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Founded in 1974, High Times has been something of a publishing sensation since the first issue. Prcxdaiming itself "the magazine for high society" that first glossy issue was greeted with bewildered but intense interest.. A magazine dedicated lo getting and staying high? Although by now High Times has well established its importance in the media mainstream, back in 1974 this was considered unusual, to say the least 3 What scored for High Times from its first issue (which sold out the entire printing - a highly unusual accomplishment for a magazine) was its determination to present reliable, informed and positive reportage on a complex and frequently misunderstood subject, one which to a remarkable degree has been inflicted with massive doses of misinformation, disinformation, myth and cateiiiated distortion.

In putting together this encyclopedia, then, the editors of High Times have set out to separate the facts from the fantasy, returning with their research to thousands of original sources, some of which date back more than 4000 years, and correcting the misapprehensions and mistakes that have been cemented into the very foundation of nearjy all the previously accepted texts on the subject of drugs and the human mind and body. With the enormous and unique resources which High Times brought to bear and after more than three years of research, editing, collecting, sifting and selecting, the editors of High Times have prepared the first comprehensive, authoritative and unbiased sourcebook and guide to all of the so-called "recreational drugs." These include cannabis and its derivatives, psychedelics, cocaine, pharmaceutSeals, herbs (legal and contraband), alcohol,, tobacco, coffee and many others.

Dozens of editors, writers, photographers, designers and illustrators have been brought together for this mammoth assignment, all of whose contributions have in one way or another benefitted this project.. Therefore, the publishers would like to take this opportunity to thank all of these people as well as the staff of High Times magazine for its cooperation in this long and complicated effort..

Grateful thanks to the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library, San Framjsco, California for the use of their collection, assistance and expertise.

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