificed. My body burst into...

The Magic Morning Glory Ololiuhqui

We obtain further information about these seeds from the physician Francisco Hernandez, whom Philip II sent to Mexico from Spain, from 1570 to 1575, in order to study the medicaments of the natives. In the chapter On Ololiuhqui of his monumental work entitled Rerum Medicarum Novae Hispaniae Thesaurus seu Plantarum, Animalium Mineralium Mexicanorum Historia, published in Rome in 1651, he gives a detailed description and the first illustration of ololiuhqui. An extract from the Latin text accompanying the illustration reads in translation Ololiuhqui, which others call coaxihuitl or snake plant, is a climber with thin, green, heart-shaped leaves The flowers are white, fairly large The seeds are roundish. . . . When the priests of the Indians wanted to visit with the gods and obtain information from them, they ate of this plant in order to become inebriated. Thousands of fantastic images and demons then appeared to them Despite this comparatively good description, the botanical...

Ape Drunk Colloquial term for being slightly

She was the rival of Persephone, queen of the underworld, for the love of the beautiful Greek youth Adonis. Perhaps the most famous legend about Aphrodite concerns the cause of the Trojan War. Eris, the goddess of discord, the only goddess not invited to the wedding of King Peleus and the sea nymph Thetis, resentfully tossed into the banquet hall a golden apple, marked for the fairest. When Zeus refused to judge between the three goddesses who claimed the apple, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, they asked Paris, prince of Troy, to make the award. Each offered him a bribe Hera, that he would be a powerful ruler Athena, that he would achieve great military fame and Aphrodite, that he should have the fairest woman in the world. Paris selected Aphrodite as the fairest and chose as his prize Helen of Troy, the wife of the Greek king Menelaus. Paris's abduction of Helen led to the Trojan War. Probably Oriental in origin, Aphrodite was identified in early Greek religious beliefs...

Role Of Lsd In Personal Growth And Selfactualiza Tion

Failure to warn the public about the dangers and pitfalls of psychedelic experimentation and to give instructions for minimizing the risks resulted in a large number of casualties. Apocalyptic newspaper headlines describing the horrors of LSD bummers and drug-related accidents ignited a witch-hunting response in legislators, politicians, educators, and many professionals. Ignoring the data from almost two decades of responsible scientific experimentation, the anti-drug propaganda switched to the other extreme and presented LSD as a totally unpredictable devil's drug that represented a grave danger to the sanity of the present generation and the physical health of generations to come.

Attack of the cloners

To clone a human being, you first have to find a doctor who has both the expertise to make a cloned embryo and a willingness to implant it into a woman. Second, you have to find a woman who would be willing to have a cloned human embryo implanted in her, a thought that rightfully scares the hell out of just about every woman. Third, the embryo has to develop normally. Many scientists have argued vehemently

Drugsreligion And Magic

Where did the idea of gods come from Could it have been from ihe ingestion of psychotropic plains, as mycologist R. Gordon Wasson lias surmised What better explanation for the deeply rooted animism at the heart of all primitive magical religions, the profound conviction that mute trees and howling beasts, stone cliffs and dark watei*ways are possessed of the same mysterious vitaliiy that humans have The campfire crackles and pops strange shapes flicker on cave walls. See demons and creatures draw their outlines with charcoal and berry juice. Breathe deeply, smell the dank spirits. They do not go away even when you close your eyes the heart pounds in fear and fascination before the supernatural, J the extraordinary, the magnificent divine. A thousand sacred plants, a million sacred verses of praise and horror, lust and serenity, ecstatic prayer and angry war, carried on within the depths of consciousness.

