"I then understood that a Tuchao Mahue had a paternal authority in his malocca, and treated all as his own children. He forced these children to take the parica, convinced that by it they avoided fevers or other diseases. And, in truth, I soon saw the children leave the cabin entirely refreshed, and run playing to the brook and throw themselves in."

Alptionse Maugin De Lincourl in Exploration of ttw Valley of the Amazon. 18S4

are sometimes accompanied by wild dancing and gesticulations. Shamans go into trances and diagnose illnesses by talking to spirits called hekulas, deities who live in the virola tree.

These hallucinogenic snuffs are strong in DMT content.. (The active principle, 5-MeO-DMT, has been synthesized and was occasionally available in the California underground market a few years ago. The effects are practically identical to laboratory DMT available in the 1960s.) Some tribes lick or smoke the resin instead of snorting it. Sometimes psychoactive additives are mixed with the snuffs, particularly, the powdered leaves of a small, herb called masha-hari. .The Waika'Indians of Brazil tip their poison arrows and* darts with the hardened resin of the virola.

Yopo is the most common name for snuffs made from A. peregrina. Alexander von Humboldt

Yopo is the most common name for snuffs made from A. peregrina. Alexander von Humboldt

Amazon Indians with symbiotic snuffing tubes

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