Paraphernalia Registration Proposed in Massachusetts

A bill to regulate the sale of rolling papers has been submitted to the Massachusetts legislature. Backers of the legislation see it as a way of discouraging grass-toking commonwealth residents.

If enacted into law, die bill would make it illegal to sell rolling papers, to people under the age of eighteen and require persons buying papers to enter their names and addresses "legibly in a permanently bound register:' along widi a writ ten promise that they will not use the papers, to "smoke any material the possession of which is illegal;' In addition, the proprietor of the store where the rolling papers werei bought would be required! to give police access to the "permanently bound register;' Violators; could receive six-month jail sentences or fines up to $200.

The bill was filed with the legislature by Senator Arthur - H. Tobin and Representative Thomas EBiownwelL Perhaps next year they will try to halt alcohol consumption by outlawing the sale of bottles.

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