The Origins Of Religion

"As man emerged from his brutish past, thousands of years ago, there was a stage in the evolution of his awareness when the discovery of a mushroom (or was it a higher plant?) with miraculous properties was a revelation to him, a veritable detonator to his soul, arousing in him sentiments of awe and reverence, and gentleness and love, to the highest pitch of which mankind is capable, all those sentiments and virtues that mankind has ever sincc regarded as the highest attribute of his kind. It made him see what lhis perishing mortal eye cannot see What today is resolved into a mere drug, a tryptamine or lysergic aeidc derivative, was for him a prodigious miracde, inspiring in him poetry and philosophy and religion Out of a mere drug comes the ineffable, comes ecstasy. It is not the only instance in the history of humankind where the lowly has given birth to the divine/'

R. Gordon Wasson "The Hallucinogenic Fungi of Mexico; An Inquiry into the Origins ol" the Religious Idea among Primitive Peoples,"

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