Calibrated Wellness CBD products

Thanks to Calibrated Wellness, you can live a full and improved life even in this pandemic. For that to happen, you won’t have to

  • Leave your house just like you did for a nice spa treatment, 
  • Go to any hospital to get anti-inflammatory drugs, 
  • Worry about renewing your medicine,
  • Beg anyone to get you anything that improves your sleep, 
  • Take a plethora of meds to relieve your anxiety, 

And most importantly, 

  • You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars and be at the mercy of profit-seeking pharmacists. 

What is Calibrated Wellness?

As the name suggests, Calibrated Wellness is all for keeping you safe and healthy no matter where you are and what conditions you live in. 

It is a company that produces CBD products for your wellness. As of now, Calibrated Wellness has already produced tens of beneficial products already.

These products are well-tested and looked after before they are dispatched to your doorsteps. 

Why do they use CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol - a proven beneficial chemical compound that is found in hemp and marijuana. 

Now, just by mentioning these two names, you might think that the products will inevitably have psychoactive effects. 

In other words, you fear that they will get you high. 

But do not worry because they extract only CBD from the plant and leave THC, and that explains the non-psychoactive effects of all of its products. 

So, when you use them, you get the full goodness of CBD without any side effects at all. 

Should you trust Calibrated Wellness?

Calibrated Wellness’s motive of helping people like you is powered by its experts that vow to create CBD infused products meant to boost your well-being. 

All of their products are third-party lab-tested. That means you get products that are 100% free from any harmful substances or chemicals that do nothing but put a burden on your systems. 

Their expertise, product scrutiny, and careful handling speak of their commitment to bring out substantial products. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of their process.

  • Harvesting

They harvest CBD from trusted, non-GMO, and very much organically grown farms from Colorado, Kentucky, and Scandinavia. 

  • Quality checking 

They do regular quality check tests before putting them through the process of product creation. 

  • Performing Supercritical CO2 extraction 

Currently, in the CBD industry, the Supercritical CO2 extraction is deemed the best and reliable process for extracting CBD from cannabis. The company has also implemented this process because it retains beneficial molecules in their original state. 

  • Performing lab tests

Calibrated Wellness’s work does not stop on extraction only. The next step involves testing the CBD extract to ensure that it is free from any contamination from the previous steps. A plethora of different tests is done to get the final form in its purest form.

As you can see, Calibrated Wellness stays true to its name. It follows all the right protocols and incorporates the industry-grade amounts of CBD in their products.

This reason is alone enough to trust the company to its core. You have nothing to lose at all. 

The products

As mentioned above, the company has already produced a lot of products that can cover your wellness from every possible corner. 

For pains, sore muscles, and joints:

  • CBD Lidocaine Roll-on Gel is a gel to get your sore joints doing their work again. 
  • Hemp Intensive Relief Rub is a hemp induced oil meant to cure sore muscles that do not budge when you take other medicine. 
  • Cryogenic Rub has 50 mg of isolate CBD that works wonders on joint aches. 

Other Products

  • Tattoo Enhancer has CBD and Apple Stem Cells to bring out the real shine of your skin cells.
  • Hair Revive Bundle has products that can save you $4,000-$15,000 of hair transplant and give you your hair back. 
  • Ultimate Skin Bundle is there to take care of your skin in your home. 
  • Skin Enhancer not only soothes your skin but also rejuvenates it. 
  • Vitamin C-BD is a skin serum that repairs your skin cells by hydrating them.
  • Vibrant Facial gives you spa treatment.
  • CBD Essentials contains skincare products for your entire day. 
  • CBD Sun Defense will keep you from skin cancer the way you deserve it. 

Benefits of these products

The range of products explained above is more than enough to help you achieve the following benefits. 

  • You will never see anxiety in your life. Your everyday worry will vanish like it's meant to. 
  • Your skin will regain its lost vitality and once the pandemic is over, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on getting the skin you had before it. 
  • If home-based workouts or any other disease cause inflammation in your joints, you will have these products take care of you in the most cost-effective method. 
  • You will sleep sound and worry-free. 
  • Your muscles will see their true selves again. No spams at all.
  • And all of this will add to your quality of life. 

What more could you want? Head to their store and get your wellness products now. 

Calibrated Wellness CBD products
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