Korean Nazis May Kill Busted GLs

Since January i. 1977. marijuana has posed a grave health hazard in South Korea, where a new law provides death for "habitual offenders." Playfully dubbed "the South Africa of the Far East" by the 65,000 American GJ:s and civilians who call it their vocationland, South Korea had never been known for political leniency. But the new law is Draconian.

Anyone "who habitually imports or exports marijuana for profit" risks death or ten years at hard labor, a Korean spokesman for the Health and Welfare Ministry explained. First smuggling offense rates seven lo life; intended or actual sale of glass or manufacture of other cannabis products one lo fifteen years. Simple possession holds a sentence of up to ten. There's a reward system for informers, and the Seoul brothers have asked- and re ceived-full .. cooperation from the U.S. military command.

Stars and Stripes reported tliat 225serv-icepersons, 12 dependents^ and two civilians were busted between January 1 and October 31 of 1976ยป Most American arrestees are turned over to U.S. authorities, but the South Koreans do have the option to fry them under native laws.

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