Chapter One Initiation into Infinity

I think I know that you believe I have some sort of block towards academic people, but really Betty, I do not. I think it is just that I expect so much more from them than they are able to give, and it is such a shock sometimes to realize how little it all really counts that I do perhaps rather take the attitude, Oh Hell, another dough-head.' Perhaps part of it is the years I have had in this work, and being only human after all, many times have had the experience of knowing that I have done a really good job, and it would not have cost some Doctor anything at all to have said it was good. After all, that is all outside of the knowledge Almost the whole process was acute agony - pure hell or purgation - and I realized it as such and spoke of it thus. It was purgation of the spirit through self-knowledge not just insightful knowledge, but also emotional knowledge of a direct and actual and acute sort. Almost the whole time I realize that I was enclosed in a wall of the defense I could...

How To Use Damprid To Dry Mushrooms

Congratulations You now have a completed, fully functional sterile transfer cabinet that only cost a few bucks Spray inside of chamber with Lysol before each use but ALLOW ALCOHOL FROM LYSOL to EVAPORATE COMPLETELY before lighting any burners or lighters inside of box unless you like the hairless look and don't mind your arms stinging like hell for a day or two

Formal Names Methylbenzoylecgonine

Informal Names All-American Drug, Angie, Applejacks, Aunt Nora, Baby T, Bad, Badrock, Ball, Barbs, Base, Baseball, Basuco, Bazooka, Bazulco, Beam, Beamer, Beans, Beat, Beautiful Boulders, Bebe, Beemer, Bernice, Bernie, Bernie's Flakes, Bernie's Gold Dust, Big Bloke, Big C, Big Flake, Big Rush, Bill Blass, Billie Hoke, Bings, Birdie Powder, Biscuit, B.J., Black Rock, Blanca, Blanco, Blast, Blotter, Blow, Blowcaine, Blowout, Blue, Bobo, Bolivian Marching Powder, Bollo, Bolo, Bomb, Bone, Bonecrusher, Boost, Botray, Boubou, Boulder, Boulya, Bouncing Powder, Boy, Bubble Gum, Bullia Capital, Bullyon, Bump, Bunk, Burese, Bur-nese, Bush, Butler, Butter, C, Cabello Cadillac, Caine, Cakes, California Cornflakes, Came, Canamo, Candy, Candy C, Cap, Capsula, Carnie, Carrie, Carrie Nation, Casper, Casper the Ghost, C-Dust, Cecil, C-Game, Chalk, Charlie, Chemical, Chewies, Chippy, Chocolate Ecstasy, Choe, Cholly, Climax, Cloud, Cloud 9, Coca, Coconut, Coco Rocks, Coke, Cola, Combol, Cookies, Coolie,...

All Smart People go to Heaven

It is the kind of scene that would horrify parents. What the hell's going on In San Francisco, ITeley was introduced to Diana, a Berkeley dropout who, with her friend Preston, was running Toon Town, an underground roving house event for kids fed up with haughty dance hall atmospheres. Heley's multidimensional language and strong ideas soon earned him Diana as his new girlfriend, as well as a position as one of the coordinators of Toon Town. ITeley's presence quickly manifested as an infusion of cyber-culture viruses. Rooms were set aside for brain machines, virtual reality demonstrations, sales of books and tapes, and the infamous Smart Bar. While Preston would later resist Heley's metabrainstorm, for the time being it made Toon Town the highest profile house gathering in town. That, coupled with Diana's gentle pleading and positive attitude, kept competition between the two men in check.

Brief History Of Psychedelics

Female Stimulation Guide

As prehistoric men and women foraged for food they must have eaten the psychedelic plants which grow in nearly all regions of the world. Ingesting these plants would have produced awe inspiring experiences, and it is quite likely that the origin of ideas about gods, heavens and hells, life after death, etc. began with the ingestion of psychedelic plants. Many of the people reinforcing this mindset are not even aware that they are spreading negativity. They are supporting what they believe is correct. These people, convinced that the old morals are the right way of living, have generated outright lies about psychedelics, feeling anything which discourages drug use is justified. Of course, other members of these organizations spread negative information with purely nefarious intentions, such as political groups who instruct the CIA to sell cocaine for financing covert military operations, and then preach that drugs are the tools of the devil on TV.

