order lo eliminate Hit: gymnastics of cupping ihe hands in ihe original Indian fashion. Chiliums have never proved popular, in America, probably because there are so many other smoking methods available thai are easier to operate.

Between the classic chillum, from ihe ferule mud of the Ganges, dried and baked, and the streamlined Rhodesian chrome of the modem American hash pipe, many natural materials may be found in pipes today. There are gold, glass, and pyrex pipes; there are metal pipes, shell pipes, briar pipes; rosewood, walnut, cherry wood, and ebony pipes; iron pipes, ivory pipes, and many others. Paraphernalia artisans have created distinguished pipes in antler and fossilized materials, soapstone, onyx, pipestone, meerschaum, and other minerals.

A recent innovation in design, bastardized from the ancient opium pipe, is the glass device used lo smoke hash oik Usually the pipe is merely a pyrex tube wilh a small, bowl fused into one end. The oil is poured into the smalL hole and gently heated over a flame. The key is never to let ihe flame louch the oil* The oil evaporates and smoke is slowly drawn through the tube.

Opium pipes are not frequently seen in America, though they were common in the heyday of New

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