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The co\>e>~s of a pamphlet promoting fhe Mormon Elders' Damiaim Wafers

"I hardly see liim at niglu since he look up sex."

Mrs. Kinsey restrictions. In fact, damiana cordials thai advertise themselves as "the Liqueur for Lovers" can be imported from Mexico. Tlie concentration of damiana leaf in these yellowish liqueuts is generally, too inconsequential to have any sexual effect, however.

Kavakava makes some people glow with psychic and genital euphoria, while others consider ii a Souih Pacific placebo thai doesn't even taste good. Too bad for Ihe latter, because this preparation of the roots and lower stems of the tropical plant Piper meiliystiaim can be an entertaining good-time drug that relaxes the body and clams I lie mind without reducing menial sharpness.

Because kavakava is insoluble in water, native users prechew the soapy-tasting roots and -then brew the expectorated gop into a beverage. This stomach-turning ritual can be by-passed by emulsifying the plant in a fatty base before drinking. It still, won't taste like Orange Julius.

Even more erratic than kavakava in its aplnodisiacal effects is L-dopa, a pharmaceutical used mainly in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. The widespread medical use of the drug has demonstrated that it can be a colossal sexual turn-on for1 a small percentage of patients who receive it.. Reports of hospitalized men and women in their late sixties acting like pubescent rabbits are not uncommon, but really not frequent enough to make L-dopa worth experimenting with. Its nasty side-effects include nausea, anxiety, confusion, hot flashes and hair loss. This dangerous chemical shouldn't be taken without a doctor's advice.

Spanish Fly-lhe active ingredient in classic American folk tales of lust-crazed maidens wantonly copulating with drain pipes, Genoa salami and traveling salesmen-is by 110 means a high, by all means a drug. It is actually pulverized blister beetles (Lytia vesicatoria and other species)-brig lit green, southern European insects so named because a paste of their bodies raises blisters on human skin-which contain canlharidin, a powerful irritant to body tissue.

Mormon Elders

Soulh Pacific i'n .s by Paul Gauguin

Soulh Pacific i'n .s by Paul Gauguin

While cantharidin imparls an iich lo the genitals, it is not the tingling of love one feels but a burning irritation that canol be alleviated through scratching, urination or intercourse.

Originally used to excite far- animals that were not conveniently in heat, Spanish Fly is a beastly thing. It causes painful and sometimes bloody urination, and in addition to fever and other side effects, this crushed bug can cause permanent damage to precious internals, especially the kidneys and genitals. Death, the only known relief from permanently damaged genitals, can also easily be achieved through this mullifaceted powder.

Cantharides are illegal in the United States except for animal husbandry, so commercial products using the name lfSpanish Fly*' are usually made with some hot spice like cayenne pepper (capsicum).

Few people know that the plant sources of the common flavorings licorice and sarsaparilla contain natural forms of, respectively, the female and male sex hormones. The licorice root contains estrogen, and sarsaparilla is a commercial source of testosterone» Hormones are the body's natural love potions, and there are enough in these pla-ts to spark a considerable sexual uprising. But use them with extreme care and only when necessary, as any regular outside supply will signal the body to slow down its own production of vital fluids, a highly undesirable state of affairs.

Some drugs, although they produce horny highs to different degrees, are used primarily to augment sexual energy and stamina. These include cocaine, the various amphetamines, pemoline, the caffeineiike alkaloids and a variety of other crude and pharmaceutical compounds.

Cocaine is by far the sexiest of the illicit drugs, both in ambience and effect:. "Power," according to Henry Kissinger, ,fis the ultimate aphrodisiac/' and at current prices, cocaine is one of the most visible emblems of the wealthy and powerful hedonist... Though sometimes called "gitl," the enchanting white powder is always thought of as a "lady"-seductive, sophisticated and exotically expensive.

First isolated from the coca leaf in 1859, by the 1890s cocaine was in popular use as a sex prolonger. In the early days of the twentieth century, the drug's voluptuous mystique was assured by the sex, magic and cocaine exploits of A leister Crowley, who wrote:

Slab your1 demonic smile lo my brain,

Soak me in cognac, love and cocaine.

