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. v' . : The Center of the Cyclone, 1973 r

RESERPINE The source of reserpine is Houwo/fio seipentino and oilier species of the genus named after the German, Leonhard Rauwolf.. Used in India for thousands of years to calm anxiety, the plant was called chundnv or "moon," in reference to its ability 10 control "moon disease" (lunacy). The plant was also used 10 treat snake and scoipion bites, hence the name seipentino.

In modern . limes, reserpine is widely used to keep mental patients under control,., often in combination with chloipromazine. Although it will, calm, the drug usually won't produce sleep. Available under such names as Rau-Sed and Serpasil, reserpine is used to treat anxiety, tension, tension headache and high blood pressure. The drug interacts with MAO inhibitors. Side effects include lowered blood pressure, stomach distress and some twenty other symptoms. Since the effect of the drug is delayed and cumulative, leather than direct, . and possibly because of its mental hospital association. reseipine is not very often used for kicks,

SCOPOLAMINE Also known as hyoscine. this alkaloid is similar in effect and comes from the same sources as atropine and hyoscyamine. It is most often prescribed in medicine as a tranquilizer and in gastrointestinal disorders. Scopolamine is more toxic and more profoundly depressing to the body than atropine. Therefore it should be avoided even more scrupulously, especially, by those with any cardiovascular problems.

SEROTONIN There is much research yet to be done on this neurohormone. also known as 5-hydroxytryptamine. Chemically . it is similar to LSD-25. psilocybin. mescaline and bufotenine; yet LSD inhibits the action of serotonin in the body, as do morphine and Thorazine. On the other hand, reserpine. although a tranquilizer. liberates serotonin action. Small., increases in serotonin levels* lend to produce sedation; high doses prru.ip ilul« nxcitution and munt al arousal.,.

Methysergide maleate. marketed as Sanserif is a potent serotonin inhibitor used to alleviate chronic vascular migraine headaches. Taken in larger than therapeutic quantities. it is said to produce a psychedelic high. Sandoz, manufacturer of Sansert, wains that freezing feet, severe ci^mps, pulmonary or cardiac fibrosis and other unpleasantiies may result from the use of Sansert. „

STRYCHNINE Originally, synthesized in 1818, :

strychnine was used in the nineteenth century to increase the circulation and stimulate the heart. . Now it is used only occasionally, _ to revive people overdosed on CNS depressants. But it reaches many people by way of bootLeg chemicals. In the ^ past a frequent adulterant in impure LSD, strychnine (and the related chemical bmcine) is often present in illicitly produced stimulants that are sold as amphetamines. In therapeutic doses, it greatly increases mental and muscular activity but j it is an easy drug on which to oveixlose. Too much \ can cause convulsions and muscle, spasms that j wilL lead to death if not treated. j

YTTAMiN B COMPLEX The B vitamins (in j their proper proportions) are especially, needed in < the nervous system with the use of any j psychoactive drug, including marijuana, cocaine, j amphetamines, psychedelics and akohoi._. In 5

massive doses, the B vitamins may relieve tension, limit neuroses and even help some kinds of ;

psychoses. States of severe confusion can be alleviated with these busy B's,

Massive doses can also act like "natural speedi banishing lassitudeand sparking the mind but ■

actuallyi reducing stress rather than promoting it.. » Essential to growth, cell, reproduction, blood j production and protein synthesis, these vitamins are necessary in increased amounts for infections, during pregnancy and for liver and kidney ailments.

YOHIMBINE HYDROCHLORIDE ' Yohimbine is one of several indole-based alkaloids found in Coiynanthe yohimbe, Rauwolfw seipeniina and a number of other plants. A stimulant and mild hallucinogen, yohimbine is also used as an aphrodisiac. since it activates the spinal ganglia that effect the erectile tissues. Either snorted or eaten, yohimbine produces subtle peireptual and mood changes and a nice series of spinal mshes and shivers.

It is an MAO inhibitor. In addition, it should not be used by people with kidney, liver, heart, hyperthyroidism. hypertension, diabetes or low blood sugar conditions. While generally, a mild, pleasant high, yohim-bine can cause anxiety, nausea, excossi ve perspiru lion and insomnia.

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