Grass Returned to Owner

In an unprecedented decision, a Kenai, Alaska, Superior Court judge has ordered that eight ounces of marijuana must be returned lo its lightful owner. Judge James A, Hanson ruled that the Kenai Police Department has lo return the grass to llie home of Randy McGahan,

According lo McGahan's attorney, Chuck Robinson, this is the first time a court has ever ordered that marijuana be returned to its owner after it has been seized from thai person's home. Police had been searching McGahan's home for slolen items listed on a seaicli warrant, but marijuana wasn't on the lisL A recent Alaska Supreme Court ruling stated that any amount of marijuana held for personal use is constitutionally protected.

Despite llie ruling, McGalian may not get to use his grass for quite some time. He pleaded guilly to two counts of larceny and faces a jail sentence.

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