Students Get Ofton Florida Mystery Load

Last year, college students Maik Sindrich and Christopher Ken Takagi decided to earn a few dollars by driving a truck from Miami,, Florida, to Columbus, Ohio. When they picked up the truck, they noticed that the cargo hold was padlocked; they were provided with no key or information about llie freight. When the truck failed to stop at an agricultural inspection station in Hamilton County, Florida, it was stopped by inspectors. from the Florida Department of Agriculture. They obtained a search warrant, broke the padlock and discovered a shipment of cannabis.

Both students were convicted of possession despite the defense thai I heir lack of knowledge of the truck's contents defeated any argument thai they were in "actual" or "constructive" possession of the grass. On appeal, the Florida District Court:reversed the conviction, upholding the principle that, although one may be in actual possession of contraband, if one doesn't know it, one cannot be convicted for possession.

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