You Cant Take It Out Either

Customs and the Coast Guard may stop and search vessels leaving American waters as well as those coming in, ruled a federal couit. Allegedly helping to solve the U.S.drug problem by steaming for the high seas with five and a half tons of pot Frank D. Stanley's boat was still boarded and busted by coast guardsmen nine miles offshore.

Stanley's O/S National had been seen entering California's Bodega Bay Harbor after midnight and leaving early the next morning. It aroused suspicion" by being rigged for albacore fishing, then available only near Mexico. When a routine check of a truck whose rear wheels had broken through the Harbor Fish Company pier revealed grass debris, the suspicious boat was apprehended at sea.

On appeal of a dismissal motion, the Ninth Circuit Court agreed there was no tiling to connect the truck with the boat but allowed the search because of the overriding need to stop grass from crossing the border- ineidier direction.

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