Cannabis Intoxication And Its Similarity To That Of Peyote And LSD

With the much stronger and longer lasting hallucinogens, LSD and mescaline, there is much less control and direction possible, and even the experienced user may find himself plunged into an agonizing hell, instead of experiencing satori. In summary, it appears that the reaction to cannabis is on a continuum with the other hallucinogens and, given the same motivation on the part of the user, will produce some of the same effects. On the other hand, cannabis permits a dependable controlled usage that is very difficult if not impossible with LSD and mescaline.

Marijuana Medicine in 19th Century America

Even suggested hasheesh as a substitute for (wife beating) Demon alcohol. By the 1890s, some of the most popular American marriage guides recommend cannabis as an aphrodisiac of extraordinary powers no one ever suggested a prohibition law against cannabis. And while there was talk of an alcohol prohibition law, a number of women's temperance organizations even suggested hasheesh as a substitute for demon alcohol, which they said led to wife beating.

Individual Differences in Nicotine Kinetics and Metabolism in Humans

Quit Smoking And Metabolism

Adjust their smoking to maintain particular levels of nicotine in the body. A person who metabolizes nicotine quickly may need to smoke more to achieve a particular level of nicotine than does a person who metabolizes nicotine more slowly. The phenomenon of regulation has been demon-strated experimentally in a study in which the rate of nicotine elimination was increased by acidification of the urine (Benowitz and Jacob 1985). In conditions of urinary acidification, smokers consumed 18 percent more nicotine per day from cigarettes, compensating by about 50 percent for the excess loss of nicotine by increased renal clearance.

Contact Through the Veil

Many modern-day scientists possess an abiding faith in the spiritual. However, these same scientists are caught in a profound conflict between their personal and professional beliefs. What they say and what they feel may contradict each other profoundly. It is difficult to be objective about matters of the heart and spirit. Scientists may compartmentalize their faith and can't conceive of verifying or validating their spiritual intuition. In other cases they may water down the nature of those beliefs to maintain some consistency with their intellectual understanding. Perhaps they simply ignore the presence of angels and demons in essential scriptures, or regard them as symbolic or as hallucinatory manifestations of an overactive religious imagination. Maybe at the onset, at just having my ego brushed aside. When they were on me, there was a little bit more confusion than fear. Kind of like, Hey What's this And then there they were. There was no time for me to say, Who the hell are you...

How To Make A Fortune After Legalization

Organized crime found Prohibition a bonanza and reaped millions by bootlegging, rumruuning and operating illegal breweries- Bui few underworld figures made the transition into the legitimate liquor business after Repeal. Instead, the mob turned to other rackets-gambling, hard narcotics, prostitution and protection. Some of the speakeasy owners like Toots Shoi and CharJes Kricndler of 21, went legitimate after Repeal and established woijdwide reputations as respectable restaurateurs.

The Transcultural Phenomenon

Among the transcultural yaje experiences of South American Indians Harner lists auditory hallucination and visions of certain geometric forms, auras, one's own death, combats with demons and animals, bright colors, constant changing of certain shapes that seem to dissolve into one another, and the like. However, he cautions (p. 173), it must be remembered that all of the peoples who traditionally use Banisteriopsis occupy a similar tropical forest environment and, however far apart, the total content of their cultures is rather similar these similarities could account for the striking similarity in their yaje experiences.

History Of Drinking In The United States

When the Arbella departed England for Boston's shores in 1630, its Puritan voyagers had stowed away three times as much beer as water, plus some 10,000 gallons of wine. Colonial Americans regarded alcohol as the Good Creature of God and early settlers, like their European and British forbears, drew a strong distinction between drinking and drunkenness, the latter being the work of the devil. Whether rum distilled from West Indian sugar, home-brewed beer, or imported wines, alcohol was a staple of colonial life. America's first rum distillery opened in 1700 in Boston, and other coastal New England cities followed in short order, opening their own distilleries and pushing the alcohol preferences of the colonials away from beer and cider toward spirits. Evangelical Protestant clergymen established the American Society for the Promotion of Temperance in 1826. By 1836 this group had changed its name to the American Temperance Society and adopted a platform of total abstinence (rather than...

