The Twisted Leaf

Wust.Coast Africans had developed such a teste for the kind of tobacco brought them by the Portuguese thai they clearly preferred to transact business only with these whites. A good part of the business lay in the capture of intend Negroes for the slave trade. Prices for slaves became fairly standardized; a Negro trader in Guinea, for instance, would he paid six or «even rolls of Brazil tobacco (each weighing 75 pounda) for the delivery of another Negru into servitude, The im of tobacco was never more corrupted-nor did it aver brity a greater price,.. .For a piece rif roll tobacco they willingly sold their splendid st(;urs. the measure of Ihe animal from horns to extended tail being equal to a single length of thu

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The Mighty Lunf. 1US2

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"Reports of women who are willing to pmslitutu themselves for a carton of cige rettes, and of men who trade stolen goods for cigarette«, are else common during and after wars."

household highs 95

Indians lighting up bone in the body begins lo ache, there's a tightness in the head and the elimination of body waste becomes difficult.. This lasts from 24 lo 36 hours, followed by a beastly hangover characterized by aching eyes and [oints, constantly running nose, depression and lassitude.

Nutmeg and mace are both obtained from the handsome tropical tree Myrislica fragrans-nutmeg from the seed, and mace from the aril. Nutmeg and mace are very similar chemically, their principal active ingredients being myristicin (a nonamine precursor of M-MDA), elemicin and safrole, compounds very similar to mescaline.

Most of the commercial nutmeg sold in the United States is grown in the West Indies, but it is the Fast Indian variety that is the most psychoactive. This may not be any great loss, because, except to the very desperate, nutmeg and mace are not recommended highs.

ASPIRIN Worldwide, only caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are used more than aspirin, the most widely consumed drug for the treatment of disease or ailments. Chemically known as acetyl salicylic acid, aspirin is not only the most effective pain reliever short of a narcotic, but also great for lowering fever, reducing swelling in the joints and a great many other applications.

No one quite knows how aspirin works to relieve pain. It is currently being suggested that it masks the pain by antagonizing natural pain substances, such as the peptides released by the blood and tissues at the site of an injury as part of the body's immunological response.

Since the actions of the drug itself are not really understood, its side effects have not always been apparent. . Aspirin is a stomach irritant and should always be taken with a lot of water (or, preferably, something thicker) in order lo protect the stomach's inner lining. Aspirin's only use as a high seems lo be in combination with the cola drinks. A buzz of some renown among teenagers of the past, even after the cocaine was removed from Coca-Cola, it is now hard to find anyone who has ever gotten off on this mixture. Perhaps il is a treat only for1 the naive: in any case, this ''high'' is largely scorned in the sophisticated Seventies.

GLUE AND SOLVENTS Glue and solvent sniffers are a group of heads often regarded as somewhat tainted, if not downright deviant. . When inhaled, the volatile solvents acetone, benzene, butyl acetate, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, ethylene dichloride, ethyl and isopropyl al^phols, hexane, toluene and various ketones and esters all produce a high commonly characterized as a cross

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