Soma Compound

(200 mg cĂ­Ljisoprvdol : 160 mg phe-ni.celm +â–  32 rr.g calieme) WALLACE

Ever since 1971, when manufacturing quotas and tight distribution controls were imposed by (he government, pharmaceutical amphetamines have been hard to come by without a prescription. A great many up fteaks would probably sacrifice a toe if it would get them a "black beauty"-a Strasenburgb 20-milligram Biphetamine, Often considered the reigning queen of diet pills, beauties (impressive dope trivia: they are not black but a very dark maroon) are stuffed with 10 milligrams each of amphetamine and dextroamp hetami tie.

Currently, the most available type of oral stimulants are the "Vhite crosses," also known as crossroads or whites. The chances of there being amphetamine in these underground pills seems to be about 50-50. Analysis has revealed that crosses commonly contain strychnine, brucine, ephedrine, caffeine and other stimulants of different natures. Some oilier pharmaceutical stimulants aie summarized below.

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