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Allen Ginsberg /ends on eor/y Six lia pot demonstration

Allen Ginsberg Pot

TITS N1 GRASS "No further information has come forth to support the original scare story of breast growth in men, and so it seems that the eauly reports were wrong. Another example o'f an eager press over-reporting marijuana fright tales. So it would appear that today's reefer madmen need worry no more about losing their boyish figures.

And not a minute too soon either. While most smokers spotted the marijuana-breast-growth rumor for what it was, some grew scared. After all, if Columbus proved that the Earth itself wasn't 'flat, where was it written that pot-smoking wouldn't so to speak take the hair off their chests? T always knew I was headed for a bust,' said one Albuquerque, N.M., wcedhead, 'but this is ridiculous/.

Gilbert Choate and Pamela Lloyd High Times, Oct.zNov. 1975

"You can tell when you've over smoked when you try to brush something off your shoulder and it's the floor,"

Chris Rush First Rush

Boston. Since then the government has poured about $20 million into pot research, sometimes carried to the ridiculous extreme of gorging human subjects with more THC in an hour than they could smoke in a week. . Old medical uses of cannabinoids have been verified, and new ones are discovered each year.

The government, plodding along in George Washington's footsteps, imported hempseeds from the world over to plant in Mississippi. Not to be outdone, dope farmers borrowed ancient Bengali techniques and soon sprouted the world's most potent varieties in windowboxes, victory gardens and hemp plantations everywhere. Fabled cultigens like Acapulco Gold, Panama Red and Manhattan Silvertip have now been joined by Thai sticks, Jamaican ganja, Vietnam crazy grass, Big Sur Holy Weed, Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, Santa Maria punta rojs, Lebanese blonde, Nepalese temple balls, Moroccan kif and dozens of other magnificent smokes. Sinsemilia is no secret anymore. And the grand dons of botany, led by Harvard's Richard Evans Sehultes, reinvestigated the ancient plant and tentatively have distinguished at least three species.

The marijuana movement grew stronger and straighter. R, Keith Stroup paijaycd a small grant from Playboy into a no-nonsense pot lobby, the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NOR ML), i A MORPHIA, the San Fi a i ic isc o- based " ca nnab is cooperati v e," so Id

MARIJUANA'S MEDICAL USES "The most promising therapeutic applications of the ding are in the treatment of glaucoma, as an antiemetic for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and possibly in the treatment of asthmatics. Othei applications, as a sedative-hypnotic, an anticonvul sant, an antidepressant, an analgesic and in connection with the treatment of alcoholics have been attempted, but the results have either been inconsistent or highly preliminary.". *

Marihuana and Health: In Perspective Report from Secretary of Health. Education and Welfare.

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