Lawyer Challenges Unreal Coke

A New Jersey attorney is goading the federal bureaucracy to put some realism in the cocaine laws. If the move is successful, coke would be transferred from Schedule II to Schedule III of the Controlled Subslances Act, reducing I he maximum jail term from 15 to 5 years. In addition, explained publie defender. Roger Lowenslein, if the feds accept I he facts about tool, slate lawmakers will be inclined to follow suit.

Lowenstein's administrative challenge asks the Justice Department to transfer the question to the Department of Health,

Education and Welfare for hearings on' current knowledge about cocaine. The Andean elixir is now classed with heroin as a narcotic with no redeeming social virtues. But even scientists now know that blow is no down. In fact* recent studies have shown it's medically useful, nonad-dictive and harmless.

These and other facts were recognized in a recent Massachusetts state court decision ("High Witness News," February '77) that declared the coke classification unconstitutional, but that verdict will probably have little effect outside Massachusetts. Lowenslein feels his challenge has a good chance. If the Justice Department ignores I lie request, he predicted, federal couits would be willing to update the law themselves.

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