Life Sentence for Add Reversed in New York

In a landmark ruling, a New York Appellate Court in Brooklyn has voided a drug conviction because of the defending lawyer's incompetence. David Ramos was arrested for possession of LSD in January 1974. While he was stopped at a red light in Brooklyn, police ordered him out and searched his car because "the gentleman looked fairly young." The officers testified at the trial that the car was searched only because Ramos's youthful appearance "aroused our suspicion:" He was convicted of possession of 5,1 milligrams of LSD (5,0 milligrams is the felony amount in New York) and was sentenced to life imprisonment..

The appellate coun: ruled that Ramos's first lawyer, Nathan Diamond of Queens, N.Y.,was so "inadequate and ineffective" as to deny him a fair trial. Diamond, who was referred to Ramos by a city marshall, failed to question the legality of the seaich or the accuracy of the chemist's report on the amount of LSD confiscated, Ramos's new lawyer, Martin Gershon, is hopeful that the search will be ruled invalid and the charges dismissed at a new trial scheduled for September.

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