The Lure Of The Mandrake

"In the days of wheal harvest Reuben went out and found mandrakes in Ihe field, and brought them 10 his mother Leah, Then Rachel said to Leah, 'Give me, I pray, some of your sou's mandrakes.1 But she said to her, "Is it a small matter that yon have taken away my husband? Would you lake away my son's mandrakes also?" Rachel said: Then he may lie with yon tonight for your son's mandrakes.' , When facoh came from the field in the evening, Leah went out to meet liini. and said, 'You must come in to me; for I have hired yon with my son's mandrakes.' . So he lay with her that night'!

Genesis 30:14-16

arc each expanded to the fullest so that people experience overwhelming, oceanic sexual desire for those they find attractive and total repugnance for those that tui;us them off

Once the preliminaries are over and the kissing and hugging starts, the "trip" drugs really start doing their job. Many individuals born after World War II consider the most moving moments of their lives to be the ecstatic highs of making love on good LSD. People have described (he physical and mental intensity of the experience as terms of "lovers melting into each other," "glowing with radiant auras," "coming in colors (a la Roiling Stones)," "fucking for centuries" and "complete ego transcendence." In testimony to acid as a love drug, Baba Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) said in Playboy in 1970: "Before taking LSD, I never stayed in a state of sexual ecstasy for hours on end, but I have done this under LSD. It heightens all of your senses and it means that you're living the sexual experience totally. Each caress or: kiss is timeless."

"Tripping" drugs of another type have been used as aphrodisiacs and fertility aids since Old Testament days at the very least.. In Genesis 30: 14-17, the childless Rachel wants her sister Leah's mandrakes so much that she lends her man to Leah for a night in exchange for the magical roots.

Mandrake, along with datura (jimson weed), deadly nightshade (belladonna) and henbane, (thorn apple), contains the powerful alkaloids scopolamine, atropine and hyoscyamine. Sometimes called the "belladonna alkaloids," these drugs pack profound, otherworldly and unpredictable highs. People often experience the sensation of flying and hallucinations that can completely replace reality for extended periods of time, unlike the everchanging visual tricks that characterize the LSD trip. The main aphrodisiacal effect of these substances is that users become so tripped out, losing not only their inhibitions but their consciousness, that there is no chance of sexual resistance. They also stimulate the nervous system (it is not known precisely how), and the peak of the experience is'typically followed by a long period of stu pored but awake "dreaming" before a deep sleep sets in.

Upon awakening, the mandrake or belladonna tripper will remember nothing of the hours spent in the alkaloid world. This has made the mandrake clan especially popular with white slavers, black magicians, pimps and the other nefarious virgin punciuiers throughout the ages. One classical antecedent of electric punch was the mandrake-spiked orgy wine prepared in classic Greek and Roman times.


"What with loathesome smells,J And shrieks like mandrakes torn, out of the earth, [That living mortals, hearing them, run mad."

William Shakespeare Romeo ami Julie!

Not only are the considerable chemical effects of mandrake and datura admired, but the manlike shape of their tuberous roots (along with other plants like ginseng) is especially revered as a cure for impotence, frigidity and female sterility. Mandrake's thick-forked root so often resembles the male figure that legend asserts it grows from the place where a hanged rapist's ejaculate falls. The ancient Egyptians called mandrake "phallus of the field," and the Arabs knew it as "Satan's testicles." However, mandrake and the other belladonna alkaloids are not recommended sex highs: the trip usually involves more debilitation than excitement, more fear than ecstasy and more than a small chance of waking up in the hospital, . Their primary sexual effect-the lowering of inhibitory reactions-is much more pleasantly accomplished by most any other means.

Alcohol, of course, is the drug most associated with the liberation of lust in our species, from ancient Bacchanalian orgies to Jimmy Buffelt's "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw?" As the most pervasive and acceptable grease of the social cogs, hard drink probably figures in more sexual adventures than all the other highs combined. Which is very curious, for, as the Bard so succinctly put it, alcohol "increases the appetite but diminishes the performance,"

The Bard was right.. Men often have trouble getting it up and off when they're drunk. In fact, Masters and Johnson cite booze as one of the primary causes of secondary impotence, a general impotence resulting mainly from anxiety generated by those occasions when a man cannot become erect .

