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< aleuorv whose a< lion predoirii-natcs. With regard In lite use id iinv i>l Ihesr substances. tha-reader is urserl In remember those art- ven pot fin 1 drugs; thai their eilet Is can differ grealK in different individuals; that the mixing til two tir more substances can he extremely dangerous and even lalal: thai different combinations nt pharmaceutical substances when tiikfi.n together can have .i "potentiating" effect (which means lliat the action »I Ihr t iiinhiiiation t un be far more powertiiI Ih.i n (he properties nt

Ihe indiv componenls wmitd indii aie); and tliat certain su listant i-s ¿ire strnngly ton Irai ndica-led (recommended a gain si) 'or in-dividuak wilh certain phvsical or emulionut conditions such as lovv-lilodd pressure, respiralory ail-menls. glnucuma, allergies, dépression. psychosis, etc.. ail of vvhit h require Ihe spécifie ad vice and attention »1 a phy.sician. This list. then, is uni mtended as a suii-stitute lor such atlvice; rallier. Ihe reader is strongly advisud 1« i misait his or lier physician iti nll m al (ers relation lo health.

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