Or aHy Drug Habit

Can be permanently eurvfl at their homos -without pairi, publicity or detention from business. No opiates used and Alii NATURAL POWERS FULLY RESTORED, Our free trial treatment alone cures hundreds of cases, and will l>e mailed free to any poreim suffering from a drug habit. The only scientific home treatment containing the ACTIVE LIFE PRINCIPLE. The most difficult cmpb successfully treated; perfect health restored; results absolutely sure. All communications strictly confidential. Address HOME TREATMENT CO., 46 West 24th St., New York City, or J. C- McALPINE, at Same ftddreas.

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"I have not used owe «In|[le drop of the morphine. and have lot suffered oaeblt] In fact, every day hnvt felt better and better."

'I hurdlr linowliowi« write too, I feel so ffrutcful. so thmikfiil. 1 have taker the medicine exactly u pr<s-

•crlMi find how It liu helped mi."

'I am more Uin tleu(>4 with tha WSwlt. I rent »t<l(ht »Dli'iillillT And have no pain. Ok, «lint a Ooa.send to those afflicted as I have keen."

Walking Colds

How long have you been walking about with youf hard cold and cough ? Why not part company with them ? It will cost too oasy 50 cents, the price of a half «be bottle of

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