The Parameters of Infinity

Then I learned something about the well defended, successful people they are more difficult to open because their defensive system has been so beautifully rewarded and sanctioned by society. And their anxieties are deeply buried along with their unacceptable drives. I also have a hunch that individuals in the psychiatric field or allied ones are also more defended along these lines. I want to test some of these hypotheses -- another of which is that alcoholics, with proper preparation -- are almost the best possible subjects -- A.A.'s that is. They've been living through their hell on earth and if really close to accepting the third step are really open to what LSD can do for them if you have any questions I'd love to try to answer them.

Meeting with Aldous Huxley

In the mid-1950s, two books by Aldous Huxley appeared, The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell, dealing with inebriated states produced by hallucinogenic drugs. The alterations of sensory perceptions and consciousness, which the author experienced in a self-experiment with mescaline, are skillfully described in these books. The mescaline experiment was a visionary experience for Huxley. He saw objects in a new light they disclosed their inherent, deep, timeless existence, which remains hidden from everyday sight. At the time I already knew the earlier work of this great writer and thinker, books that meant much to me, like Point Counter Point, Brave New World, After Many a Summer, Eyeless in Gaza, and a few others. In The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell, Huxley's newly-published works, I found a meaningful exposition of the experience induced by hallucinogenic drugs, and I thereby gained a deepened insight into my own LSD experiments.

Create your own hybrid weed

Weed Hybrid

Most outdoor growers are not exactly champing at the bit to raise male plants, in fact most would be happy to see them consigned to the deepest pits of hell with no hope of parole. Which is actually a mass of crystals that you placed on a plate in the sun or over a radiator the crystals can dry out and or discolour very quickly. If the crystals are allowed to dry out too much it can be a hell of a job getting them to stick together into a single ball, and if it happens you are best off adding a little moisture back to them so that you have a second chance at it.

Mdmas Promise As A Prescription Medicine

I was going back to college as a freshman to study psychedelics, after having dropped out ten years before to devote myself to integrating difficult psychedelic experiences of my own. Just as I was supposed to start the school year, I learned of a month-long workshop at Esalen given by Stan Grof. Stan was teaching a breathing technique that was a legal alternative to the use of psychedelics. I managed to arrange for off-campus learning and went to the workshop. While I was there, I heard about MDMA. My first impression was Why bother I was told that it helps you feel deeper emotions and get close to people, but it just seemed like a mild feel-good drug. It didn't seem as if you could dredge up the depths of your soul and wresde with your demons, and it didn't seem possible that you could have any powerful transformations, such as the ones catalyzed by LSD. It seemed somehow superficial and not profound.

Ecstatic Shamanism as lrReligion

Now, as we know from ethnology, the symbolic systems or religions of hunting peoples everywhere are essentially shamanistic, sharing so many basic features over time and space as to suggest common historical and psychological origins. At the center of shamanistic religion stands the personality of the shaman and the ecstatic experience that is uniquely his, in his crucial role as diviner, seer, magician, poet, singer, artist, prophet of game and weather, keeper of the traditions, and healer of bodily and spiritual ills. With his spirit helpers or familiars, the shaman is preeminently guardian of the physical and psychic equilibrium of his group, for whom he intercedes in personal confrontation with the supernatural forces of the Upperworld and Underworld, to whose mystical geography he has become privy through initiatory crisis, training, and ecstatic trance. Often, though not always or everywhere, the shaman's ecstatic dream has involved the use of some sacred hallucinogenic plant...

Idolatry Hallucinogens And Cultural Survival

Almost as soon as Europeans set foot on American soil at the end of the fifteenth century, first in the Antilles and soon afterwards on the continent itself, they took note with varying degrees of fascination and revulsion of a strange indigenous custom they were later to recognize as an indispensable aspect of aboriginal religion and ritual in many parts of the New World ecstatic intoxication with different plants to which the native peoples ascribed supernatural power, and which the Spaniards, not surprisingly, associated with the Devil's untiring effort to impede the victory of Christianity over traditional Indian religion. It is important to note that the early missionary fathers more often than not were content to accept as true the reports they heard from the Indians of the wondrous effects of the magical plants, especially in connection with divination and curing, the two areas in which the native hallucinogens played their most important role. What they seem to have objected...