Absinthe, a green-colored liquor that is illegal in most countries, including the United States, has a special sexual kick. Concocted from oil of wormwood, anise, marjoram and other herbs, absinthe's high is excitatory and narcotic at the same time. Wormwood oil, so named because of its effectiveness in knocking out intestinal worms, is absinthe's principal active ingredient. and it is very destructive to the human body when taken in any more than minute amounts. Any regular use of absinthe would result in muscle and gastric spasms and general physical and mental decay.

Of the many social upheavals of the 1960s, only the cannabis and sexual revolutions survived

Henbane, deadly nightshade, mandrake and datura were all staples of bubbling witches' pots in the Middle Ages, and it has been suggested that the classic image of a hag flying on a broomstick stems from mandrake- tripping sorceresses titillating their vital apertures with the handle of a broom, sometimes brooms! Little class has been added to the reputation of these plants since; in fact, their most recent well-known use for sex thrills was in the jimson weed and belladonna rituals practiced at the Manson ranch.

Absinthe Sexul Effect

PARADISE OF THE GRAND MASTER The Grand Master of tlie Assassins, whenever lie discovers a young man resolute enougli to belong to his murderous legions, invites tlie youtli to his table and intoxicates him with tlie plant hashish. Having been secretly transported to the pleasure gardens the young man imagines thai lie has entered the Paradise of Mahomet.. The givls, lovely as Houris, contribute to this illusion. After he has enjoyed to satiety all the joys promised by tlie Prophet to his elect, lie falls again into a state of lethargy and is transported back to tlie presence of tlie Grand Master."

Marco Polo Tlw Travels of Marco Polo without major reversals. With good reason. Both marijuana and sex are exciting, relaxing and a

HEAVEN BLESS HASHISH "He stretched his hand to her with his heart; in his face, and she gave him hers with a look of lender submission, as lie said ardently, 'Heaven bless hashish, if its dreams end like this.!' "

Louisa M. A Icon contusion of "Perilous Play." 1869

tremendous amount of fun.

Since grass and hash enhance all the perceptions, specific sensual modifications depend on the individual lo a great extent.. A common sensation reported by cannabinol couplers is that their sex organs feel larger. Generally, however, a few joints will slow both lovers down, and the extra time and patience spent on each olher will make the experience more satisfying than a rush job. The THC drugs have done a great deal to mentally and physically free women lo experience orgasm, and they are very effective in overcoming premature orgasm in men. Since anything that changes sensual perception adds sexual spice, people that haven't jumped into bed since 1969 without first toking lip might try screwing straight for a wild new kick.

Opium, the dried exudate of the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum), can be smoked, eaten, taken in suppositories or introduced into any mucous corridor. Unfortunately, opium is becoming a rarity in many parts of the U.S.A., as scarce as primo hash or Jamaican weed, while its destructive derivatives continue to thrive.

Although it has a generally relaxing effect, opium also stimulates erotic energy on both the mental and corporal levels. Voluptuous thoughts, visualizations, dreams and erotic imaginings from the bottom of the libido often accompany the opium high, and if opium is terrific for fantasy, it's even betjer fot performance. According lo the ancient Chinese ''Chin P'ing Mei'1 (a pseudonym used coLLeciively by a group of cognoscenti), even a 1 itile opium will give life lo a tired lance, "assuring the desideratum of at least 3.000 phallic thrusts." Step right up and count 'em. 3 also has a mild anesthetizing effect-strategically __ placed, it provides a pleasant numb feeling and delays orgasm lo the benefit of both parlies.

Amyl nitrite is a volatile liquid that gives a quick and powerful rush when inhaled. Some people find it very stimulating. Used pharmaceutical!^, to control heart spasms and asthma attacks, amyl is available only by prescription, but ii is not a controlled substance.

