The Hierarchy Of Uigus

"The attitudes (toward drug use) of the self-designated cultural opposition are subtler and mmre ambiguous and varied (and often more sensible), hut one pattern might he as follows. The use of opiates is probably disease but should not be a crime; use of cannabis and cocaine is primarily fun; use of psyche delies lies somewhere between fun and religion; the prescription sedatives and stimulants are mainly medicine but occasionally fun or disease. The status of alcohol is indeterminate; for example, when the advertisements for High Times flatter its readers as multiple drug abusers,', you can be sure that alcohol is not included in the honorific category 'drug,1, yet alcohol does seem to be fun sometimes." -Grinspoon and Bflkahir. Cocaine,Basic Books, New York,

1976, pp. 245-246

accounts for one to two percent of the coffee "bean," is a stimulant of the central nervous system, muscles and circulatory system that reduces fatigue and drowsiness, promotes clearer thinking and aids in the performance of some tasks. Tests show that as little as two cups of coffee make typists type better and drivers drive better. Long recognized as a headache remedy, caffeine is known to constrict cerebral blood vessels in humans, even though it dilates (expands) them in other parts of the body. Therefore it is effective against the great many headaches caused by swelling of blood vessels in the brain, although it is useless or worse for headaches stemming from other causes.

The average five-ounce cup of brewed coffee contains between 80 and 120 milligrams of caffeine. Because of differences in processing, a cup of instant has between 70 and 100 milligrams. Caffeine content also varies among types of coffee beans: Rnhusta, for example, has about twice as much caffeine as the Arabica variety. Coffee was discovered relatively recently. Folklore maintains that in AD. 900 or so an Arab goatherd noticed his charges robustly frolicking and dashing about, their frenzy centered on a group of small trees bearing bright red fruits. The herder discovered that humans, too, become excited after eating the fruit.. Later it was found that the pit of the fruit packed all the wallop-the pit we refer to as the coffee bean.

While the circumstances may be stylized, the timing of the story is factually correct. . A vice una, the master Arab physician whose books were medical standards for 500 years, made the first written description of coffee in the late tenth century. Its use as a stimulant quickly spread throughout the Arab world (the devout used it to keep awake through all-night vigils).

It is very easy to shirt; it may be hard to stop.

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"A Moorish woman with her caffee and water pipe''

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