Huff Heads

Glue sniffing lias suffered a rank reputation in I lie drug world. The huffing craze, which reached its dizzy heights in early Sixties America and is still going strong in Japan, was dubbed "Instant Insanity" by some and characterized by voluminous myih-in-formation: glue is said lo rot the brain, turn the user's bone marrow inio silly putty and lum_ mild-mannered teens into gunk-geeks whose depravity knows no bounds. Picture the glue fiend a rotten half-vege-lated geek-sore, runny nose, bloodshot eyes, phlegm dribbling off chin, bony fingers clutching at the crab grass in a last-ditch effort to pick a vandalized body out of the rubble-strewn back alley, with only one lingering thought sloshing around in that scrambled mess of spaghetti that was once a brain: "how to scrape together 15(£ for another lube of sticky glue!" Kill mom and pop, pimp baby sis and rob the corner candy store for a 15^ lube of Tester's glue? Why not? Huff-heads everywhere were doing it-or so said the little green pamphlet in the doctor's office. If you got caught committing some heinous crime, you just said that the glue made you do it and that you were sorry. On more than one occasion, a glue defense has gotten the guilty party off the hoot.

Jet Schenkman High Times. Dec. 1976

between an alcohol drunk and a short hallucinogenic trip.

Details of the high include seeing flashes of light and "shooting stars," body rushes, hot flushes and feelings of floating through fairyland. Comedown is fast; the high lasts only a few seconds. Solvent sniffing has been condemned as a danger by many doctors and scientists, since heavy doses cause damage to neurological structures, the kidneys, the liver and blood; the mucous linings in the nose, throat and lungs, as well as the heart, are also believed lo suffer. Others contend thai the only research to establish these symptoms conclusively was conducted with people exposed to concentrations of industrial fumes on a day-to-day basis over long periods of time, and that the facts concerning damage from intermittent use are not really in. Nonetheless, the deep inhalation of painl thinner, gasoline, lacquer, varnish remover, lighter fluid, fingernail polish remover, dry-cjeaning fluid and the like is probably not a tonic to long life.

It is doubtless impossible to imagine all the chemicals and substances grabbed and eaten, snorted, smoked or drunk by psychic explorers who, like Columbus, want to see if ihey will fall off the edge of the known wodd. If Carbona and nutmeg, why not Drano or transmission fluid? So while it is safe to say thai the caffeine drinks constitute the mildest household high, the wildest ones are, well, probably very, very weird.

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