Vin Dsiles

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American entrepreneurs spread ihe drug across ihe continent, reaping handsome profits, but none did as well as the Coi-sican-born citizen of Paris, Angelo Mariani, the originator of coca-based beverages. Mariani introduced his coca wine in the mid-1860s. By the mid-1880s he was the largest importer of coca leaves in Europe, and his Yin Mariani the most avidly endorsed tonic on both sides of the Atlantic. Testimonials from eminent personages were so numerous that Mariani, as great a public relations man as he was a chemist, published them in handsome leather-bound volumes-replete with portraits and biographical sketches oftlbe endorsers. Those present included the Prince of Wales, the czar and czarina of Russia, the kings of Norway and Sweden, the commanding general of Ihe British Army, and

Pope Leo XIII, who, afier many years of sipping Yin Mariani, cited Mariani as a ''benefactor of humanity'1 and presented him with a gold medal.. Some 8,000 doctors swore lo ihe virtues of Yin Mariani. .And Dr. J. Leonard Corning of New York, the first surgeon lo use cocaine for spinal anesthesia, testified that ''Of all the ionic preparations ever introduced lo the notice of the profession, this is undoubtedly the most potent.for good in the treatment of exhaustive and imlalive conditions of ihe central nervous system." Alexandre Dumas, Jules Verne, Emile Zola, Henrik Ibsen, and other renowned authors were equally lavish in their praise of Yin Mariani.. Bartholdi, sculptor of the Slalue of Liberty, wrote thai this "precious wine will give me the strength lo carry out certain olher projects already formed."

Yin, the woiidacful tonic winev has the effect of prolonging life. JULES, VERNE..

s. P. A.

Rome, January 2, 1898.

"It has pleased His Holiness to instruct me to transmit in his august name his thanks to Monsieur Mariani, and to testify again in a special manner his gratitude. His Holiness has even deigned to offer Monsieur' Mariani a Gold Medal bearing his venerable image."

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