The Drama Of Life

"The thing that was important was something thai might He called a eosmologLcal commitment. ■ it was a powerful motive to create meaning and to leave a testament of the meaning which that individual found in the would, and in himself in relation to the world. This motive emerged in many ways, but we came across it over and over again when we com pared highly creative individuals with those of equal intellectual ability as measured by the 1Q tests, butof Icss actual creative ability, The intense motivation having to do with this making of meaning-or finding meaning and communicating it in one form or another-was the most important difference between our criterion and control groups

"Ï think that as a result, of the psychedelic experience there's a heightened sense of the drama of life, including its brevity, and a realization both of the importance of one's individual life and of the fact thai a sacred task has been given to the individual in the development of the self,

Dp . Frank Umron in LSD: The Problem-Solving Psychedelic. 1967

synthetics as well as plant hallucinogens: the two most famous examples were Dr. Timothy Leary's League for Spiritual Discovery and Ait Kleps's Neo-American Church. Under conditions of extreme legal persecution, most were doomed to failure. Secret use of hallucinatory agents among dose-knit circles of friends is widespread not only in America but throughout the world. Such circles are the very stuff of which mystery religions aie made.

And so, it seems, we have come full circle in many thousand years. Wc have crossed the bridges to other worlds countless times-Siberia to Alaska. Spain to Mexico and now, Earth to the stars. We journey toward the rising sun, and know not what we'll find along the way (Fantastic Journey). Most of the ancient sacraments of the world are still in use, often profanely, sometimes in genuine spiritual endeavor, but always with that touch of the miraculous that has characterized the magic drugs since time began.

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