Spy vs Spy Equals Zero

A man who claimed to be an undercover agent on assignment for the DEA was acquitted by the U.S. District Court: in Boston after the prosecution was unable to prove he hadn't been working for (he law all the time, [ud Stewart Pollack was arrested in Boston on charges of buying and selling cocaine when the three men he'd contacted turned out to be DEA agents. However, Pollack maintained that he had been sent to Boston as an undercover agent after he'd been busied on a marijuana charge by Deputy Sheriff James Brinson of a federal-slate DEA task force in Colorado. Brinson admitted that hfed sent Pollack east, but lo investigate pot dealers* not coke dealers. Pollack's lawyer then subpoenaed Brinson's notes to establish exactly wlial order's had been given, but Brinson destroyed the evidence. The court then ruled that Brinson acted in bad faith, and the charges pending against PoUhck were dropped.

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