Feds Slow Speed

After limiting medical use of amphetamines mainly to obesity several years ago, the Food and Ding; Administration and Drug Enforcement Administration are asking a Senate subcommittee to disapprove that option. The agencies cited oveiprescription by doctois, diversion of pharmaceutical speed to the black market and "trivial benefus" in dieting before Senator Gay lord Nelson's Small Business Subcommittee. The legislators, also head testimony from Dr. Lester Grinspoon oil possible fetal and brain cell damage resulting from overuse.

Glaucoma researcher Dr. Frederick M. Blanton protested that Nelson sought no advice from physicians who've written oil the benefus of ups for some when used wisely, He outlined his own Project Gioundstar 3 in telegrams to the senators and asked to be allowed to speak. Committee spokesman Ben Gordon said Blanton's request would be considered "if he can offer new information:*

A 20-year survey of controlled use for increased productivity, Gioundstar allows the patient to choose within a limited dose range. Subjects are 20 to 50 years, old with stable lifestyles and previous speed experience. They are dropped from the program for any adverse reaction whatever. Of 300 people, only 7 percent were dropped. As Blanton said, "Citizens wilL do the mood-altering substance ... of choice with or without our help or hindrance. Can we do less than supply accurate information?"

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