Ii is most often used for sex jusi before orgasm. Coming on amyl has been described as a

a peaceful seducer; hashish is a disorderly ■ ■ Charles Baudelaire -

International Women Day

Alexander Ki«g illustrations for Black Opium by Claude Faurer folk her body is abandoning itself lo indifferent kisses, there, near me. in the smokinR-room—fknojv thai her soul detaches itsulf to come and embrace my %

own____For thai is the capricious—no." the-wise!—

opium's sporl. In women, who arc creatures made; if fur love, it provokes and increases amorous ardor; whilu in men, who are creatures made for thought, it ; suppresses that sixth sensr; which is c-uraely opposed to cerebral spccubtiobs." '

Claude Farrere Fumt«.' d'Opium (Hlock Opium). 1911;

Opium Den London
Interior of San Francisco opium den

Alexander Ki«g illustrations for Black Opium by Claude Faurer

Opium exudate on incised capsules

Opium exudate on incised capsules heart-poundi ng, all-consuming experience that makes the body feel like it's falling down an elevator shaft while the head zooms off to never-never land. Great insurance against antialimactic climaxes, the liquid also relaxes the involuntary muscles, which explains ¡is popularity among gays, who consider a mellow sphincter a thing of value. A my I also dispels inhibitions in a general way.

Some people don't consider amyl a pleasurable high, but there are no unpleasant side effects for devotees besides an occasional headache or bruises collected in the act of passing out.. However, it lowers the blood pressure radically, so it should not be used by people with heart trouble or low blood pressure. Amyl nitrite comes either in bottles or in small, ampules called f" poppers'* that give off a characteristic odor of rotting fruit when they are broken open and inhaled. A number of other volatile nitrites are being sold as room deodorizers. They have effects similar to, but weaker than, amyl's.

Strychnine, according to researcher Adam Gottlieb, stimulates erectile tissues in the same manner as yohimbine, opium and burra gokeroo, the seeds of the southern Asian plant Pedalmn murex. The reaction to this should be "so what?" because, although some may consider strychnine a buzz of acceptable risk, it is a capriciously lethal substance made for avoiding, not ingesting.

Yohimbine is the most prominent psychoactive alkaloid contained in the inner bark of the west African yohimbe tree (Corynanthe yohimbe). While its main aphrodisiacal effect is in the stimulation of erectile tissue, yohimbine boasts a host of other exhilarating properties. H also produces deep feelings of warmth and joy that heighten the immediacy and beauty of the sexual encounter. Body rushes and spinal shivers that feel particularly delicious during coitus or orgasm are other bonuses.

While the crude bark material is generally brewed into a tea, the hydrochloride salt of yohimbine can be snorted up the nostrils or absorbed in the mouth. The sniffing method is probably best because the drug has an unpleasant taste and tends to be nauseating when swallowed. Yohimbine is perfectly legal,, hut it has a long list of contraindications. An MAO inhibitor, yohimbine shouldn't be used with mescaline, MDA, STP, amphetamines, aged cheeses, alcohol, narcotics, antihistamines and most tranquilizers (Librium may be used to combat the anxiety that yohimbine sometimes produces, especially to the overtired). People with heart, liver or kidney disease, blood-pressure or low blood-sugar problems or diabetes should avoid yohimbine.

"Good health, sufficient exercise and plenty of sleep still remain the most effective of the aphrodisiacs known to man,"

Dr. Alfred Kinsey

Some other legal highs with sexual effects are yag£, damiana and kavakava. Yag£, usually ingested as a snuff, or brew, is the prepared bark of the South American genus Banisteriopsis, and it has several harmine-type alkaloids as its active constituents. Besides acting as a pleasant psychic energizer and hallucinogen, yage is often said to increase ESP powers, sparking the abUity to see auras and energy fields. While these powers can be sexual pluses, it is easy to overdose on yag£, and the resulting nightmare illusions and frantic anxiety are decidedly anti-erotic.

Damiana, the leaves of the shrub Turnera diffusa or T. aphrodisica, was second only to chocolate in the Aztec hierarchy of aphrodisiacs. Although the ancients thought that the plant generated direct genital palpitations, today most users derive a subtle kind of high with sexual overtones similar to those of marijuana. Women especially find that damiana lea or cigarettes wilJ relax them and at the same lime stir their sexual imaginations. Naiive to the southern United States, South America and Africa, damiana has no legal

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