Pennsylvania r T R lpe or erorm as Bicentennial Closes

r . . fft th b t f ki an ironic WIS o a e, e orye^own o ft1 e tale, .HartV. X A ns fyi^e r, ant/ ope titan, ISscVWe to e the^lt egroun W^' first major test case challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania's cannabis laws. Ho%s burg IS llle S*e of llle Blair County courthouse, wlieie lawyers represealing NORML and the ACLU are seeking the release of Donald Dillon, charged with the sale of four ounces of dope for $55 to an undercover narci Similar-motions have been filed for about 20 other glass arrest victims in Blair County.

Defense briefs claim chat the stale's pot laws constitute cruel and unusual punishment and deny equal protection because the herb is classified with more-dangerous substances.

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