Surprise Judge Gives Southerners Comfort

An Arkansas judge who look on a felony pot case at the last minute released all five defendants last November with fines and probation and docked the irate prosecuting attorney $50 for contempt of court. CiicuiL Judge Henry B. Means of Malvern^ Arkansas, worked the case into his docket the night before trial. He dismissed 96 prospective jurors, levied fines of $1,000and $2,000widi five years probation and retired to his chambers.- Tlie 250-pound intend sale rap could legally have slammed tlie defendants with three to ten years and a $15,000fine.

Prosecutor John W. Cole was fined for his vehement protest that four months of police work had gone down the drain, and he vowed to seek .a separate prosecution in f£der$[ court. Local Police Chief David Miller said, Tve never been so fucking mad in my life. That much pot may not sound like much, but it's tlie biggest thing that ever happened around here."

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