Stuff That Defies Classification

If you read the excellent book called Recreational Drugs by Professor Buzz 8 you may come across a little recipe in the amphetamine section for something called N-acetyl-phenethylamine. So what the hell is that Well, actually it happens to be one step away from being an amphetamine but no one makes this clear to all the novices reading the book. Strike means to say that even novices just reading for pleasure need a little help here and there. It's a pity because this is a really good recipe using unwatched chemicals and is a more direct way of aminating safrole or allyl-benzene without having to go through the making of an intermediate such as MD-P2P or P2P. Actually, Strike is under the distinct impression that Professor Buzz got this recipe from the progenitor of underground chemistry books Psychedelic Chemistry by Michael Valentine Smith. Unfortunately, both these authors simply copied commentary from the actual scientific article 91 without any elaboration towards the final...

The story that defined a generation

The film opens with grainy images of peace demonstrations from the '60s, and juxtaposes them with images of helicopters dropping napalm and 'agent-orange' in Vietnam. Gilliam uses this device to provide the context for what will follow and makes the audience identify with the feelings of despair and hope epitomised by No sympathy for the devil keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than you had in mind, well maybe chalk it off to forced consciousness expansion Tune in, freak out, get beaten. It's all in Kesey's Bible The Far Side of Reality.66

The Catholic Constabulary Take Note

Hellish concept to the West, yet it was bound up to the Aztec's desire to supplant their pantheon of gods. Blood spilled in the name of religion whether through war or sacrifice is, unfortunately, a kind of pious tradition that highlights the immense power of the religious impulse over the minds and souls of men. The gods of the Aztecs were deemed real, they had to be worshipped and placated. The sacrifice finished and the steps of the temple and patio bathed in human blood, they all went to eat raw mushrooms on which food they went out of their minds, worse than if they had drunk much wine so drunk and senseless were they that many killed themselves by their own hand, and, with the force of those mushrooms, they would see visions and have revelations of the future, the Devil speaking to them in that drunken state. Because of his own personal experiences with psilocybin, and in the light of his historical research which clearly shows the Aztec's reverence for teonanacatl, our mushroom...

The Evolution of a Cyborg

His recording techniques become as much his guides as his tools, and he 'surfs' his pieces toward completion, cutting, pasting, dubbing, and overdubbing. His collaboration with David Byrne, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, best demonstrates his use of these techniques and was the inspiration for the industrial, house, and even rap and hip-hop recording artists who followed. Like the house song ' bur Son is Dead', these compositions form an anthropological scrapbook, sampling voices and sounds from real life. The record jacket lists the sound bytes used in each song, which include a radio-show host, a Lebanese mountain singer, Algerian Muslims, and even an unidentified New York City exorcist. Each voice is layered over different percussive and instrumental tracks, sometimes modern sounds over tribal beats, or vice versa. The effect is a startling compression of time and culture, where the dance beat of the music is the only regulated element in a barrage of bird, animal, industrial,...


And you sit down like this ignoring him and demonstrating it instead of explaining it. We have all read about wizards and witches (a being (usually female) imagined to have special powers derived from the devil), and seen films with them in and we are always fascinated by the special effects, that have them controlling matter with just their fingertips, or their minds. But then it's just a film, no one has these powers in real life, do they So what if there is no alien al sitting in his backyard, playing the latest version of human universe 2, and there are no such thing as supernatural beings, wizards, sorcerers, magical healers, and matter movers what are we to do What if we are all alone in this dark universe What if this tiny planet, a speck of dust in the universe is all that contains life as we know it What if there is no afterlife, no heaven and hell, what if this world is solid and there are no illusions, except the ones we go to see performed on stage What would we do How...