The Internals Betel Leaf
fNuslnih'on for AI dial or Crowley's Cocaino
Soak Cognac And Cocaine
8enjomin Butler ond Glover Cleveland on cover of SarspariJJa Magazine.

WHEN THE COKE CROWS "Dr. Hipolito Unanue reported in 1794 the existence of "certain coqueros, 80 years old and more, and yet capable of such prowess as young men in the prime of life would be proud of."

Dr. Hipolilo Unanue Disertocion oehr. eJ aspccto, cutijvo, cotnwercia, y virllldes dejo fomoso pjonlo del Peru noitibroda coca, 1794

Just a couple of lines of lady can give a person remarkable libidinous and physical energy. Coked-up couples can screw for hours on end, on the side, upside down, whichever way-their tremendous physical vitality allows them to maintain physically, demanding positions and thus attain new realms of gratification. Men with malleable members have found that coke tempers their tools to an industrial hardness that survives more than one orgasm intact; staid women have snorted blow and been reborn, with genital gusto. Moreover, the cocaine high, unlike other sexual

":r: i{now 1+1-b W0R}(iNGS0i t+iat Oq"-AOf:UI-, x and ocadi-,^ DOWDfJf

"Woe to you my Princess, when I come to visit her in Vienna. I will kiss you quite red and feed you 1 ill you are plump. And if yon are forward you shall see who is the stronger, a gentle Utile girl that doesn't eat enough or a big wild man who has cocaine in his body. In my last severe depression I look coca once again and a small dose lifted me to the heights in a wonderful fashion. I am just now busy collecting the literal tire for a song of praise to this magical substance."

Sigmund Freud in a leller to fiancee Martha Bernays. June 1S84

highs, can be precisely controlled, since the main rush lasts about half an hour. Snort a little more if you're flagging; wait a little while if you're too spaced. Some people, incidentally, become too fired up intellectually or emotionally by cocaine 10 feel I ike getting it on.

The numbing properties of cocaine can lead to a lot of joyful experimentation in bed. Rubbed on the penis or cliioiis, it will delay orgasm and intensify sexual response by deadening surface nerves; it is also applied to the anus and nipples for unique sensations. Benzocaine and other over-the-counter pain balms and sunburn sprays will, do the same kind of anesthetizing, but with much less class.

Amphetamines can also promote the coital urge. While there is no medical reason that they shouldn't provide exhilaration and energy to both sexes equally, ladies report that ups and speed make them feel sexier and have better orgasms more than men. A man who gets horny from amphetamines may still have trouble getting erect, or perhaps will be unable lo ejaculate even after extended periods of effort..

Injected methamphetamine gives the strongest sexual kick, but is also the most dangerous and debilitating high. Extended overuse of any type of amphetamine can result, in anxiety, paranoia and ■physical deterioration lhat is about as sexy as rotten teeth.

Many subtler stimulants are used around the wodd lo promote sexual zip and high spirits. Pemoline magnesium, the "memory drug" of ever-changing availability, is said lo lend a nice kind of mental clarity lo the sexual encounter. In India, lovers consume Kid (Saussurea lappa) for its heart-stimulating action, while American Indians traditionally achieve the same effect with caclus flowers.

Vitamins A, D, E and all those of the B complex are essential for healthy sexual apparatus and drive, bui only the B complex can actually

'"The demand for cocaine has created numerous roles for women. Maybe not the kind women's lib would thrust their fists in ihe air over. But the ladies can always be found near coke, and not always for the best reasons.1*

Marc Olden Cocaine. 1973

produce a body "'high.'* A dose of B vitamins can act like natural speed, generating energy and good, healthy feelings.

All of the caffeinelike alkaloids have ai one time or anolher been used to fan the internal coals. Oriental hookers use the potent black tea concentrate for sluggish John-sans, and diverse societies rely on kola nuts, coffee beans, guarana and betel nuls to get them ihrough the night..

The goblei of mare sweat thai is required to complete the love potion is a running joke in A Funny Thing Happened on lhe Way to the Forum. But it is an absurdity thai pales in comparison lo the con ten is of classical Roman love philtres. Hippomanes, a small piece of flesh taken from the forehead of a newly foaled colt, was eaten by sex-jaded libertines who wished to once more crave the cave or moan for the bone; and in the third century of the empire ihe cook Apicius recommended marinated vulva of sow for increased potency.



