Rorer Pressures Quaalude Jewelers

Cleveland, Ohio-William li, Rorcr, Inc., multimillion-dollar pharmaceutical concern and manufacturer of one of the hottest cull, drugs of the Seventies, the Quaaludet is rushing around the paraphernalia industry trying to halt the proliferation of Quaa lude-related jewelry and stash boxes.

Mary Ruth of First Design, manufacturer of a quarter-ounce lSKgold Quaalude replica reports to Dealer that Rorer has contacted her about her ad vert is tug and promotion of the jewelry, accusing her company of trademark infringement .

Ms. Rut 15 reports that she has been manufacturing exact duplicates of Rorer 7!4 tablets (Quaaludes) for over a year now in solid gold and in solid steeling. The jewelry is worn as a pendant or as earrings. Asking $120 for the go id and $65 for the stealing, Ms. Ruth's company has marketed a few hundred of the handmade items. They initiated a national ad campaign with a mail-order piece in High Times and report that the original ad drew very well and is still drawing. Oui magazine editors, readers of High Times evidently, saw Ms. Ruth's ad and wanted lo feature her product in their photo section called "Opener's," Someone at Oui contacted Rorer to ask about Quaaludes. and tins move tipped the whole number to the legal folks at the pharmaceutical company.

William J. Patrigo, assistant counsel for Rorcr, Inc.. sent a letter to Ms. Ruth noting that "the name Quaal ude and associated marks are registered and iheir unauthorized use by others is prohibited under the trademark act of 1946.

Dealer. June 1976

York and San Francisco Chinatowns (and still are). Traditional opium pipes are hardly ever imported by noncollectors, but a glass bowl some-what like a larger oil pipe with a much larger bulb bowl has recently been introduced. A '"glob*" of opium is placed in the bowl and heated from underneath until it begins to simmer, bubble, and smoke. Opium hardens and crusts quickly if heat is not constantly applied. Opium pipes also clog easily and must be occasionally cleaned with a needle or stick in order to allow the air to move through the stem and clear the draw, A disposable opium pipe can be made with aluminum foil for the bowl,, held in place by coat-hanger wire. Opium is inserted into the foil and a candle held underneath; the smoke is inhaled from above. However, as smokable opium becomes more available on the American market, a manufactured hop pipe will, doubtless make its profitable appearance.

Today, paraphernalia is both big business and cottage industry. Mass-manufactured hash pipes compete widi ornamented objets dart that may have taken a dedicated stoned craftsperson years to fashion by hand. And it is impossible to say where '"paraphernalia1' ends and dry goods begin. The dope culture tends to assimilate the entire real wotjd to its own uses. To chronicle the roach clip, the coke spoon, the fancy stash boxes and mirrors that change hands for millions of dollars on the paraphernalia circuit, would be to second-guess the history of man's making do with household products to aid and abet his highs. Whole new industries have cropped up to supply legal highs by mail order, to manufacture and distribute false-bottom suitcases, electronic debugging equipment, hand calculators, and all the other accoutrements of the dope dealer's trade. And millions of older coke fiends eschew the use of thousand-dollar bejeweled knives in favor of the 79-cent box of Gem single-edge razors for refining their flake.

Like the cam era-bed raped, Hawaii an-shir ted, Bermuda-trousered Americano of tourist fame and shame, the doper tourist may deplane at La Paz hung from head to toe with rolling machines, fancy mirrors, triple-beam scales, airtight slashes, and umbrella hash pipes. His or her very allire falls within ihe realm of paraphernaliaL t-shirts, blue jeans, belt, buckles and leather boots, silver jewelry and turquoise brooches are all fashionable because of ihe heads of the people who wear ihem. Paraphernalia consumei-s are what they eat, loo: natural foods and herbal ionics. Alpha-wave meters and biofeedback lools merely suggest the scope of what we may come 10 mean by paraphernalia _

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