Ch2ch2ch3 Gh2ch2ch3

(with 80 mg, intramuscularly) I feel light and nervous. I'm way off in a big castle with beautiful colors and scenery. I'm back with the girl who accused me of fathering her child. It's peaceful. She had everything she wanted. My aunt made sure we went to church on Sunday. I see the devil in front of my face. Everything is going fast. Too fast. It's not pleasant. Things are going zig-zag. Feels like I'm tired. I feel like an old man in a rocking chair sitting in front of a phonograph. Everything is so mixed up. I'm trying to get myself together. I have a vibrating feeling. It makes mc feel as though I'm not here.

Currency exchange

While she is struggling to manufacture her career, let's consider how the hell she is going to get a grant. If research papers are the currency of science, then grants are the life-blood. You need the currency to afford the blood. The Zealots within the movement are quick to demonize any company that makes money in science publishing, but if pressed would be forced to admit that their own model would not work on a wider scale. In any other business, the idea that profit is bad would be laughable, but scientists are an idealistic bunch. Time will tell, but it is highly unlikely that for-profit science publishing is going to disappear unless a ridiculous amount of money is funneled into the idealistic model - public money that is. What is the best they can hope for access to science results that less than one per cent of Americans can understand I know it sounds elitist to say that the public will not benefit from free access to research they are paying for, but it is the truth. Most...

Multilevel Reality

Aldous Huxley, the author of Brave New World and Doors of Perception, experimented with mescaline and wrote about his hallucinogenic experiences in Heaven and Hell, a book whose title suggests that Huxley understood the extreme emotions that the hallucinogenic drug user may experience.

Sweet and sour

Underscoring the need for strong involvement by US scientists in embryonic stem cell research. It had only been a year earlier that embryonic stem cells had been made from mouse models of Parkinson's disease and Severe Combined Immune Deficiency, demonstrating how fast therapeutic cloning and stem cell research is advancing. Like most things scientific, with stem cells and cloning the devil is in the detail, and misunderstanding of those details or flat-out paranoia are more common than not in society.

The Purist

We get hired by people moving up in the political systems, drug cartels, and of course corporations. We even work for foreign companies. If Toyota hired us to hit Ford, we'd hit Ford a little bit, but then turn around and knock the hell out of Toyota. We'd rather pick on them than us. remember a job that 1 did on a local TV station, 1 went in posing as a student working on a project for a communications class. 1 got a tour with an engineer, and I had a notebook and busily wrote down everything he said. The guy took me back where the computers were. Now in almost every computer department in the United States, written on a piece of masking tape on the phone jack or the modem itself is the phone number of that modem. It saves me the time and trouble of scanning 10,000 numbers. I'm already writing notes, so I just write in the number, go home, wait a week or so, and then call them up lyou don't call them right away, stupid). Your local telephone company won't notice you and the company...

One X or two

In January 2005, Harvard University President Larry Summers got into a hell of a lot of trouble when he suggested that part of the reason why women have not made as much progress in math and science as they have in other fields could be partly due to innate differences in analytic ability. Dr Summers was lambasted by both male and female colleagues at the institution, and hauled over the coals by the press and women scientists around the country. While Dr Summers was not particularly articulate in his arguments and clearly intended to be provocative, his real fault was touching the third rail of a contentious issue without at least acknowledging the fact, if he knew it, that his idea was not new and was not supported by rigorous scientific inquiry.


