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COMMISSION REPORT, 1894 "Viewing the subject generally., it may be added thai the moderate use of these drugs is the rule, arid thai the excessive use is comparatively exceptional- ..The moderate use practically . produces no ill effects, In all but the most exceptional cases┬╗ the injury from habitual moderate use is not appreciable┬╗ The excessive use may certainly be accepted as very injur!-1 ous. though it must be admitted that in many excessive consumers the injury is not clearly marked, The injury done by the excessive use is, however. , confined almost exclusively to the consumer himsellL die effect on society is rarely appreciable. It has been the most striking feature in this inquiry to find how little the effects of hemp drugs have obtruded themselves on observation. The large nurnhor of witnesses of all classes who professed never to have seen these effects┬╗ the \Yigtte statements made by many wIw professed to have ob-seived them, the veiy few witnesses who could so recall . a case as to giv(~ any definite account of it and the manner in which a large proportion of these cases broke down on tlie first attempt to examine them, arc facts which combine to show most dearly how little injury society has hitherto sustained from hemp drugs

"The weight of the evidence above abstracted is almost entirely against prohibition. Not only is such a measure." unnecessary with reference to the effects, buL... it would be strongly resented by religious mendicants, or would be regarded as an interference with religion, or would be likely to become a political danger; and ... it might lead to the use of dhatura or other intoxicants worse than ganja Under all the circumstances [the Commissioners! now unhesitatingly give theip verdict against such a violent measure as total prohibition in respect of any of the hemp drugs

"Total prohibition of the cultivation of the hemp plant for narcotics, and of the manufacture, sale or use of the drugs derived from it* is neither necessary nor expedient in consideration of their ascertained effects, of the prevalence of the habit of using them, of the social and religious feeling on the subject and of the possibility of its driving the consumers to have recourse to other stimulants or narcotics which may be more deleterious."

Repori of ihe Indian Hemp Drugs Commission,

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