The Sensational

Aliot From The Magician

WDOEN \*rtes

Imagine the totritifd ok your fVicitis ik«s their hi&h dribbhrtvg tbeir arm!

WDOEN \*rtes

While h\ lid means a com|ilttle i .ilalui;. the hiHtmiug (illtilo is in-leridnd us ¡i «eiier.)) aid in iden-lilvin^ .mil ulet4ori/iHR some til the more i iimrndnlx used pilar» mat culi) <il MlhsUnm. «hit h are divided iiilii five broad categories: Pili ti Killers, "tips". "Downs", "Tranks" .mil "I'svt hinlritV. Please note in some cases a particular pharmat eulii a I will overlap Inn iir more categories. mk h .is an "l'p" thai aliot«nlaius ■i "Down" (often relerred I« .is « •Kn<in>iill"), In sutil cases. the pharm;».rn(n ,il is included in the

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