Heroin Courier Gets It I Up the Ass in California

The failure of Customs agents 10 get a warrant or use less painful methods in lheir interna) search of a suspect rendered their search illegal, ruled the U.S. Court of Appeals (Ninth Circuit) last > June. The court said such drastic inva- ■ sions of privacy "must be conducted with j regard for ilie subjects privacy and be designed 10 minimize emotional and physical trauma:' Kenneth Cameron, oul on bail on another smuggling charge, was stripped al a Chula Vista, California, hospital and forcibly subjected lo two finger probes of his thioal and anus, I wo enemas and a laxative treatment, despite his struggles and his insistence that he was under treatment for stomach and rectal pain. The next morning he allegedly passed a heroin -filled condom.

The court stressed that less drastic procedures could have been used. Cameron was wanted for bail jumping, so he could have been simply held and his bowel movements observed, the judges agreed. Securing a warrant, they felt, would have alleviated Cameron's fear by assuring him llie search was legal and would be done without violence.

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