Informal Names Agua de Chango, AIP, Al Capone, Alquitran, Alquitranat, Amsterdam Marble, Antifreeze, Aries, Aunt Hazel, Bad Seed, Ball, Ballot, BartSimpson, Beast, Big H, Big Harry, Birdie Powder, Black Pearl, Black Stuff, Black Tar, Blanca, Blanco, Blows, Blue Bag, Blunt, Bomb, Bombido, Bombita, Bombs Away, Bonita, Boy, Bozo, Brain Damage, Brea, Brick Gum, Broja, Brown, Brown Crystal, Brown Marijuana, Brown Rhine, Brown Sugar, Brown Tape, Bundle, Butu, Caballo, Caca, Calbo, Canade, Cap, Capital H, Carga, Carne, Chapopote, Charley, Chatarra, Cheese, Chicle, Chieva, China Cat, China White, Chinese Red, Chip, Chiva, Climax, Cocofan, Coffee, Cotics, Courage Pills, Crank, Crap, Crop, Crown Crap, Cura, Cut-Deck, Dava, Dead on Arrival, Deck (quantity), Deuce, Diesel, Dirt, DOA, Dog Food, Dogie, Doogie, Dooje, Doo-jee, Dooley, Dope, Dreck, Dr. Feelgood, Dugie, Duji, Dujie, Dust, Dyno, Dyno-Pure, Eighth, Estuffa, Ferry Dust, Flea Powder, Foil, Foo Foo Stuff, Foolish Powder, Fry Daddy (with...

Get Virtual with

This is sick, says Troy, one of my connections to the hacker underworld in the Bay Area, whom I had interviewed that afternoon. We're going now Troy had offered to let me come along with him and his friends on a real-life 'crack' if I changed the names, burned the phone numbers, etc., to protect their anonymity.

Polyp from the Deep

Both the estrangement from the environment and the estrangement from the individual body, experienced in both of the preceding experiments described by Gelpke-as well as the feeling of an alien being, a demon, seizing possession of oneself-are features of LSD inebriation that, in spite of all the other diversity and variability of the experience, are cited in most research reports. I have already described the possession by the LSD demon as an uncanny experience in my first planned self-experiment. Anxiety and terror then affected me especially strongly, because at that time I had no way of knowing that the demon would again release his victim.

Big O Little O

May in fact be, god forbid, soul-less automata, no more than mechanical zombies masquerading as conscious beings. For all you know, you might be the only conscious entity existing, for what conscious experience are you familiar with but your own Indeed, when Descartes began his philosophical career he wanted to know what he could be absolutely certain about, with no room for doubt whatsoever. Gazing out of an ornate 17th century window, he wondered if perhaps all of reality was a cunningly designed trick played on him by some artful demon with absolute powers of trickery. Entertaining such a sinister scenario, Descartes came to the conclusion that the only thing that he knew to be real for sure was the existence of his own self - he thought, therefore he was. There could be no doubting that at least. This deceptively simple realisation became the sure-fire bedrock enabling him to develop all of his subsequent philosophy and science.


If honesty in the legal world can no longer be relied on, then in the underworld of course there is absolutely nothing to hold them back. Naturally, one illegal substance lends itself better to being cut than another. What also counts is that selling adulterated dope in certain circles is really not a good idea. Hard drugs in particular are well known to be cut on a large scale with strange substances. With caffeine, manitol, inositol, fructose, dextrose, vitamin E and these days even atropine-cut coke and speed are more the rule than the exception. Hashish too was and still is regularly adulterated, both in the land of production as well as by dealers in the country it is distributed. The list of substances that have been used for this is long as well as the addition of low-value leaf material from the hemp plant itself, they include animal fats, soap, henna, shoe polish, paraffin, sand and camel shit. Although it is perfectly possible that the latter is no more than an anecdote from...


No longer are the bars there to keep you in, they are unimportant. You are on a journey to self-awareness, a journey that will take you past the most dangerous demons in your mind. They will be more dangerous than any man you have ever faced. Do not engage these demons, just watch them go past silently. They will pass and eventually, through meditation, they will disappear.

The Nature of Harm

The principle that decisions should be left to each individual unless harm to others will result is commonly referred to as the Harm Principle, the classic formulation of which is credited to John Stuart Mill.10 The Harm Principle does not tell society when it should step in to restrict or regulate behavior, but it does provide what seems to be a fairly straightforward mechanism for determining when society would be justified if it decided to do so. While this picture is simple and has intuitive appeal, as with so many things, the devil is in the details. Difficult questions lurk just below the surface.

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