Cantharides Aphrodisiac

Peruvian erotica



Peruvian erotica

SATYR ION'S SWEET GAMES "Accordingly we followed the pair, who led us along the name boards, where we saw in (he chambers persons of both sexes behaving in such a fashion I concluded thai they must everyone have been drinking satyricon "

"Meanwhile the satyricon I had drunk a while before, stirring every fiber to lascivtousness, I began to perform vigorously on QuarLilJa, while she, tired with a like watonness, showed no repugnance to the game,"

Petroni us Satyrican

One aphrodisiac mentioned frequently by the Greeks and Romans has never been properly identified. It has been postulated that the arcane substance, referred to as "satyricn," was concocted from some variety of orchid, Hercules is said to have deflowered 50 virgins in one night after drinking iL No mean feat, even for a very strong guy. And Theophrastus asserts that a mere slave who ate a bit of the satyrion plant was able to offer "70 uninterrupted sacrifices to Venus»",

A species of colewort called the rocket plant (Brasica eurca) was also valued by ancients of a randy bent.. John Davenport wrote in his 1865 book Aphrodisiacs and Anti-aphrodisiacs about a group of monks who planted rocket in their garden, thinking it would be a good stimulaut to help them through all-night vigils and such. Rut, Davenport tells us, "Alas! ... the poor cenobites were so stimulated by its aphrodisiacal virtues that, transgressing alike their monastic walls and vows, they sought relief for their amorous distress in the fond embraces of the women residing in the neighborhood,"

Throughout history, humans have chosen only the most expensive, exotic or disgusting available substances as aphrodisiacs. To sixteenth-century Europeans, potatoes and tobacco from the mysterious New World were merciless inflamers of passion; the famous Cleopatra drank pearls dissolved in vinegar to nourish the procreative spirit, while others of her day preferred the effects of tincture of gold or hummingbird hearts.

Orientals have always believed in the sexual power of things of the sea, such, as shellfish, eels, bird's nest soup and shark fin. One of the most popular aphrodisiacs in modern Japan is the fugu fish, Fugu is actually a preparation made from the testes of the poisonous puffer fish, and it is taken mixed with hot sake. Sometimes an extremely potent sex stimulant, fugu can also act as the deadly nerve poison it j.s gnd restrict a person's

Does Injecting Meth Make You Horny

breathing or slop the heart..Each year almost 500 Japanese die from eating fugu because there is no way to differentiate between a fish of thrills and a fish that kills. (Except to do what the wealthy do-hi re a taste-tester.)

Never outdone, the Chinese people have a long hisioiy of aphrodisiacal extravagance. While a modem. Chinese impoteniate wilL spend $1,500 or more per ounce for a particularly, well-endowed ginseng root, his forebears may have sought virility or fertility by feasting on menstrual blood or the sex organs of conquered enemies. It has been claimed that Chinese eunuchs yearning to be like the big boys would eat the brains of freshly decapitated criminals.

Old European love recipes were scarcely more appetizing, frequently, calling for components like roaches, the entrails of unclean birds or the piece of cotton used to dry off a penis after intercourse. Neither were native Americans of the same period pristine in choosing sex highs. While most put down their wampum for the invigorating effects

"I shall show you a love philtre, without tnedica-munis, without herbs, without a witch's incantations. It is this: If you want to be loved, love."

Sroecft SplUk*

of beaver testicles, the Navahos ate cow dung and the Apaches preferred human shit..

But perhaps the most singular aphrodisiac of all time is one used by the Amazons, those female warriors who burnt away the right breasts of girL children to make their fighting arms stronger. According to Eustathius (Eustalhii Commenlarii ad Homorum, 1827), the Amazons broke either a leg or arm of male captives, figuring that the deprivation of the extremity would add strength to the penis and thus "render them more vigorous in the venereal conflict.". When some unsophisticated Scythian rudely remarked on the iiTegular gaits of her slaves, the Amazon Queen Antianara cooly replied, "The lame best peufomi the act of love.1'

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